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Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Convert PDF to HTML on Mac (macOS Sonoma Included)

PDF is the widely used document format worldwide because of its accessibility and ease of use. Meanwhile, it's important to convert PDF to HTML on Mac because HTML is the standard markup language used for creating web pages. Hence, HTML makes the content easily accessible and viewable on the web without needing a PDF viewer.

This article discusses essential ways for Mac to convert PDF to HTML in a simple yet effective standard. Moreover, you will also learn about important software to process this conversion.

Part 1: How to Convert PDF to HTML on Mac

If you're looking for reliable yet efficient software to edit or manage your PDFs, UPDF for Mac is your trusted solution. After all, it allows you to edit text, images, and links within PDFs while also allowing changing the background color. Meanwhile, it's also possible to convert scanned PDFs to searchable yet editable documents with the help of OCR.

Moreover, UPDF allows you to manage your PDF documents by combing, inserting, splitting, deleting, rotating, and rearranging pages. Meanwhile, the availability of UPDF AI allows you to summarize, rewrite, translate, and explain PDF content based on provided text prompts.

Furthermore, it's possible to convert your PDF documents into different file formats, which also include HTML. But how to convert PDF to HTML on Mac? Find here the solutions in easy and simple ways:

Step 1: Download UPDF and Import your PDF Document

First of all, download UPDF on your Mac by clicking the button below:


After downloading UPDF on your Mac, launch it straight away and continue to import your PDF document by clicking the "Open File" button from the home screen. This will launch your imported PDF in the reader mode.

convert pdf to html on mac open file

Step 2: Select "HTML" as the Document Format

Afterward, press the "Export PDF" icon from the right side of the UPDF's interface. From the expanded side menu, select "HTML" as the file format to process PDF to HTML conversion.

convert pdf to html on mac export pdf to html

Step 3: Save the PDF as an HTML File on Mac

From the Conversion settings window, you can now adjust the "Output Format," "Text Recognition Settings," "Page Range," and even set "Odd or Even Pages." Afterward, press the "Export" button to save the HTML document on your MacBook.

convert pdf to html on mac  export button

Part 2: How to Batch Convert Multiple PDFs to HTML on Mac

Converting PDF documents into HTML format is essential, especially if you want to preview them on the webpage. After all, HTML content is more search engine-friendly than PDFs. Meanwhile, if you're looking to convert multiple PDFs into HTML format on Mac, a better and trusted option is to use the batch conversion feature by UPDF.

Subsequently, this feature allows you to convert multiple PDFs into different formats at once, and it helps save valuable time. So how can you convert PDF to HTML on Mac through a batch conversion process on UPDF? Find here easy and straightforward solutions to proceed:

Step 1: Proceed with Batch Combine

Open UPDF on your MacBook and press the "Batch Combine" button from the top center of the screen. This will take you to a new screen where you can process batch combining.  

how to convert pdf to html on mac batch combine icon

Step 2: Add and Combine Multiple PDF Documents

Following this, tap on the "Add Files" drop-down icon that displays the "Add Files," "Add Open Files," and "Add Folders" options. Through "Add Files," you can import multiple PDFs from your device. From "Add Open Files," you can add all those already opened files on UPDF in different tabs.

Meanwhile, through "Add Folders," it's possible to import complete folders having PDF files in them. Finally, click the "Apply" button from the bottom-right corner to combine and save the combined PDF file on the desired location of your device.

convert pdf to html on mac apply the inserted files

Step 3: Convert the Combined PDF to HTML on Mac

Now you need to follow the instructions as we explained in Part 1. Here I will explain it again:

Click the "Open File" button and continue to import your combined PDF document. Once the combined document is opened in the UPDF, click the "Export PDF" icon from the right-side toolbar.

Select the "HTML" option as conversion format and then adjust the necessary settings of your selected format. After this, tap the "Export" button to save the combined HTML document on your Mac device.

Part 3: Why Would You Convert PDF to HTML Format on Mac

PDF documents are generally considered easily accessible across devices and platforms because they maintain the original layout and formatting of the document. However, for multiple reasons, you may need to convert PDF to HTML format being a Mac user. But why is this so? Let's discover the reasons for converting PDF to HTML here: 

  • SEO Friendly: HTML content is more search engine-friendly than PDFs; after all, search engines can crawl and index HTML content more effectively. Thus, making it easier for users to discover your content through search engines.
  • Hyperlinking: By converting to HTML, it's possible to create hyperlinks and anchor tags. This ensures seamless navigation between different content sections or even linking to external resources. This enhances user experience and interactivity within GUI.
  • Customization Opportunities: It's easy to customize the HTML files as they are editable using standard text editors within CMS. Hence, you can make changes to the content in a simple way. In contrast, PDFs are more challenging to edit and require dedicated software. 
  • Monitor Engagement Metrics: Upon converting PDF content into HTML format, you can track user engagement metrics more effectively through web analytics tools. Apparently, you can use this data to improve content engagement.

Part 4: FAQs on How to Convert PDF to HTML on Mac?

1. Can I convert PDF to HTML with Preview?

No. Preview app is a built-in application on macOS that allows users to view and interact with various types of files, including images and PDFs. But can you convert PDF to HTML with Preview? The answer is no because the features of the Preview app are limited and cannot perform this.

2. How do I convert PDF to HTML with Adobe Acrobat on Mac?

If you're looking to convert PDF to HTML by using Adobe Acrobat, follow the instructions here. First, you need to launch the software and head into "File" from the top-left corner. Continue to select "Export To" from the given options and continue to choose the "HTML Web Page" feature.

Moreover, using Adobe Acrobat is challenging because it comes with a complicated interface. Meanwhile, the platform is costly and features a lot of inefficiencies. A better and more reliable option is UPDF in this regard. You can check the comparison between Adobe Acrobat and UPDF.

3. What is the best tool to convert PDF to HTML on Mac?

Converting PDF document formats is challenging because it involves multiple risk factors concerning PDF content layout and formatting. With UPDF, you'll be free of all these issues. Moreover, the platform allows you to convert PDF into various file formats besides HTML. You can also adjust the settings on your format conversion.


Overall, it's essential to convert PDF to HTML on Mac. After all, HTML can help make your content more versatile and adaptable. Remember, HTML leverages a flexible structure that displays your content on various web browsers, ultimately allowing accessing content on all devices.

In this article, you learned how to convert PDF to HTML on Mac using the UPDF PDF editor. The steps are easy, simple, and convenient to proceed with. If you want to assure a high-quality conversion result, install UPDF now by clicking the button below.


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