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How to Download macOS Sonoma Wallpapers: Step-by-Step Guide

On June 5th of this year, Apple released its newest macOS version, Sonoma. This update brings a fantastic collection of fresh wallpapers that perfectly align with Apple's renowned naming tradition. If you're eager to get your hands on these stunning macOS Sonoma wallpapers, you are in luck. They are now available for download. These unique wallpapers have come with the beta version of macOS Sonoma.

For those curious about the release timeline, the developer beta was made available on the announcement date. In July, Apple will release the first public beta. June to September/October will serve as the beta phase, and finally, in September, macOS 14 will be officially released to the general public. If you are excited to give your Mac a fresh look, read on to learn how to download macOS Sonoma wallpapers.

Part 1. What Are macOS Sonoma Wallpapers?

macOS Sonoma wallpapers are a collection of pretty designs that you can use to enhance the background of your Mac screen. They are named after a place called Sonoma, which is in California, USA. These wallpapers come pre-installed with the macOS operating system. But until then, they are now available to download in high resolution using some external sites.

The Sonoma wallpaper is designed to make your computer screen look nice and appealing. Most of the time, they feature different types of scenery or colorful patterns. Have a look at the names of those wallpapers below and select the best for you:

  • macOS Graphic Light Wallpaper
macos graphic light wallpaper
  • macOS Graphic Dark Wallpaper
macos graphic dark wallpaper
  • macOS Sonoma Orange Wallpaper
macos sonoma orange wallpaper
  • macOS Radical Yellow
macos radical yellow paper
  • macOS Radical Purple
macos radical yellow purple wallpaper
  • macOS Radical Blue
macos radical blue wallpaper
  • macOS Radical Green
macos radical green wallpaper

Part 2. How to Download macOS Sonoma Wallpapers for Any Devices?

In case you want to download macOS Sonoma wallpapers for your device, you can find them easily online. Many websites offer these wallpapers in different sizes for desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. However, to save you time, we have listed the name of the websites from where you can download these wallpapers. Get the desired macOS Sonoma wallpapers now:

Part 3. How to Set macOS Sonoma Wallpapers for Your Mac?

Once you have downloaded the macOS Sonoma Wallpapers for your Mac, you can easily set them as your wallpaper using the system settings. Simply follow the highlighted steps below:

Step 1: At the very first, click on the Apple icon located at the top left corner of your Mac's screen. As the drop-down list appears, select "System Settings" to open the settings window on your Mac.

access the system settings

Step 2: In the “System Settings” window, click on the "Wallpaper" in the left sidebar. Continuing this, scroll down to the last and find the "Add Folder" button. Afterward, click on it to add a Finder folder to the Wallpaper section.

click on add folder button

Step 3: Following this, select the folder where you have saved the macOS Sonoma Wallpapers. When the desired folder is selected, hit "Choose" to confirm your selection. Now, the Mac will automatically update your current wallpaper with one of the macOS Sonoma wallpapers from the selected folder.

choose macos sonoma wallpapers folder

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Final Words

To summarize, we have covered everything you need to know about getting the macOS Sonoma wallpapers. Personalizing your Mac by setting up these wallpapers is important, as they can make your computer look unique and beautiful.

Additionally, we recommended a helpful tool called UPDF PDF editor for people using macOS Sonoma. This comprehensive tool allows users to work efficiently with their PDF files. From editing to converting them to different formats and keeping them organized, users can do many more things. This tool is a great way to get PDF needs done within a single platform. Download UPDF for Mac now to edit your PDF file.

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