How to Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

Is it getting hectic for you to find reliable software to manage your file conversion process on a macOS system? Although there are a high number of converters available on the market, many of them entail limited features or are not safe to use.

So, if your Google search relates to 'how to convert PDF to JPG on Mac', you don't need to worry anymore. Read through the blog to know more about a great product, its features, and how it can convert different files from one format to another.

The Best PDF to JPG Converter for Mac

Proudly made by Superace Software Technology Co., Ltd, UPDF Converter is a multi-purpose file conversion software that can change PDFs into different formats, such as doc, csv, html, xml, jpeg, rtf, text xls, and others. The Mac version is compatible with macOS 10.13.2 or higher.

With its simple design and clear display, UPDF Converter is a user-friendly software that supports multiple conversion features for PDFs. Alternatively, you can change the file(s) into different formats in a single go. It is also convenient for changing scanned documents with OCR (optical character recognition). Lastly, this software does not require an Internet connection to work out the process.

convert pdf to jpg mac

It can convert password-protected files to other formats. UPDF Converter will unlock PDF with permissions password and you can convert the permissions password-protected PDF to other formats directly. However, if the file is protected with an open password, you must enter it for conversion.

How to Save PDF as JPEG on Mac

Working with UPDF Converter is simple and engaging, but one needs to know how the files can be converted. The following are three basic steps that will guide you through.

Step 1: Import the PDF File

After running the software, the first thing you need to do is add the required PDF files. Use the drag and drop option or press the 'Add Files' button on the center of the interface.

how to convert pdf to jpg on mac

Step 2: Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

There is a panel on the right-hand side, where you can select the desired format for the file(s). For now, the preferred choice is 'Image' and then choose 'JPEG'.

pdf to jpg mac

Step 3: Save PDF as JPEG on Mac

After you have selected the files and the format, click the 'Go' button to start the conversion process. You need to select the output folder for the converted file and the process will begin. The software will help you open the folder you just selected automatically and you will find it easily.

how to change pdf to jpg on mac

Moreover, if you don't want to download software on your PC, you can also choose a PDF to JPG converter online for free.

How to Convert Scanned PDF to JPG on Mac

The process of converting a regular PDF file and a scanned one differs in terms of OCR. However, below is a brief overview of converting a scanned PDF to JPG on your Mac.

Step 1: Add Files and enable OCR

Click on the 'Add Files' button to get the required PDF documents from the desired directory or folder. Moreover, you can also use the drag and drop option for it. Click on the three vertical dots beside the corresponding PDF file. Lastly, to enable OCR, toggle its slider settings to the 'ON' position.

mac pdf to jpg

Step 2: Set OCR Language and the Page Range

After the addition of files, you can select the appropriate language. This can be done from the language section below the OCR settings. Click on 'Apply to All' and set the page range if you want to use OCR.

mac convert pdf to jpg

Step 3: Convert PDF to JPG on Mac

After finalizing the prior steps, you can now choose the output file format and click the 'Go' button to start the conversion. The files will automatically be saved in the folder you will specify.

mac convert pdf to jpg

On an ending note, UPDF Converter stands out as one of the best file converters available on the market. It offers astounding features, including change of language, top-rated security, and the OCR feature that converts files into editable formats. Download it for free and pace up your work if you're looking for a great solution to convert PDF to JPG on Mac. Besides, you can learn more about other tools to convert PDF to JPG for PC if needed.