Edit PDF PDF in Preview on Mac Like a Pro: A Simple Guide (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

Editing your PDF files should not be an issue because of the many online tools available. These tools offer you an opportunity to edit the PDF to suit your specific document requirements. However, they have different features, so the quality of the results also differs. You need to pick the right tool to get the desired results. You can edit PDF in Preview, an inbuilt app on Mac by adding texts or making other changes to your documents. This article guides you on how to edit a PDF on Mac using Preview.

The Best Alternative to Preview Mac

The best alternative to the Preview App when editing PDFs is the UPDF editor. This is an all-in-one editor to use to add texts to PDF and perform other edits on your document. With the tool, you can perform all the edits by adding and deleting texts on your PDF file. Besides, you can also make all the modifications to make your PDF document suit your preferences. With images on your PDF, no need to worry, you can crop, add, replace, extract, and remove images on your PDF document. UPDF editor allows you to edit PDF documents, unlike the Preview app where you cannot edit preexisting text.

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edit pdf in preview alternative updf

To annotate your PDF files, the UPDF editor has features that allow you to underline, highlight, create notes, and do other annotations to your document. You also have the chance to organize your PDF pages if you have files with several pages. The tool allows you to replace, insert, extract, delete, and rotate pages. The tool also allows you to read and view your PDF files more clearly.

UPDF editor features an advanced OCR feature that makes it possible for you to convert scanned PDF files into easy-to-edit texts. This is a great feature you don't get in Preview Mac, thus making it impossible to edit scanned PDFs with Preview. To ensure that your files are not accessed by unauthorized parties, the UPDF editor allows you to create permissions and passwords making it a better tool than the Preview app on Mac.

Unlike in the Preview App where you have to create a signature in another document and then use the Mac Camera to place it on your PDF file, the UPDF editor allows you to create a signature directly. You can create a handwritten signature on your PDF files fast. The tool also allows you to convert your PDF to all other editable formats.

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How to Use Preview App Alternative to Edit PDF

Here are steps to edit PDF with UPDF editor the best Preview alternative.

Step 1. Enter into the Editing Mode

After you download and install the app, click on the "Edit PDF" button on the left toolbar to start editing your file.

edit pdf file mac preview edit pdf

Step 2. Edit PDF Document

You can now edit the images, texts, and links on your file fast and easily by double-clicking it. Edit by deleting, modifying, and adding paragraphs and texts to your file. The tool allows you to change font size, type, color, italic, and bold just like the way you do on Word.

edit  pdf text

Step 3. Add Text, Images, or Links to PDF

Click the icon on the top to add text, images, or links to your PDF file. Now move your mouse to the part where you want to add to your PDF file.

If you're still confused about the editing steps in UPDF, please take a moment to watch the video below.

Now that everything is clear regarding editing PDFs with UPDF, go ahead and download it to give it a try!

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How to Edit PDF with Preview

Below are steps on how to edit on Preview Mac.

Step 1: Load your PDF File

Locate the Preview, through the Finder or docking station. Tap the icon to add your PDF file by dragging and dropping it. Open the document using the app. After opening the file, you can complete the edits. To copy text, tap within your document and choose the text. Apply the "CTRL + Click" to copy and move the copied text to the clipboard. Another way is to copy the text and paste it into another file.

edit pdf in preview

Step 2: Edit your PDF

Preview has the "T" button that allows you to drag the pointer to the right location on your PDF file and create a text box. Choose the "A" button to enable the font options.

mac preview edit pdf

Step 3: Annotate PDF

To create annotations, you add notes by clicking the "Notes" button. Tap the part you want the notes to appear. Another way is to drag your mouse for creating the required annotation.

how to edit a pdf on mac preview

Tap the annotations to maximize them. To view the annotations you can click "View" within the Preview window.

Step 4: Choose Images and Objects

Under the tools menu, the text selection option makes it possible for you to choose images and objects in your PDF document.

how to edit pdf on mac preview

On the toolbar, tap on the "Signature" button and then choose "Create Signature". Create a signature on clear paper and place it in front of your Camera. Shift, until the signature, is at the right location on your screen, and then tap "Accept". Now you have created and saved the signature.

edit pdf text in preview

Step 5: Save

After the edits, choose "Export" to save your document in the desired format to your desired location.

how to edit on preview mac

Compare UPDF with Preview

Add SignatureUPDF editor allows you to create a signature directlyyou have to create a signature in another document and then use the Mac Camera to place it on your PDF file.
Easy to Use4.94.2


Preview is a PDF editor that comes with the Mac, but actually using Preview to edit PDFs is not very reliable. It has few editing tools and is not good for operation. We recommend you use the professional PDF editor UPDF. You don't need any manual to start using it directly. Give UPDF a shot by clicking the button below!

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