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How to Insert Picture into PDF on Mac? The Perfect Step-by-Step Guide

Pictures help readers keep their eyes on PDFs longer than plain text. This is one of the main reasons that modern documents almost always contain pictures. However, you may search around and try many ways, but none of them is what you need. No worry, you can find the methods you need as this article will show different effective ways how to insert a picture in PDF on a Mac.

Part 1. How to Add Image to PDF on Mac With UPDF (3 Ways)

If you are looking to add photos to PDF on Mac, the UPDF - PDF editor for Mac is your best choice. It has three options to help you add an image to a PDF on a Mac. They are the "Image" feature in editing PDF, "Attachment" in comment, and "Image Field" in the "Prepare Form" part. Each feature can meet your requirements in different scenarios. You can click the below button and follow the below guides to add an image to PDF on Mac.

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Way 1. Insert a Picture on PDF on Mac Via Adding "Image"

If you want to edit the images after adding them to PDF, you need to use UPDF's "image" feature. It allows you to crop, replace, move, and rotate the inserted pictures. Just follow the below steps about how to use it.

Step 1. Download and launch the UPDF app on your Mac. After opening UPDF, click the "Open File" button that appears on the main interface of the app. This button launches an explorer window from which you can select the PDF file into which you wish to add an image.

open file on mac

Step 2. Now click on the "Edit PDF" button that appears on the left sidebar. We will use this section to add images to PDF Mac.

edit pdf

Step 3. You can now easily add photos to PDF Mac. Simply click on the "Image" icon as shown in the below screenshot, place where you want to add the image on the PDF and select the images from your MacBook to insert.

click image tab

Step 4. Now that you can successfully add pictures to PDF on Mac, you can also edit the pictures in the PDF document. UPDF allows you to easily edit the position and size of the images. You can also choose to crop the images in the PDF documents as per your requirements.

selection of picture

If you still do not know how to add an image to a PDF with UPDF's image feature, you can download UPDF here and follow the below video guide.

Video Tutorial on How to Add an Image into PDF on Mac

Way 2. Insert Photo to PDF With Adding Attachment

If there is no need or no place to show the picture contents, you can add the images to the PDF as an attachment.

Step 1. Make sure you open the PDF with UPDF on Mac. Now, click "Comment" at the left side menu, find the "Attach File" icon, and click on it. You can select the attachment shape, color, and opacity.

attach file on UPDF mac

Step 2. Click the place where you want to add the image, select the image, and click the "Open" icon on the pop-up window. Now, you insert the picture to PDF successfully.

Upload image to insert to PDF with UPDF on Mac

Step 3. You can click on the attachment icon and select "Copy", "Delete", "Note", and "Properties" to make changes. Once everything is OK, click "File" > "Save" to save changes.

Adjust the style of the attached image in PDF with UPDF on Mac

Way 3. Add Image to PDF Via Inserting Image Field

If you prefer a fixed image field or want to ask others to upload the image to PDF, you can use the image field to do that.

Step 1. If you still do not have UPDF on your Mac, click the below button to download it. Run the UPDF and open the PDF on your Mac with it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2. Click "Prepare Form" > "Image Field" and draw to adjust the size of the image field you need.

Image field on UPDF Mac

Step 3. Click on the "Preview" button at the top right corner if you need to add the image on your own. Click on the "Image field" to add an image to the PDF. If you want others to insert the image into the PDF, just save the PDF and share it with them. Then, they can click on the image field to upload the image there.

Add image to image field in UPDF on Mac

It is super easy to use UPDF to insert images into PDFs. And UPDF can offer more than inserting image feature, it allows you to use UPDF to summarize PDF, translate PDF, explain PDF, etc. And its PDF editing, annotating, converting, compressing, and more features can help you improve your PDF handling efficiency. To learn more about UPDF, read this review article. You can also download the UPDF free trial version via the below button to test its all features.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

And only when you are satisfied with it, you can upgrade to pro. If you are those who are ready to buy UPDF Pro, you can click the below button to get a big discount.

Part 2. How to Insert Images to a PDF with Preview on Mac

You can add images to PDF on Mac using MacBook's Preview feature even though copy-paste of images is not allowed in this app. There is a hacky way to add images to PDF on Mac. You may follow the below steps to accomplish this with Preview on Mac -

  1. Locate the image to add to your PDF file. Right-click on the image and select "Open With" > "Preview" from the menu.
  2. When Preview opens, press "Command + A" on your Mac keyboard and select the entire image.
  3. Now you may press "Command + C" to copy the image. You can now press "Command + V" to paste the image, and the new copy of your image covers the original image. While both images look the same, the one that you just pasted has now become an object that can be pasted into a PDF.
  4. Copy this object image by pressing "Command + C".
  5. Next, find the PDF that you want to paste the image into in Finder. Open this PDF file in the Mac Preview tool. Scroll to the PDF page that you want to add your image to and paste the image by pressing "Command + V".
  6. You can now close the document and your changes will be saved.
add photo to pdf mac in preview


Indeed there are several ways on how to insert a picture in PDF on Mac. However, using the Preview feature to achieve this is quite hacky and cumbersome. UPDF stands out as the perfect PDF image editor which is extremely cost-effective and produces very high-quality results. In addition to the PDF editing options, UPDF also provides password protection and electronic signature features which makes it much more superior than other tools available in the app stores. UPDF is a great tool choice and makes PDF editing easy and enjoyable. Download it by clicking the below button and upgrade to UPDF Pro for exclusive features and level up your experience!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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