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A Better Free Foxit PDF Editor for Mac Alternative (macOS 14 Compatible)

Foxit PDF Editor for Mac is a paid, feature-rich PDF editor. It has various tools that allow you to do everything from annotating and commenting on your PDFs to adding text and images to the pages. These tools are easy to use with an intuitive interface, and it also features OCR (optical character recognition), so you can edit scanned documents easily.

Foxit PDF Editor on Mac is a leading application for editing and annotating PDFs. It has gained popularity because it is free, lightweight, and easy to use. However, its features are limited and too expensive. This article will discuss which is the best free alternative to the Foxit PDF editor for Mac.

A Free Alternative to Foxit PDF Editor on Mac: UPDF

Look no further if you're looking for a low-cost, high-quality alternative to the Foxit PDF editor Mac version.

UPDF is one of the best free PDF editor solutions on the market today. It's free, offers more features than Foxit, and is easier to use. Also, UPDF is known for its industry-leading security and top-notch user experience.

foxit pdf editor for mac alternative

With UPDF, you can:

  • - Open and view PDF files with multiple modes and great navigation
  • - Add comments and markups to PDF documents with various tools
  • - Make edits (including adding new text, deleting text, modifying the existing text, or changing the formatting of the document)
  • - Save your changes
  • - Share with others
  • - Organize the pages in PDF smoothly

It has many features as the Foxit PDF editor, including text editing and markup tools.

  • It has new features like watermarking, annotation tools, and even digital signatures.
  • It's available for Mac OS X or Windows operating systems.
  • In addition, UPDF has a clear-cut interface that is easy for anyone to understand. You can get started without needing any training or technical knowledge.

Let's look at some of the ways UPDF can work for you:

1. Edit text, images, and more with ease

With UPDF, you can edit text and images as easily as possible in a word processing program. You can also add, remove, and rotate pages within your documents and merge them.

2. Never worry about compatibility issues

The UPDF software allows you to view almost any type of file on any operating system. It's updated regularly, with robust customer support available—so why would you settle for anything less?

3. Edit PDF files effortlessly

With UPDF, editing PDF files is easy too! You can edit your PDFs just like they were text files.

How to Edit PDF with Foxit PDF Editor Mac Alternative

1. To Edit Text

Open the file you want to edit in the UPDF editor. Now click the "Edit" button on the top toolbar and select the area you want to edit. A blue-bordered area will appear as highlighted. Now proceed to edit text like you'd want to. Here you can modify the text color and text appearance (e.g., size, font, and so on).

foxit pdf editor for mac

2. To Edit Images

Select the image to highlight it. Some image editing options will appear on doing so. It will allow you to crop or rotate and do more with the selected image. It's as easy as editing images on your regular photo editor.

foxit pdf editor for mac

Once done, simply save changes and export the file to your desired location. And voila- you're all set. And congratulations, you've just edited the files in less than 2 mins. Now that's quick- no other editors let you do that!

More Information about Foxit PDF Editor on Mac

The Foxit PDF editor (Mac) capabilities that are popular

The software is available for both Macs and PCs, but the features vary depending on which platform you're using: the Mac version has fewer features than the PC version. The full feature set is available only with the paid version of the app.

foxit advanced pdf editor for mac

Here are some features of the Foxit PDF editor for Mac

  1. The program's powerful OCR engine converts scanned documents into editable and searchable files, and you can use the program to work with multiple file formats, including TXT, DOC, and XLS.
  2. Foxit PDF Editor is a robust, easy-to-use software tool for editing PDF files. 
  3. Foxit PDF Editor lets you add stamps and notes to your documents, and you can insert your signature into a file with the program's advanced digital signature tools.
  4. This software is designed for MAC PCs.

Why is the Foxit Mac PDF editor not the best? (Its demerits)

Foxit PDF Editor is fast, lightweight, and doesn't take up much space on your computer—but it isn't free. It also has a limited set of features when used on a Mac.

  • The Foxit Mac PDF editor is not the best because it lacks support for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.
  • The standard edition of the product does not support the creation of PDF files.
  • It also has a limited library of features and lacks advanced editing tools.
  • It also has a primitive user interface that makes navigation difficult.

 To Sum Up

If you're tired of Foxit PDF Editor and looking for a change, UPDF is the answer. Foxit PDF Editor is a great program, but it comes with a price tag. Luckily, there are some great, free alternatives to Foxit PDF editor that can help you do everything you need to do.

UPDF is one of the best alternatives to Foxit PDF editor because it offers many features. Try it today!

Frequently asked questions

1. How do I edit a PDF on Mac?

To edit a PDF, you'll need to have the appropriate software. For example, UPDF, Foxit, and Adobe Acrobat are among the most well-known editing programs for PDFs.

2. Is it possible to edit a PDF file? 

Yes. If you want to edit the content of a PDF, you can use our export tool from PDF to Word to convert your file. After conversion, you'll be able to edit it in Word. The formatting and layout remain intact after conversion.

You can also use the UPDF PDF editor tool for editing PDFs. You can add text and images, highlight text, or sign documents with a digital signature in the editor.

3 Is Foxit the best PDF editor on Mac?

No, it’s certainly good, but not the best. There are many alternatives to the Foxit editor for Mac. For example: UPDF.