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A Quick Guide on How to Create PDF on Mac (macOS 14 supported)

Student life is full of creating assignments, reports, thesis, etc., and submitting them. Since the academic world has mostly moved on to digital documents, it means most of your educational work will be in PDF form. That means you will always need to create and modify PDF files, which requires a PDF tool that has the most features at the lowest price.

If you have MacBook and want to know how to create a PDF file on Mac and which PDF tool to use, you are at the right place.

Part 1: How to Create PDF on Mac with the Best Creator

There are many PDF creators that you can use to create PDFs on Mac. If you are looking for a tool that complements your needs and budget as a student or small business, UPDF for Mac is the ideal choice. It allows you to create PDF files by offering many different choices depending on your needs. It also supports creating multiple PDFs at once. After the file creation process, you can use its amazing tools like editing, organizing, and commenting to tailor your PDF to your needs.

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create PDF with UPDF for Mac creator

The simplified steps of how to make a PDF file on Mac are given below for your ease:

Step 1: Launch UPDF on Mac

Start the UPDF application on your Mac and select the "File" option on the top bar's left corner.

how to create a file

Step 2: Select the Create Option

When you click on "File", a dropdown menu will open. Tap on "Create" and select the option suited to your need among the given choices.

If you need a blank PDF, you can choose the "Blank Page" option.

create pdfs on Mac

Moreover, you can also create PDF form Selection Capture, Window Capture, Screen Capture, and Word/Excel/CAJ/PowerPoint/image files.

After choosing the desired option, you will be asked to provide a name and location for the new file.

Step 3: Save your PDF File

Now you can add data to the new file using different options like editing, organizing, and commenting. When you have completed your PDF file, you can save it by selecting "Save" from the "File" menu.

how can i create a pdf file on mac

Alternatively, you can also create multiple PDFs on Mac with the batch creation feature.

create multiple PDFs on Mac at once

Part 2: An Ultimate PDF Editor for Mac - UPDF

Besides creating PDF on Mac, there are many other features of UPDF. You can use great features like organizing, editing, and commenting to modify your PDF as you see fit. If you want to secure your PDF, options like adding signatures and watermarks and setting passwords and permissions can be used. A few of the unique features and advantages of UPDF are discussed below:

Key Features of UPDF

  • Flatten PDF: If you have a PDF file that has multiple layers, it can cause problems during printing. Using UPDF, you can flatten your PDF files and make them easier to print and more secure.
  • Slide Show: When viewing your PDF files, you can rotate between different options. One of the useful features is the Slide Show which allows you to view your PDF files in slide mode. UPDF also allows you to choose between multiple slide modes.
  • Edit PDF: With UPDF, you can add, remove, and edit text, images, links, watermarks, and backgrounds in PDF files with ease.
  • Password Protection: UPDF allows you to make your files secure by adding a password. You can even set permission settings using a password to make your PDF files more secure.
  • Share PDF Via Link: If you want to share a PDF in a link, UPDF can help you generate a link for your PDF file.
  • Many Annotation Tools: UPDF for Mac has many annotation tools, such as Highlight, Underline, Strikethrough, Text Box, Sticky Note, Callout, various Stamps, and hundreds of Stickers.

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One of back to school tips - Using UPDF to improve your productivity

Advantages of UPDF

  • OCR Language Support: If you have a scanned document and need to convert it to an editable and searchable document, UPDF provides you the OCR features with support for 38 languages.
  • Colorful and Dynamic Interface: The interface of UPDF is very colorful and dynamic. It keeps the users engaged and doesn't provide any unnecessary distractions during their work.
  • Dark Mode: There is a chance that you might not be comfortable with continuously staring at bright screens during long work sessions. UPDF allows you to switch to dark mode to lessen the burden on your eyes.
  • Excellent Performance: You can run multiple heavy files on UPDF and work on them simultaneously. The performance of UPDF will not deteriorate. It is extremely stable and has a high processing speed.

Part 3: Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is There a PDF Creator for Mac?

Yes, a great PDF creator is available in the form of UPDF. You can choose between multiple options when creating a new PDF file.

2. How Do I Create a Multiple-Page PDF on Mac?

You can create a multi-page PDF file on Mac using UPDF. After selecting "Create" from the "File" menu to create a PDF file, click on "Organize Pages" from the left sidebar. You can add as many pages as you like to your PDF file here.

3. Is There a Free Alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Mac?

Yes, there is. When using UPDF, you can create new PDF files and can even convert 5 files with the OCR feature for free in the trial period.

4. What Is the Best Free PDF Creator for Mac?

When comparing prices and features, UPDF is the best PDF creator for Mac. It offers you many tools for PDF creation and modification.

5. How Do I Make a PDF without Acrobat?

The ideal for making a PDF file without using Acrobat is to use UPDF. You can create and convert 5 files with OCR for free using its impressive and unique features.

6. How Do You Edit the Text in a PDF on a Mac?

To edit the text in a PDF on a Mac, open your PDF file in UPDF. Next, select the "Edit PDF" mode from the left sidebar and then tap on "Text" to start modifying the text in your PDF file.


PDF is the most prevalent format for documents in the digital world, whether you are in student life or professional life. When dealing with PDF files, you would often need to create PDFs on Mac and modify many others. All of this requires you to have an excellent PDF tool that offers the required features at a reasonable cost. UPDF checks all the marks when it comes to finding the best features at the lowest price.

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