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How to Print PDF on Mac

PDF files are known for their versatility, as many people prefer to keep their documents in a PDF format. The reason is that individuals can print PDF on Mac by keeping the original format of the document, and it can be easily shared across platforms. By printing PDF files, you can precisely create the hard copy of your document in its high quality without any distortion.

To print PDF on Mac, this article will help you in finding the best tools to execute this task. Keep reading and discover a reliable PDF tool for printing your PDF files.

Part 1: How to Print PDF on Mac?

Do you know how to print PDFs on Mac? The best available PDF tool to print PDF on Mac is UPDF. This tool contains every necessary feature to edit, modify and print PDF files in high quality. Without increasing the file size of your PDF, you can add various elements to your PDF file before printing it. You can change the page size, and orientation style and can add customized signatures to your PDF file to give it a unique look.

Once done with the editing, you can quickly share your PDF file across various platforms and can take multiple prints. Moreover, you can use the below steps to print your PDF files on Mac directly:

Step 1: Open PDF File

Launch UPDF on your Mac and tap on the “Open File” option. Browse the file from your Mac and upload it on this tool. Now go to the “File” tab and tap on the “Print” option. You can also press “Command + P” to directly open the print window.

print pdf macos

Step 2: Select Printer

On the print window, click on the “Show Details” option. After that, select your printer and adjust the basic settings like paper size, orientation, and copies comfortably.

how to print pdf on mac

Step 3: Navigate to Pages Per Sheet

If you want to print your multiple PDF pages on a single sheet, go to the “Pages per Sheet” option and select the number of pages to print from there. You can also change their “Layout Direction” to attain more precision in printing.

Step 4: Take Two-Sided Print

You can also save your printing pages by printing the document on two sides of the page. To print multiple pages on one sheet PDF Mac, go on the “Two-Sided” option and open its drop-down menu. From there, you can either select "Long-Edge Binding" or "Short-Edge Binding." By choosing between these two options, you can select the page layout appropriately. Once done, click on the “Print” option to end the process.

how to print double sided on mac pdf

Video Tutorial on How to Print PDF on Mac

Part 2: How to Print a PDF File on Mac Preview?

Preview is a free built-in app on Mac through which people can perform multiple functions, to open, edit, and print PDF files. The interface is quite easy to handle and allows the users to access every basic option to edit PDFs. By reaching its printing menu, you can choose whether to include notes in printing the file or not. You can also adjust other settings like preset, auto-rotate, scale, and scale to fit in this built-in app.

In this part, we will shed light on how to print a PDF file on Mac using the Preview app. Follow the below instructions to continue:

Step 1: Open your Preview app and upload the PDF file. After opening the PDF file, access the “File” tab and click on the “Print” option. You can also press “Command + P” to open the printing window.

how to print a pdf file on mac

Step 2: On the print window, click on the “Show Details” button and choose your printer. Now modify the settings like page size, orientation, scale fit, and the number of pages to print. You can select whether to print the entire page or image according to your will.

how to print pdf mac

Step 3: After carefully adjusting the settings, click on the “Print” option to take a printout of your PDF file flawlessly.

how to print pdf on macbook

Part 3: The Best Free PDF Printer

To save your time and efforts while searching for the best PDF tool, we strongly recommend UPDF as a complete app for handling PDF files. This tool works in every circumstance and solves the problems of the users by generating impressive output results.

The user interface of this software is designed in a way that makes it highly compatible even for non-technical individuals. Moreover, it includes distinctive key features that will surely help you in improving the quality of your PDF files without wasting your time.

updf for mac

Key Features

  • Add Captivating Signatures: UPDF enables the users to create customized and unique digital signatures to mark their PDF documents. You can hand-draw or use your keyboard to create signatures and can allure them with stunning colors.
  • Gives Sharing Options: You can enhance the privacy of your PDF file while sharing it with other people. You can control the expiry date of your given link to the PDF file and can restrict people from copying or downloading your shared file.
  • Add Customized Stamps: UPDF includes a feature of stamps through which you can either import your stamps or can use the pre-made stamps conveniently. By adding stamps, you can improve the outlook of your PDF file effortlessly.
  • Offers Advanced Editing Tools: UPDF contains tons of editing features to edit and annotate the text and images easily. By utilizing each feature, you can quickly add evident variations to your PDF file.


  • Unlike other professional PDF tools, UPDF does not charge any fees from its users and constantly strives hard to offer premium features.
  • It preserves the original quality of PDF files and secures them through external bugs or viruses.
  • With fast, responsive speed, this tool has an easy-to-use interface so that every individual can access it without requiring help.

Part 4: FAQs about Printing PDF on Mac

1. Why can’t I print a PDF on my Mac?

The major reason that you are unable to print PDF on Mac could be a corrupted file. Or, it may be possible that your PDF file is locked, which can restrict you from printing it.

2. How do I add a PDF printer to my Mac?

To add a PDF printer, first, open the file on your computer and navigate to the printing window by selecting the “Print” option from the File tab. On the new window, go to the bottom and tap on the “PDF” button. From its drop-down menu, click on the “Save as PDF” option and name your PDF file to save it on your Mac. Select the file location and click on the Save button.

3. How do I print to PDF on Mac without Adobe?

The best reliable tool to print PDF on Mac without using Adobe is UPDF. This tool includes every basic feature that you would need to print and edit PDF files free of cost.

4. How do I print a PDF from Safari on Mac?

Begin with opening the web page you want to print on Safari and navigate to the “File” tab. From there, click on the “Print” option. On the printing window, scroll down and locate the option called “PDF.” Open its drop-down menu and tap on the “Save as PDF” option. Give your file name and tap on the "Save" button.

5. Why are my PDFs not printing?

The possible reason could be that your PDF file is locked or have a certain restriction preventing the users from printing it.

6. Why is my Mac not printing?

The reason could be the outdated version of your macOS. Update your macOS and make sure that the PDF app you are using is compatible with your MacBook. After updating the macOS, restart your system and then try to print PDF using your Mac.

7. Why is my printer connected but not printing?

There can be several reasons for this problem, such as Wi-Fi problems or machine errors. Make sure that paper is available in the tray and that the printing machine has enough ink. Also, connect your USB cable carefully and have a stable internet connection.


This article has comprehensively discussed how to print PDFs on Mac with different print settings. To attain the best results in a cost-effective manner, UPDF is the ultimate option that produces professional results. For your comfort, we have provided detailed steps to use UPDF efficiently.