Combine Images Into PDF Mac: Proven Tips & Tool Comparison (Sonoma OS Edition)

Users consider combining their images into a PDF file for multiple reasons. While such a service helps blend easy storage, sharing, and organization of images, the portability provided through PDF files is exceptional.

The use of PDF files to combine images into PDF Mac influences the addition of information such as captions and annotations. Since PDFs are password-protected, images of high value can be protected from unauthorized access. In this article, we will learn some effective techniques to combine JPEGs into one PDF Mac.

Part 1: Two Methods to Merge Images into PDF

For this part, we will focus on discussing two effective methods that can be used to combine images into PDF Mac. Learning about these methods would influence you to adapt them to cover your needs:

Does Mac Have a PDF Combiner?

Users of Mac often complain about not having a built-in PDF combiner for their files. Although this sounds like a problem, UPDF for Mac eliminates it by providing a perfect PDF combination tool. While it provides general PDF services, it contains the combined feature that holds support for PDF files along with several image formats.

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These image formats contain JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF formats, which cover all the major image file formats used in the market. UPDF provides a proficient "Batch Combine" feature that helps users gather their important PDFs and image file formats in a few steps. To know more about how UPDF makes things easier for its users, look into the details discussed in the next methods:

Method 1: How Do I Merge Images to PDF using the Combine Feature?

The first process involves merging the images into a single PDF file with UPDF's new "Combine" feature. This feature presents a quick and easy process of combining images into a single document. To know how it is done, follow the method below explaining how to merge JPEGs into one PDF Mac:

Step 1: Initiate Process on UPDF

Start by downloading and installing the latest version of UPDF on your Mac. Continue to launch it and lead to the "Batch Combine" feature provided on the homepage.

combine images into pdf mac with updf

Step 2: Add Images From Mac

To add the image files from your Mac, select the "Add Files" button and proceed to select "Add Files…" from the drop-down menu. For adding more files, you can also select the "+Add Files" button for importing all the images that are to be merged into a PDF file.

how to combine jpegs into one pdf mac with updf

Step 3: Change Position, Adjust and Combine Images on Mac

Drag and change the position of the images added to the list. To remove a specific image file that has been wrongfully added, hover over the image and find a "three-dots" icon adjacent to it. As you select it, you can tap on the "Remove File" option to continue. Click the "Apply" button after covering all substantial tweaking and successfully combine images into PDF Mac.

how to merge jpegs into one pdf mac with updf

Video Tutorial on How to Combine Images into PDF on Mac

Method 2: How Do I Combine Photos into a New PDF File?

UPDF provides another vital technique to combine photos into a single PDF document. While this does not involve the "Combine" feature, it utilizes the creation of a new PDF document. The user creates a new PDF document which is then used to combine photos into a single file. To know how to combine images into one PDF Mac with this method, look below for a detailed overview:

Step 1: Create a New PDF File

This process requires you to create a new PDF file, which can be done by launching UPDF and accessing the "File" tab on the top. Continue to the "Create" option in the list and select "Blank Page" from the options that appear. This opens up a new PDF file on your Mac where you can continue the process.

mac preview combine images into pdf with updf

Step 2: Add Images to PDF

Lead to the "Edit PDF" tab on the left panel and find the option of "Image" at the top of the menu. Next, select the position where you want to add the picture to the document. Browse the folders of your Mac and add the image to PDF you want to combine.

how to combine multiple jpegs into one pdf mac with updf

Step 3: Save the PDF File

On adding all images to your PDF document, navigate to the "File" tab and select "Save As" to save the document as a PDF file.

save combine jpg to pdf mac with updf

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Part 2: Method 3: How to Use Mac Preview Combine Images into PDF

Preview can be another solution to combine images into a single PDF file in situations where you do not have access to UPDF instantly. Although there are many limitations to this technique, look below to figure out the process of combining images into a PDF with Preview:

  • Step 1: As you launch Finder, look for all images and select them with your mouse cursor and the "Command" key. Right-click on the chosen images and look for the "Open With" option. Continue to select "Preview" from the menu that opens and let the photos open in Preview.
  • Step 2: To adjust the order of the images, drag the files from their thumbnails and manage the order in the panel on your left. You can rotate the pictures at your convenience with the "Rotate" button on the top bar.
  • Step 3: Look for the "File" tab on the top and select "Print" from the options to access the Print window. You will find all the sections of the "Print" feature that you can expand according to your requirement. Change the printing properties, if required, and continue to the "PDF" drop-down observed on the bottom left of the screen.
  • Step 4: Select the option of "Save as PDF" and continue to give the new PDF a name, description, and other identification features. Tap on "Save" to conclude combining images into a PDF.
select save as pdf option

Limitations of Using Preview App

There are some prevalent disadvantages of having Preview for combining images into a single PDF on Mac. To know what they are, look ahead into these disadvantages for a better overview:

  • After adding an image on Preview, you cannot adjust its size. UPDF, however, allows users to adjust the dimensions as they wish. Preview has no such service that allows users to adjust the dimensions of an image on a PDF.
  • An image-only PDF is created on Preview with no availability of making any edits on them. UPDF allows users to add different annotations and captions to the images, making them fully editable.
  • You can only add 16 images of the same size in a single page of PDF created on Preview. UPDF allows you to add multiple photos of different sizes according to your requirements.

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Part 3: Detailed Comparison of UPDF and Preview

UPDF and Preview are two different models that can be utilized to combine images into PDF Mac. Although they have their significance, it is essential for users to know the comparison between both methods. This will help them select the best one in the list for combining their images into a PDF file. For that, look ahead to the table, which outlines some important points that should be kept in mind while comparing the tools:

SystemWindows, Mac, iOS, AndroidMac
Play PDFs as Slideshow
Edit PDF Files
Add Image to Existing PDF Page
Add Background and Watermark
Add Header & Footer
Flatten PDF
OCR Scanned Documents
Combine Images and PDFs
Share PDFs via Link


This article has offered some exceptional methods to combine images into PDF Mac. While you have learned much about UPDF, this article has shown you how to combine pictures into a single PDF document. Preview has been a good alternative, but the limitations of this method have guided users to look for an option that does not restrict their choices. In this case, UPDF has served the purpose.

With its editing and several other PDF functions, UPDF has shown its determination to make the user experience better. Adapting to its "Batch Combine" feature, users can gather their essential images and create a perfect PDF with controlled dimensions. Download UPDF today for free and combine all your important pictures into a PDF to share them with others without compromising the quality.

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