The Ultimate Alternative to PDF Xchange Editor for Mac

PDF is a popular file format used in many organizations because it is viewed as more secure than most other formats. However, the format always offers challenges to users since it is not possible to edit the texts or images without using editing tools. All the PDF editing tools don't offer same quality results. PDF Xchange Editor Mac is one of the tools you can use and get high quality results. It's better alternative is UPDF editor for Mac. So, how to you use the two to edit your PDF? Continue reading…

The Best Alternative to PDF Xchange Editor for Mac

UPDF for Mac is the best alternative to PDF Xchange macOS because of its great features and ease of use. With the editor you can easily edit all types of PDF fast.  You can add or delete texts on your PDF files. Images are always a challenge when it comes to editing documents, but with UPDF editor for Mac, you can do all the changes you need to the images on your PDF.  You can easily delete, replace, crop, rotate and extract the images. 

PDF annotation is also possible with UPDF editor for Mac. With the tool, you can highlight, strike out, make sticky notes and underline to your PDF documents. If you want to read the documents, the software allows you to view and read effectively. For all PDF created by your scanner, the editor allows you to change them into editable texts. Note that with PDF Xchange Viewer Mac you cannot edit files created by your scanning machine.

With UPDF editor for Mac you can create hand written and digital signatures. This is a great feature if you handle a lot of professional PDF documents in your business or office.  It is also easy to fill and create PDF files with UPDF editor.  If you would like to convert your PDF to other formats, the editor allows you to do it within a few seconds. You can turn your PDF to any editable format and also convert back the editable versions back to PDF document making it an ultimate solution for all your file organization needs.

UPDF editor for Mac is 100 percent free and all the features are available for you to use. This is unlike PDF Xchange Pro Mac which you can also use some of its features in the trial version and then have to pay to use to edit your PDF files. UPDF editor for Mac does the editing fast and offer high quality results. If you work in an organization that deals with a lot of PDF files you will find the tool a great investment to manage your documents.

How to Use PDF Xchange Editor Mac Alternative to Edit PDF

UPDF Mac has a more user friendly interface PDF Xchange Pro Mac making it quick to understand even for novices. Follow these steps when editing PDFs using UPDF editor Mac.

Step 1. Enable Editing

Download UPDF editor from the Mac App Store and install to your Mac. The download and installation is quick and takes a few minutes. Open the editor and click the "Edit" button. After clicking the edit button the editor goes into the editing mode. You will see the entire editing bar that you will use to make all the changes you want to your PDF text and images.

Step 2. Edit PDF Text

Click the text button. You will see a blue borderline. Edit all the text and images to meet your specific requirements.  UPDF editor for Mac offers you same editing experience like the open you get when working on Word files. The tool offers you an enjoyable editing experience even when using it for the first time. Do all the modifications you want. You can add paragraphs and texts on your PDF.

As you edit, you can alter the font color, size, type, change bold, italics and all other changes as you wish.  The tool bar is easy to use since it looks similar to the one used in Word files. So, no learning curve is required for you to do the PDF edits with UPDF editor for Mac.

Step 3. Add Text Box to PDF

Add text box to your PDF document to allow you add text. Click the "T" on the toolbar to help you add the text. When you click on it, move the mouse where you would like to add text on your files. Create the text box to add the required text.

How to Use PDF Xchange Editor for Mac to Edit PDF

To use PDF Xchange macOS you need to follow these steps.

  • Step 1: Launch the PDF document to edit. As mentioned above, you will only be able to edit PDF documents with MS Word or OpenOffice.
  • Step 2: Tap the "Edit content" button on the tool interface.
  • Step 3: Click on the text you want to change on your PDF document. With the right mouse button, click the text area one time. Choose "Properties" on the right side of the context menu.
  • Step 4:  Mark all the text to edit with the mouse.
  • Step 5: Move to "Edit Content" and mark the graphics and images you want to edit using the mouse. You can delete, shrink or drag the images from your PDF file.  You are done with the PDF editing process.
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