How to Delete Pages from PDF on Mac (Compatible with macOS Sonoma)

When you create or edit PDFs, there is a need to work with the pages either delete, rotate, or insert them from the whole compilation. You must know how to delete pages from PDF on Mac. A special tool (UPDF) is essential to edit the existing PDFs wisely. Like working with Word, you will come to know about a simple app that handles PDFs effortlessly. Tap on the respective pages and texts and start editing directly in no time. You do not have to be a technical expert to handle those tools. It is enough if you are aware of the in-built controls to perform the desired action on the PDFs. It is high time to enlighten with the tips and tricks associated with PDF edits.

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The Best Tool to Remove Pages from PDF on Mac

UPDF for Mac is a sophisticated application that focuses on removing pages from PDF on Mac. It serves the purpose without compromises. It has a simple interface and gives you surplus tools to edit the texts and pages in the PDFs individually and hassle-free. Every element in the PDFs is editable and you can make necessary changes to the pages, texts, and images in the PDF using this efficient program UPDF. Here, you will be learning how to delete pages from PDF on Mac.

remove pdf pages on mac

The UPDF app offers you unique modules like page, edit, and markup to carry out desired tasks on the PDFs. It is enough if you tap the relevant option to make respective changes to the PDF content and pages. The pop-up message carries essential tools to customize the PDF texts, images, and pages according to your needs. The UPDF app helps you to work precisely with PDFs overcoming the challenges associated with it. It is a quick tool for PDF and user-friendly and supports the user's needs without any regrets.

The remarkable functionalities of the UPDF application:

  • Use the page module to add, delete and rotate the pages in the PDFs.
  • The edit menu in UPDF enables you to make necessary changes to the PDF content.
  • Add texts, modify the texts, and customize the images in the PDFs flawlessly.
  • The "Comment" option in UPDF aids you to annotate and highlight the PDF content for future reference.

These are the salient features of the UPDF application. You can download this app and discover the efficiency of handling PDFs. Simple to use and support in the long run by hassle-free operation.

How to Delete a Page in PDF on Mac with UPDF

To delete the pages in PDF on Mac using the UPDF application, follow the below instructions carefully.

Step 1: Import the PDF File

Install the UPDF app and launch the tool on your Mac. Then, hit the "Open File" button to import the desired PDFs into its working interface.

Step 2: Enable the "Organize Page" Option

On the home screen, choose the "Organize Page" menu to work with the PDF pages. A pop-up of the page management interface flashes immediately on the screen.

organize page delete pages from pdf on mac

Step 3: How Do I Remove the Pages on Mac

Now, select the page you want to delete and use the control in the page management interface to remove pages from PDF on your Mac.

delete pages from pdf on mac

You can also use the options to rotate, insert, extract, replace, and rearrange the pages in the PDFs. Make necessary changes to the PDFs using this page management interface.

Thus, you have successfully edited the PDF pages using the UPDF app. It is an incredible program that offers users the utmost options to work with PDFs professionally. Connect with this app for optimal usage of PDFs.

Video Tutorial on How to Delete Pages from PDF on Mac

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How to Remove Pages from PDF with Preview

Here, you will be studying how to delete pages in PDF Mac using the Preview app. It is a pre-installed viewer app on Mac systems. You can use it optimally to perform desired changes to the PDF content. A default PDF viewer in the Mac PC is employed to discuss the steps involved in removing the PDF pages.

  • Step 1: In your Mac system, launch the Preview app and open the PDF into its working interface.
  • Step 2: To delete the PDF page, tap "View-> Thumbnail-> Contact Sheet" and then choose the pages from the PDF and click the "Delete" button to remove the chosen page.

When you delete a page in PDF, the related annotations erase as well. It is one of the methods to remove PDF pages using the Preview app.

How to Delete Pages from PDF with Adobe Acrobat for Mac

The Adobe Acrobat application handles the PDFs and aids in making necessary changes to the file. You can use this tool to delete pages from PDF and edit the PDF content too. In this section, you will learn how to use this application to remove the pages in PDF.

  • Step 1: Install and launch the Adobe Acrobat tool, then open the PDF file into its working interface by tapping the "Open file" option.
  • Step 2: Choose "Organize pages" on the right side of the screen and click the desired page in the thumbnail. Then, press the "Delete" option from the pop-up message.

The selected page deletes quickly soon after this operation. You have successfully removed the pages in PDFs using the Adobe Acrobat application.


Thus, you had an enlightening journey on how to delete pages from PDF on Mac. Surf the above-discussed methods and choose the one that meets your needs without compromises. The UPDF app helps you to make desired changes in PDF effortlessly. The simple interface aids you to opt for this tool. Connect with the UPDF app and figure out the easiest ways to edit the PDFs for further reference.

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