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How to Easily Import PDF Files to Keynote: A Complete Guide

The PDF file format is ideal for sharing documents without compromising its layout, formatting or graphics, so it's no surprise that it has become one of the most popular file formats to use. When it comes to importing your PDF files into Keynote when creating a presentation, it may not seem straightforward at first as Apple does not actually support the use of PDF files in Keynote. Don't worry though - in today's article, we'll provide a comprehensive guide on how to import a PDF into Keynote, as well as some key information to help you during the process, and we'll also answer some frequently asked questions.

Method 1: Import PDF to Keynote Using UPDF

UPDF for Mac is a powerful PDF converter and editor which offers an enhanced way to work with PDF files. It provides the ability to read, annotate, translate, edit and organise your PDF files, so the possibilities seem endless when it comes to using this dynamic software. UPDF also offers the most straightforward solution for converting your PDF files into PowerPoint presentation files, which can then be easily imported into Keynote as part of your presentation creation process.

Instructions of Importing PDF into Keynote

Here's how you can utilise UPDF to import PDF files into Keynote:

Step 1: Download UPDF. To get started, you'll need to first download UPDF from the download button below. Once the application has been installed, open the application on your Mac.

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Step 2: Open PDF in UPDF. Either use the convenient drag-and-drop feature to add your PDF file into UPDF's user-friendly interface, or click "Open file" and navigate to the PDF file that you wish to import into Keynote. Open it within the UPDF application.

import pdf to keynote open file

Step 3: Export PDF to PowerPoint. Within UPDF, click the "Export PDF" icon on the right side of the toolbar. Select the "PowerPoint" option from the available export formats.

import pdf to keynote Export PDF to PowerPoint

Step 4: Save the PowerPoint File. After selecting the PowerPoint format, continue to export your PDF file. Choose a destination folder and save the converted PowerPoint file on your device. This is how you convert PDF to PPT on Mac. (Note: If your PDF is a scanned PDF document, you can also turn on the OCR to recognize the text and make it editable.)

import pdf to keynote Save the PowerPoint File

Step 5: Import into Keynote. Once the PowerPoint file is saved, find it on your Mac's file system. Right-click on the file and select "Open With > Keynote" from the menu. Your PDF content will now be successfully imported into Keynote!

import pdf to keynote UPDF

This method provides a quick and efficient way to seamlessly transfer PDF content into Keynote presentations while maintaining its formatting and layout integrity.

By downloading UPDF today, you can make your presentation creation, PDF conversion and PDF editing processes much easier. It's the perfect time to purchase this innovative software, as UPDF is on sale - get 61% off now! With only one purchase, you can use UPDF on all platforms - Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android at the same time. Unlike other tools, it won't charge separately for using it on different platforms, and you can use it on four devices at the same time! (2 desktops and 2 mobiles)

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To learn more about UPDF's conversion features, have a look at this detailed video for a better overview.

Method 2: Import PDF to Keynote Using the Manual Way with Preview

Alternatively to the above method, you can choose to manually import PDFs into Keynote using Preview.

Step 1: Launch Keynote: First, launch the Keynote application on your Mac device. Choose from one of the pre-existing themes that are available, or create a new, blank presentation to proceed.

Step 2: Open PDF with Preview: Next, find and select the PDF file you want to import into Keynote and then open it using the Preview application.

Step 3: Drag Pages into Keynote: In Preview, navigate to the thumbnail view of your PDF document, then click and drag each page thumbnail individually into your Keynote presentation. Position the pages according to your requirements within the slide deck.

import pdf to keynote using Preview

This method may not be as user-friendly for multi-page PDF documents, as it can take up a lot of time - especially when importing lengthy documents. Therefore, we strongly recommend opting for the UPDF method for a much smoother integration and a more efficient process.

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Part 3: Keynote vs PDF: What are the Differences?

Keynote files are dynamic presentation files which are created from the Keynote software which is the default software for creating presentations on Mac devices. Keynote offers many interactive elements for producing visually stunning presentations, such as animations, transitions, beautiful templates, and 2D and 3D charts.

PDF (Portable Document Format) files, on the other hand, are static documents used for sharing and viewing documents across different platforms. The PDF file format is becoming increasingly popular due to the ability to share and download them without compromising the format or quality.

Keynote presentations allow for greater interactivity and multimedia integration compared to the limited features available when creating PDF files. With Keynote, you can embed videos, audio files, hyperlinks, and many more types of interactive elements to engage your target audience more effectively. Keynote also offers advanced animation and cinematic transition effects which can enhance the visual storytelling aspect of your presentations.

Keynote presentations also offer seamless integration with other Apple products, such as iCloud, which allows for easy collaboration on group presentations or projects and sharing across multiple devices.

Importing PDFs into Keynote allows users to take advantage of Keynote's interactive features and extensive design capabilities, enhancing the attractiveness of their presentations and creating more audience engagement. This means a more versatile and creative design process with seemingly endless customisation options.

Part 4: FAQs about Importing PDF into Keynote

Can I import PDF into Keynote?

No - you cannot directly import a PDF into Keynote, as Apple doesn't support these types of files in this app. If you would like to import a PDF file into a Keynote presentation, you will need to use third-party software such as the easy-to-use UPDF to first convert your PDF into an image or PowerPoint file, or by manually importing your PDF files using Preview.

Is it possible to import a multi-page PDF into Keynote?

Yes, it is possible to import multi-page PDFs into Keynote by using UPDF. If you choose to do this manually via Preview, it will take a much longer time and the process will not be as efficient as using UPDF's user-friendly and efficient interface.

Why do you need to import PDF into Keynote?

Importing PDF files into Keynote can help you create a more attractive and vivid presentation, meaning you have a higher chance of grasping the attention of your audience. Presentations are integral to getting your point across or pitching to an audience, so it's imperative to ensure that your presentations are visually appealing.


Importing PDFs into Keynote opens up a world of possibilities for creating dynamic and engaging presentations, helping you to better engage your audience. By utilising the user-friendly and innovative UPDF, integrating PDF content into Keynote presentations has never been easier. Integrating PDF content into Keynote presentations will significantly enhance the effectiveness of your presentations by making them more visually appealing, and therefore more engaging to your audience. So why wait? Download UPDF now and take your Keynote presentations to the next level!

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