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How to Annotate PDF on Mac with Various Types of Markup Tools

What is the best app to annotate PDF on a Mac?” If you are perplexed about this question, you're in the right place.  This article explains an elegant and powerful PDF annotator - UPDF to annotate PDF on Mac, helping you make annotations on PDF with ease. The followings are the specific instructions.

highlight pdf mac

Part 1: How to Annotate PDF on Mac

New Mac users always prefer annotation software that is compatible with their M1 and M2 MacBooks and runs as smoothly as they want. There are several different types of annotation tools for Mac users, but they generally lag behind the basic features.

UPDF- the best PDF annotator provides the user with a complete set of annotation tools like highlights, underline, pencil, shapes, notes, stickers, text box, eraser, etc. If you don't know how to annotate PDF on Mac, then UPDF is one of the easiest tools to work with. You can follow the following steps to annotate PDF on Mac:

Step 1: Open PDF Document

Firstly, you have to launch the UPDF tool on your MacBook. To open the PDF that you want to annotate, click on "Open File" and select a file.

open file in updf

Step 2: Click the Comment Icon

On the left of the screen, you would see all the icons for the main features. Click the "Comment" icon that will show you all the annotation tools.

comment option in updf

Step 3: Annotate PDF on Mac

UPDF has a wide variety of annotation tools that can be used to make the document look brighter in every aspect. Follow the following points to understand how to use the tool:

· Highlight PDF

You can use the highlight, strikeout, and underline tools that are present at the top of the screen to annotate your file. They work exceptionally for all Mac users. You can highlight important information with different colors by dragging it over the text and underlining it too.

highlight pdf mac

· Add Notes to PDF

If you want to add any additional information to the document, use the sticky note tool. It helps to add additional information on any specific part of your PDF document. The text box allows the user to add text like topics and main ideas, etc.

annotate pdf on mac

· Add Shapes

Shapes always enhance the look of a document. You can add colored shapes to your file to represent different ideas and diagrams. There are numerous shapes in the UPDF annotation tool like squares, ovals, circles, and arrows.

highlight pdf on mac

· Insert Stamps

UPDF also allows you to add stamps to PDF with ease. There are many various stamp samples for you. You can insert any stamps to a PDF file as you desired for review.

annotate pdf file on mac

· Add Stickers

If you want to make your annotation more vivid and delightful, you can add stickers to your PDF files. UPDF provides hundreds of stickers for you. With UPDF, you can make annotations on PDF in many ways for free.

annotate pdf mac

Besides the solution to annotate PDF on Mac, if you want to know about the Windows solution, you can also learn the guidelines on how to annotate PDF on Windows from here.

Part 2: Video Tutorial on How to Annotate PDF on Mac

Why UPDF is The Best Tool to Annotate PDF on Mac

UPDF is not only limited to highlighting and adding text, but it also has other useful features. These features include a search and find text while you are editing a PDF document, and you can also add bookmarks to navigate your PDF. Let's list the pros and cons of UPDF to see why it is the best tool for you to annotate PDF files on Mac.

Pros of UPDFCons of UPDF
· It supports multiple platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
· The annotation feature of UPDF for Mac is really robust, and it provides many annotation tools.
· The editing feature in UPDF enables you to edit the texts, images, links, watermarks, and backgrounds in PDF documents.
· The advanced OCR feature is available for you to transform scanned PDF documents into editable PDF documents easily.
· It allows you to convert PDF documents into various other formats, with original formatting and layout retained.
· UPDF is new to the market, but its developing team has over 10 years of experience in PDF technology and it guarantees you the best quality.

Besides, unlike other PDF tools, UPDF has a stunning UI design, making you enjoy a delightful work experience. It has a really high performance and you can open a large PDF file quickly without any hassle.


In this article, we have mentioned the best annotation tool on Mac that provides the desired type of work. The tool we have discussed to annotate PDF on Mac is UPDF, and if you want to learn other PDF annotating programs, here are 10 PDF annotators for Mac. Generally, people prefer working on UPDF for its huge range of annotation tools. It also works great on the Mac M1 and M2 series which makes it a preferable choice in the market.