How to Convert PDF to CSV on Mac

Considering the fact that there are no popular stock Mac applications for such conversions, how do you convert PDF to CSV on Mac? It's actually very simple when you have the right third-party tool for the job. Moreover, even if the PDF is a scanned file this is not directly editable, the PDF to Excel converter for Mac that we're about to show you will convert the PDF into an editable format using OCR and then convert that file into CSV so you can edit it in Excel and other applications. Shall we begin?

The Best PDF to CSV Converter for Mac

When you have UPDF Converter for Mac at your disposal, you never have to worry about how to convert PDF to CSV or even a scanned PDF to CSV with OCR. If you have multiple files that need conversion, the Batch Process in UPDF Converter has you covered. What's more, this versatile tool can even handle permission-restricted PDFs without any user intervention as long as the product is registered. However, you can use this tool to convert PDF to CSV on Mac for free and simply enter the Permissions password to kick off the conversion process.

Key Features of UPDF Converter for Mac (Windows Version Also Available)

  • Powerful and accurate PDF conversions to over a dozen formats such as images, MS Office files, HTML, PDF/A, XML, and more
  • Comprehensive OCR tool with easy settings and 20+ language options
  • Batch Process to convert multiple files at a time
  • Secure environment to convert confidential and private files
  • It automatically removes permissions passwords to convert locked files


  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Intuitive operations - drag, drop, click, select from drop-down lists, etc.
  • Powerful and accurate OCR engine with extensive language support
  • Perfect conversions that maintain content integrity - formatting, layouts, alignment, fonts, etc.

How to Convert PDF to CSV on Mac

Step 1: Upload the PDF File

Click the "Add Files..." button at the bottom of the application window to import one or more files. You can also drag-and-drop files directly into the application interface.

Step 2: Choose the Conversion Output Format

In the right-side panel, click the CSV option.

Step 3: Convert PDF to CSV on Mac

Finally, click the "GO" button at the bottom.

After the conversion is done, a Finder window will appear with your converted CSV file highlighted.

You can now open this directly and edit it with any application that supports the .csv format.

Now that we've seen a simple PDF to CSV conversion, let's look at the process of using OCR for PDF to CSV and other conversion types.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to CSV on Mac

Although this process is quite complex, UPDF Converter for Mac makes it as simple as possible so there's no need for the user to have any prior experience whatsoever working with OCR modules. The application takes care of all the heavy lifting, leaving the user to focus on other important tasks in their daily work schedules.

Step 1: Upload the Scanned PDF

Using the same drag-and-drop method or the Add button at the bottom, upload your scanned document to UPDF Converter.

Step 2: Choose the Output Format

In the right-side panel, select CSV as the output format.

Step 3: Enable OCR and Set the Conversion Parameters

Click the three vertical dots against the PDF document you're converting.

Toggle the button to enable OCR.

Set your language and page range preferences.

Click Apply to All if you have more than one PDF document in the conversion queue.

Step 4: Convert Scanned PDF to SCV on Mac

All you need to do now is click the big "GO" button at the bottom.

UPDF will perform OCR on the file and convert it into a fully editable CSV file, and even automatically download it for you. A new Finder window will pop up to show your converted CSV file, which you can open for editing with any supporting application.

Parting Words

Voila! That's how simple it is to use UPDF Converter for Mac. And if you're a Windows user, there's a version for you, too! So why go through the hassle of using expensive PDF editors for simple PDF to CSV and other conversion tasks. This dedicated PDF converter is all you need to convert any PDF file into no less than 14 different formats. It is also very affordable to purchase a perpetual license, which is a great idea when you have to deal with a lot of PDF conversion tasks on a daily basis. Go for it and see the tangible difference it will make to your productivity.