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3 Easy Ways to Extrat Pages from PDF on Mac (macOS Sonoma Included)

You must have come across a time when you are required to extract a specific chapter from a large PDF book that takes up that extra space on your device. On occasions, you are immediately required to send a PDF document through a certain communication channel, but due to the hefty size of a file, you are unable to send the file on time. This article will explore various software to extract pages from PDF on Mac, along with the steps you need to follow to extract the pages from a PDF file efficiently.

Part 1. How to Extract Pages from PDF on Mac with UPDF

UPDF for Mac is a compact solution to organize PDF files expeditiously. With its powerful and easy-to-operate interface, users can edit, annotate, manage, and convert PDF files on the go. UPDF for Mac offers a premium PDF editor with exclusive tools which are easy to navigate and simple to work with. UPDF has more useful functions waiting for you to use, just click the download button below to download it.

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extract pages from pdf mac using updf

Robust Features of UPDF

Following are some of the distinctive key features of UPDF for Mac, highlighting it as the wisest choice for editing your PDF files.

  • Find the Text in PDF: With UPDF, you can easily search for specific text in the PDF file. This feature allows users to search for important text or references in minutes.
  • Engaging PDF Reader: UPDF's engaging and simple interface provides its PDF reader with an aesthetically pleasing reading experience. The reader can easily turn the pages, zoom in, and highlight the important points within the PDF.
  • Adjustable Page Layout: UPDF's app is also screen friendly; it adjusts the software's pages and interfaces according to the screen on which it is being used, such as mobiles, laptops, and tabs.
  • Effective Organization of Pages: UPDF offers a quick adjustment and organization of the format of PDF, such as you can reorder them, deleting unnecessary pages along with adding new ones. Users can also extract specific pages from a PDF file with the UPDF tool.

Steps to Extract Pages from PDF Files with UPDF Mac

Follow these steps to efficiently extract pages from a PDF on Mac with the UPDF tool:

Step 1: Open the PDF in UPDF

Launch UPDF on your Mac and open the PDF by browsing the PDF through the UPDF tool or dropping the file on the interface. To browse the PDF, you have to click on the "Open File" button.

Step 2: Select Organize Pages

After uploading your PDF file on UPDF, click on the "Organize Pages" tab from the left panel. Next, select the pages you want to extract. You can set the range of pages, whether you want to extract all the pages, even or odd pages, or you can also select the portrait or landscape mode of the pages.

open the organize pages mode mac preview extract pages from pdf

Step 3: Extract and Save the PDF

After selecting the pages you want to extract, click on the "Extract" button on the top panel. Name the file and choose a location to save the PDF file on your MacBook.

extract page from pdf mac

The above steps are to extract PDF pages using UPDF. It's easy to use so can you. Click the download button below to download UPDF to extract PDF pages quickly.

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Part 2. How to Use Mac Preview to Extract Pages from PDF

Along with other distinctive applications exclusively designed for Mac computers, Preview is an in-built PDF editor for Mac users. Instead of downloading the third app to edit PDF files, Preview offers all the essential features to manage PDF files effectively.

Besides editing, annotating, and organizing files, Mac Preview extracts pages from a PDF file. Following are the simple steps to extract a page from a PDF file on Mac using Preview:

Step 1: You have to first navigate the PDF on your Mac and open it by double-clicking on the PDF name. After opening the selected PDF file from the upper toolbar, tap on "View" and follow it up by clicking the "Thumbnail" option from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Now from the thumbnail of all pages appearing on your screen, note down the page numbers you want to extract. Once you know the page numbers, click on "File" and follow it up by choosing the "Print" option. Here, select the range of pages or specify the page number consciously.

save single page of pdf mac using preview

Step 3: Once you set the range of pages, click on the "PDF" option opposite the "Print" button. From the drop-down menu, select "Save as PDF". Next, click on the "Save" button and save the file as a PDF.

Part 3. How to Extract Pages from PDF on Mac with PDF Expert

PDF Expert is a powerful, reliable, and effective PDF editing tool for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. PDF Editor is an ideal tool for Apple users as they can easily retrieve and transfer files on Apple devices.

Besides the robust PDF editing capabilities, from annotating to reading and signing PDF documents, it provides a quick and easy solution to extract pages from a large PDF file in simple steps. Trail the three steps mentioned to extract pages from a PDF on Mac with PDF Expert:

Step 1: Install PDF Expert from the Apple Store and launch it on your Mac device. Following this, browse the file on Mac by clicking on the "Select File" button or drag and drop the file on the interface of PDF Expert.

Step 2: From the top left bar of the PDF Expert interface, click on the "View" icon, which is a four-box icon to view all the PDF pages on the screen. Next, select the pages you want to extract from the PDF. You can also select multiple pages at a time.

Step 3: After selecting the pages, click on the "Extract" button from the PDF Expert toolbar. Now, name the PDF file, select the file location on your Mac, and save the PDF file.

tap on extract icon to extract pages from pdf mac

Part 4. FAQs on How to Extract Pages from PDF on Mac

1. Can you Extract Certain Pages from PDF on Mac?

Yes, you can extract pages from PDF on Mac using the UPDF PDF editor. Refer to the steps mentioned above to understand the process of extracting pages from the PDF.

2. How Do I Extract Pages Separately from a PDF on Mac?

By using UPDF, you can extract pages separately from a PDF on Mac. Upload the file on UPDF and click on the "Organize Pages" option. After that, select the pages you want to extract from the PDF file and save it to your selected destination on your MacBook.

3. How Do I Save a Single Page of PDF on Mac?

Yes, you can extract one page from PDF on Mac using the UPDF tool. While selecting the pages, choose the one page you want to extract and click on "Extract" to save one page on your selected location.


Working with PDF files has become a task of every day due to the unmatching features of PDF format. Although sometimes, it seems difficult to solve certain issues with the PDF file, such as extracting pages from a PDF on Mac or flattening a PDF file. However, the UPDF tool has made it easier for Mac users to manage PDF files on the go.

Start with UPDF today by downloading it on your Mac computer and enjoy the endless features of managing your PDF files effortlessly.

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