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How to Save Only Certain Pages of a PDF on Mac with 2 Easy Ways

Extracting required information from PDF can help in various ways. It boosts your productivity by giving you quick access to the important points without finding the need to go through the entire PDF.

If you want to experience this ease of access, delve into our step-by-step guide on how to save only certain pages of a PDF on Mac. It features multiple methods and scenarios. Let's begin the journey of exploration!

Method 1: How to Save Only Certain Pages of a PDF on Mac?

You will have to use third-party PDF software for this purpose. You can find multiple of them out there in the market, but if we had to choose top-tier PDF editing software, it must UPDF! UPDF for Mac is a top-notch PDF processing software equipped with the ultimate features of editing, annotating, signing, form filling, sharing, protecting, and more.

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Recently, UPDF has launched a new upgrade, namely UPDF AI, incorporating the features of Summarize, Translate, and Explain. These much-in-demand features can revolutionize PDF processing, streamlining workflow for teachers, students, employees, and those linked with PDF-related tasks in one way or another.

You can use only one license on multiple platforms, including Mac, Windows, Android, and iOS. You can also choose to upload your PDF on UPDF Cloud and access it from any device you have logged in. Isn't it amazing?

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Save Certain Pages or One Page in PDF on Mac

Here is how you can use UPDF for PDF page extraction, exploring how to save a page as a PDF on Mac.

Step 1. Navigate to the "Organize Pages" Option

Launch UPDF on Mac and open the PDF from which you want to extract pages.

Navigate to the "Organize Pages" option and click on it.

Step 2. Select Pages

Now, select the pages you want to save as a separate PDF. For single-page extraction, just click on it to select it. However, you can select multiple PDF pages in the following ways:

  • Shortcut: Press and hold the Command key on Mac and select the required pages.
  • Custom Selection: Click the "Select Pages" option on the top menu bar and select pages by adding Page Range or going with Suggested Pages.

Step 3. Save Certain Pages of a PDF on Mac

Once you have selected the desired pages, hit "Extract" on the top menu bar. Enter your name and choose your destination, eventually saving only certain PDF pages from PDF on Mac.

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Method 2: How to Save One Page as PDF on Mac using the Print Option

Let's now have a look at how to save certain pages as a PDF with UPDF on Mac using the Print option!

  • Step 1: Open the PDF containing the pages to be extracted with UPDF.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the "File" tab and choose the "Print" option. Alternatively, you can use the Print shortcut, Command + P.
  • Step 3: Now, select a page range in the Print dialogue box. You can choose to select one page or some certain pages in this section.
  • Step 4: In the "PDF" drop-down menu, select "Save as PDF".
  • Step 5. In the following window, choose the destination for your PDF and type in its name. Don't forget to hit "Save"!
how to save only certain pages of a pdf mac print option

Voila! By this last step, you have eliminated the query of how to save one page of a PDF on Mac.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Why Do You Need to Save Certain Pages of a PDF on Mac?

Besides making important information easily accessible, there are loads more reasons why one could wish to save only certain pages of a PDF on Mac. These include the following:

Proper Focus

If you are linked with academics or research, you must know the need for proper focus on certain sections of several pages containing PDFs. This is when extracting a few relevant pages can prove way helpful for streamlining your workflow.

Reference Material Shortlisting

Whether you are a student or a content creator doing research for your assignment, upcoming presentation, or the content idea you intend to work on. Extracting to-the-point reference pages from the PDFs will help you create your very own library.

Protecting Legal Information

Sometimes PDFs feature extensive information, including some important legal information at a time. HR professionals and those linked with legal authorities need to protect legal information at all costs, limiting access to it. However, learning how to save one page of a PDF on Mac can help them extract that particular info and save it.

Swift Document Uploading

If you have a slow-working Mac device or the software you want to work with does not allow uploading larger documents, you can extract multiple pages by making several PDFs. This will help in swift document uploading.

Saving Cost on Printing

Printing the whole PDF can take loads of time, wasting papers and costs. By efficiently extracting the specific desired PDF pages and taking their printout afterward, eco-conscious individuals and office administrators can eliminate this issue.

FAQs on How to Save Only Certain Pages of a PDF on Mac

1. How to Save a Pages Document as PDF on Mac?

Here is a detailed for saving a Pages document as PDF on your Mac:

  • Step 1: Launch your Pages document and click on the "File" option on the top menu bar.
  • Step 2: Select "Export To" and click on "PDF" from the list of available file formats.
  • Step 3: In the following window, navigate to the PDF section and customize settings as per your choice.
  • Tweak image quality by selecting an option from the drop-down menu.
  • Decide if you want to save smart annotations and comments with your Pages document; check to mark the relevant boxes.
  • If you want, protect the PDF by checking the box and entering the password.
  • Navigate to the Advance options section to tweak the doc's accessibility tags.
  • Step 4: Select the destination for your exported PDF, add tags, edit the name, and hit "Export".
  • Step 5: Once saved, you can share, send, or open the PDF with UPDF.

2. How to Save One Page of a PDF on Mac using Preview?

Follow the instructions mentioned below to learn how to save only one page of a PDF on Mac using Preview:

  • Step 1: When we open PDF on Mac, it usually gets opened in the Preview app.
  • Step 2: To save one page of the opened PDF using Preview, use the thumbnail view and scroll down, finding and selecting the page you want to save as a separate PDF.
  • Step 3: Simply drag and drop that page from the thumbnail to your Mac desktop, and that's it! It will automatically save as a single-page PDF without compromising the visual quality.

3. What Is the Best Tool to Save One Page of a PDF on Mac?

Though you can use multiple platforms to save one page of a PDF on Mac, UPDF is the best tool to rely on. It's because of its inclusive features that can help perform several tasks from a single platform. So, besides getting separate tools for PDF editing, PDF annotating, PDF page extraction on Mac, and more, you should stick to an all-in-one solution.

Wrapping It Up!

That was all about the methods you can use to answer the query about how to save only certain pages of a PDF on Mac. Hope you find it worth reading; stay tuned for more of such helpful how-to guides related to PDF processing. Also, if you haven't downloaded UPDF, you should download one now by clicking the button below.

With only one license, you can access your account on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android. We suggest using a free trial first to get a glimpse into the software's features and usefulness.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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