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Edit PDF Text On Mac:The Hows And Whys (macOS Sonoma Workable)

If you have a PDF document with some text that needs to be removed or edited, you may be looking for a solution that can allow you to edit the document. The problem that most people face in this situation is that it can be very difficult to find a simple way to edit PDF text on Mac.

The key always lies in the type of PDF management tool you choose to use. This article will share with you why it is possible to edit PDF text on Mac and the best solution to use for this purpose.

Can I Edit PDF Text on Mac?

PDF is one of the best ways to share content. But as it was not originally designed to allow for easy editing, it is not uncommon to encounter problems when trying to make even the simplest of changes to the document. And yet, there is always the need to change some of the content on a document or even fix mistakes in the text.

As technology around the area of creation and editing of PDF documents has advanced, different programs have been developed that can simplify the editing of a PDF document. So, yes with the right tool, you can very easily edit the text on a PDF document.

Why Can't I Edit the Text in my PDF on Mac?

If you find that you are unable to edit the text on your PDF document, the following are some of the main reasons why;

  • You will not be able to make any significant changes to the PDF if you don't have a capable PDF editor to help you do it. One of the best PDF editors that you can use to edit any aspect of the PDF including the text is UPDF. UPDF has all the features you need, but will also significantly simplify the process so you can edit existing text and add new text very easily.
  • You may also be unable to edit the document even if you have a PDF editor if a restriction password has been placed on it. In this case, you can use aJoysoft to remove the restriction password and then use UPDF to edit the text.
  • Editing the PDF text can also be complicated if there are different layers of text. You may need to edit some of the text in comment mode and you may need to enter editing more to edit other sections of the text, thereby needing a PDF editor like UPDF.

How to Edit Existing Text in PDF Step-by-Step on Mac

UPDF for Mac simplifies the process of editing existing text on a PDF so much that you can use it even if you have never used a PDF editor before. To begin, first open UPDF on your Mac and then click on "Open File" to import the PDF document.

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Edit Existing Text in PDF

After opening a PDF in UPDF, click on the "Edit PDF" option from the left panel.

click edit icon and edit pdf text mac

Then simply navigate to the section of existing text that you want to edit and click on the text to select it. You can then simply remove the text and type in new content or alter the text as you would when working with a Word Processor.

Edit Text Style in PDF

With the text selected, UPDF also gives you the option to change the font size, font style, alignment of the text, and even the font color. The list of tools will appear as soon as the text is selected and you can choose the text style you want from the numerous options.

edit text style and how to edit text in pdf on mac

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When Do You Need to Edit Text in PDF on macOS?

You may find that you need to edit the text in PDF on Mac for one or more of the following reasons;

  • If there is a mistake in the text such as a grammatical, syntax, or even punctuation error that needs correcting.
  • When a section of the text doesn't fit into the overall theme of the paragraph or page and needs to be altered.
  • When there is a mistake in the words used to convey the text or a correction needs to be made to the names of places, things, or individuals used in the text.
  • When there is a computing error in a report or an accounting error that must be fixed.

FAQs on Editing PDF Text on Mac

Can You Edit PDF Text on Mac Without Adobe?

Yes, it is possible to edit PDF text on Mac without Adobe, just use UPDF. UPDF is one of the best alternatives to Adobe because it is affordable and easier to use when compared to Adobe Acrobat which can be quite complicated for the beginner.

How Can I Edit a PDF Text on my Mac for Free?

There is no free way to edit existing text on your Mac. But you can choose UPDF which is a cost-effective solution both in terms of affordability and the features you get.

How Do I Edit Text in a PDF in Preview Mac?

If you want to add new text to a PDF, Preview may be a good way to do that. But Preview cannot be used to edit existing text in a PDF document. If you want to make changes to existing text, your best bet is a dedicated editor like UPDF.


Editing PDF Text on Mac can be made easier by the PDF editor you choose to use. UPDF allows you the freedom to make changes to the text on the document by simply selecting the text and then removing or adding to it as desired. Very few PDF tools can allow you to do that. The fact that it can edit all other aspects of the document including images and pages makes it the most ideal PDF solution for anyone who deals with PDFs regularly.

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