How to Split PDF on Mac with 5 Methods

We're more inclined to deal with PDF files because they're the most used file format for presenting digital material and are highly secure. In the case of large PDFs or if we need to allocate certain pages of a PDF to various people for collaboration, we will need to split PDF pages. So, here are the 5 methods for split PDF on Mac:

split pdf mac

How to Split PDF on Mac with UPDF

UPDF - free PDF editor for Mac - gives you all the tools you need to split, edit, annotate, convert, and organize PDFs. Large PDF files may be easily split into smaller pages with UPDF.

how to separate pdf pages mac

UPDF is a reliable PDF tool for managing and editing many PDF files at the same time. Rotate, extract, split and even replace or remove undesirable pages are all easily accomplished. It's also possible to insert new or blank pages from other PDFs.

Here is how to split a PDF on Mac:

Step 1. Go to the "Organize Pages" Icon

Launch the UPDF application and open your PDF document in it. Click on the "Organize Pages" button in the left panel as shown below.

how to split pdf pages mac

Step 2. Split PDF on Mac

Now, click the "Split" option on the page management toolbar to split your PDF on Mac.

how to split a pdf on mac

A pop-up window will appear. Now, you have the option to split PDF by the number of pages. Let's say that you want to split a 100 pages PDF. You can enter 5 in the "pages" field and you will get 20 PDF files of each 5 pages.

Select the number and click "Split". Choose the folder to save the split PDF files.

how to separate pdf pages mac

Optional Method: Split PDF by Extracting Pages

If you want to split a PDF into 2 PDFs, you can use the "Extract" option. You can select the pages which you want to split into a separate PDF and then click the "Extract" option.

how to split pdf on mac

Select the folder and rename the PDF, and then click "Save". The pages you selected will be separated into a PDF document.

separate pdf pages mac

Then you just delete the pages you just extracted from the original PDF file.

More Introduction to UPDF:

Using this software will make you a professional editor. It is possible to add or remove text, as well as change the font, color, and size of the text. Rich text can be added to the PDF, the text position may be adjusted, and you can cut, rotate, edit, remove, or delete PDF images to alter any aspect of the document. By dragging and dropping, you can add or replace images.

how to split a pdf on mac

In a PDF file, you can also highlight, underline, and cross out the important parts. Inserting text is made easier and faster with the use of shapes and text boxes. PDF stamps and stickers may be used as reviews, and sticky notes are vital for adding reliable side remarks to your PDF.

How to Split PDF on Mac Preview

In Preview, you may extract individual pages from a PDF and save them as individual files. In spite of the fact that the procedure may appear complicated, it is actually very simple. Here is how to split PDF pages on Mac with the Preview app!

  1. You can begin by opening the Preview application. In the next window that appears, navigate to the desired directory and pick the PDF file that was previously created.
mac preview split pdf
  1. To see thumbnails, you'll need to open your PDF in Preview and click on the left sidebar. When PDF page thumbnails aren't displayed, choose View from the top menu bar and then choose Thumbnails.
macos split pdf
  1. You can now pick the pages you want to extract into a new file from the thumbnail sidebar. Using the shift (arrow up) key and clicking on the thumbnails you want to extract is the quickest and easiest way to achieve this. Instead of using a selection tool, you may just drag your pointer over the page to highlight it.
  2. Simply drag and drop the thumbnails onto your desktop once you've made your selection. The selected pages will be saved in a new file with the suffix '(dragged)' attached to the file name. Pages from your previous file will remain, but a new file containing only the pages you choose will be created. So, it was this simple to use Mac Preview split PDF feature.

How to Split PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

If you only need a portion of that lengthy PDF, you may simply delete the pages, split it up into discrete chapters, or use Adobe to split it up into separate pages. You will then be able to annotate, save, or send only the relevant portions of the document. Here is how to separate PDF pages on Mac:

split pdf pages mac
  1. Launch Acrobat DC and open the PDF.
  2. Choose "Organize Pages" > "Split."
  3. You will be prompted to select the method that you wish to use to split a single file into multiple files.
  4. You may determine where to store your file, what to name it, and how to split it up by clicking the "Output Options" button.
  5. To complete the process, first click "OK," then click "Split." You can remove pages or extract pages from a PDF document by using additional PDF tools.
  6. After giving your new PDF file a name, select "Save" from the menu. That sums it up well.
split pdf mac

How to Split PDF on Mac with Cisdem

Users are able to easily split a PDF into multiple files using the PDF Master PDF Split tool. This may be done either by equal page amount or by a defined page range. Following are the steps to macOS split PDF using Cisdem PDFMaster:

  1. Get Cisdem PDFMaster for your Mac by downloading and installing it. Run it.
  1. Head on over to PDF Split.
how to separate pdf pages mac
  1. Delete pages from the PDF or rotate them if required.
how to split pdf pages mac
  1. Click the Save button, then make any necessary changes to the splitting settings.
  1. On a Mac, you can split PDF pages by clicking the "Convert" button.

How to Split PDF on Mac with Kofax

You can prevent frequent slowdowns that can impair your day-to-day with Power PDF, a PDF maker and editor that has all the features you need.

It's easy to understand how to split PDF pages on Mac OS 10.13 to 11 into different documents if you have this tool at your disposal. In truth, there are just five stages involved:

  1. When you open Power PDF on your Mac, search for the Home ribbon. Simply click on the "Split" option in the Tools menu. The dialog box will appear.
  2. Open the PDF file. Power PDF can split the document you currently have open in the software, or you may select a file from your portable hard drive by clicking "Selected Document."
  3. Enter "1" in the "Split by pages as a document" field in the Split Mode dialog box. Using this value instructs Power PDF to generate a new PDF file for each page in the document being scanned in.
  4. Select the folder where you want to save the new files by clicking OK and then clicking Save.
  5. Once more, press the OK button. When a page is captured, Power PDF automatically produces a new file for each subsequent page.
how to split pdf on mac


You have a PDF document that has many pages, and you would want to separate those pages into different documents. Perhaps you scanned a stack of paper with the intention of creating a separate PDF for each sheet, but instead, it created a single massive PDF.

We recommend using UPDF for splitting PDF files on Mac. It is super easy to use with a lot of other features as well.