How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac with 5 Methods (High-Quality Output Ensured)

Are you searching the solutions for how to turn PDF into JPG on Mac without losing quality? Although there are a high number of converters available on the market, few of them can meet all your needs, as you may need to convert all pages of PDF to JPG, convert single page, batch convert PDF to JPG, or convert multi-page PDF to a single JPG. More importantly, you want to convert them without losing quality.

But don't need to worry anymore. You can find how to convert PDF to JPG on Mac for all your cases here. Just follow the steps and solve your issues.

Introducing the Best Free Tool to Change PDF to JPG on Mac

UPDF for Mac is a multi-purpose file conversion software that can convert PDFs into different formats, such as .jpg, .docx, .csv, .html, .xml, .rtf, .text, .xlsx, and others. Its Mac version is compatible with macOS 10.14.6 or higher. So, no need to worry about compatibility issues. And with its simple design and clear display, you can change the file into different formats in a single go. Moreover, if you have a scanned document, you can use its OCR feature to convert it into an editable file with no hassle. Download it now and you use the conversion feature twice a day for 100% free!

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pdf to jpg converter updf

UPDF for Mac can help you convert all pages of PDF to JPG, multiple pages of one PDF to JPG, convert PDF to JPG in Batch, and convert multiple page PDF to a single JPG without losing quality. Here is the guide you can follow.

Method 1. How to Convert a PDF to JPG on Mac

If you have one PDF with many pages and want to convert all of them to JPG on Mac, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Download and Run UPDF

To save all pages of PDF to JPG, you need to click the download button below to download the software on your Mac. Then, launch the software on your Mac.

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Step 2. Open and Export

Once you run the UPDF on your Mac, you can find the "Open File" button on the screen. Click on it to select the PDF file with all pages you want to convert to JPG. Click on the "Open" button to open it in the UPDF.

Now, move to the right side menu, click the second icon "Export PDF", and select the "Image" button.

how do i convert a pdf to jpg on mac

Step 3. Save PDF as JPG on Mac

In the new window, choose "JPEG" in the output format section. Now, make sure the page range is for all pages on the PDF.

Once all settings are ok, you can click "Export" to select the destination folder to save the JPG files. And you can create a new folder to save them. When everything is OK, you can click the "Save" button to save the PDF as JPG on Mac successfully.

how to turn a jpeg into a pdf on mac

We recommend you download UPDF now for free and convert your documents to meet your specific needs.

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Method 2. How to Export One Page of a PDF to JPG on Mac

To export only one or several pages of a PDF to JPG on Mac, all you need to do is select the correct page range.

  • Follow the same instructions on Method 1, which is also go to "Export PDF" > "Image" > "JPG".
  • In the new pop-up window, choose the page range. If you want to export only one page, you can set it as "Custom" and enter the page range. You can also select the "Odd pages only" or the "Even pages only" option.
  • Finally, click the "Export" button and you will get the JPG you need.

To help you learn the conversion process better, we made a short video. Download UPDF first and then follow the instructions explained in this video, you will master this tool quickly.

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Method 3. How to Batch Convert PDF to JPG on Mac?

You may feel very frustrated if you have a lot of PDF files and need to convert them to JPGs one by one. Batch conversion will save your life. UPDF also provides this feature. Check how to convert PDF to JPG on Mac in bulk here.

Step 1. Enable Batch Convert Option

First of all, download UPDF and launch it. Select the "Batch" button at the home interface and then choose the "Convert" option.

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Step 2. Add Files and Turn PDFs into JPGs on Mac

In the new window, add all PDF files you want to convert to JPG via "Add Files". After you add all the files, you can reorder, remove, and clear the files in the list easily.

In the Output format area, choose "Image" and then select "JPG". Finally, click "Apply" to convert PDFs to JPGs on Mac in batch directly.

how to turn pdf into jpg on mac

Method 4. How to Convert Multi-Page PDF to Single JPG on Mac

In fact, UPDF cannot help you convert a multi-page PDF to a single JPG on Mac directly, but you can do it with a free online image merger. Here is the detailed guide.

Step 1. Convert a Multi-Page PDF to JPGs

Download UPDF now. And you can follow the same instructions as we explained in Method 1. You need to open UPDF on Mac. Open PDF and select "Export PDF" > "Image" to convert multi-page PDF to JPGs.

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batch convert pdf to jpg mac using UPDF

Step 2. Combine JPGs into One Single JPG

Now, visit the Aspose online tool, click the "Drop or upload your file" button to select all images, and click the "Upload" button to import them. You can preview the result and change its layout, background color, and more. Then, click "MERGE" to combine all images into one single JPG.

merge jpgs into one

Method 5. How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac with Preview

You can also convert a PDF to JPG on your Mac using Preview, the default PDF viewer. Here are the steps below.

Step 1: Open PDF with Preview

Firstly, you need to open PDF with Preview, and then click the "File" > "Export" option.

export pdf as jpg preview

Step 2: Choose JPEG Format

After that, you need to select the "JPEG" format in the pop-up window. You can also set the Quality and Resolution if needed. Finally, select a folder to save the converted file. Once done, click the "Save" button.

pdf to jpg mac preview


UPDF and Preview both are effective answers for how to convert PDF to JPG on Mac. Compared with Preview, UPDF is the better option as it can not only convert PDF to JPG on Mac, but can also export all pages, one page, multi-pages of one PDF to JPG, change PDFs to JPG in bulk, or convert PDF to a single image. Moreover, it offers editing, page organizing, OCR, compressing, and more features. You can download its free version to have a look via the below button.

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