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Top 5 File Managers in Mac for Seamless Navigation and Control

File manager is termed as a software utility that allows users to browse, organize, and manage files and directories on a computer. These applications provide a simple GUI that simplifies file operations such as creating, copying, moving, renaming, and deleting folders or files. Like all computers, Mac devices also feature a dedicated file manager for macOS.

This article will provide 5 different file manager Mac free tools to enhance your productivity. With this, you'll be able to accomplish your daily tasks with streamlined processes.

Top 5 File Managers/Explorers in Mac (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

A file manager is a powerful tool that makes the MacBook's operating system more extensive. After all, it provides a user interface for simplifying file management. There exist several MacBook file manager tools that you can use within your Mac devices. Hence, choosing the right option can be a difficult task. Making things easier, find 5 popular file managers for Mac devices here:

1. Finder

Known as the default file management application for the macOS operating system, Finder is an essential utility in Apple's Mac computers. This MacBook file manager is represented by an icon resembling a blue face with a smiley icon called the "Happy Mac."

Basically, Finder allows Mac users to navigate and manage files, folders, and applications on their Mac devices. Users can also search their files, organize them using tags or preview them without opening them. Thus, allowing you to have complete access to your Mac file management.

finder macbook file manager


  • Finder supports integration with various third-party applications. So, you can add plugins or extensions to increase Finder's overall capabilities.
  • With a user-friendly interface, you can easily navigate and access different files and folders within your Mac device.


  • There is not any availability of advanced search functions within the Finder app. The absence of this feature can make navigation a bit difficult.

Pricing Plan

  • Free

2. Commander One

In case you're not satisfied with the functionality of Finder and want to go more extensive, using Commander One is an ideal solution. This file explorer Mac comes with a dual panel structure in an easy-to-use interface. Meanwhile, the backend code behind this application is written in Swift, which makes it a dedicated file management platform for Mac devices.

Apparently, a handy toolbar button allows you to show hidden files. The colors of fonts and themes can also be adjusted to make file navigation pleasing for your eyes. The available brief mode allows for previewing and managing different files at once.

commander one mac file organizer


  • There are two panels within the structure, each with an unlimited number of tabs. This enhances productivity standards.
  • To preview the files, you will get a built-in file previewer. So Hex and binary files are supported, in addition to HTML, text, image, and media formats.


  • Data security can be compromised because the platform misses out on various security protocols.

Pricing Plan

  • Personal License (For 1 Mac): $29.99
  • Team (For 5 Mac): $99.99

3. Nimble Commander

Nimble Commander is a replacement application for macOS Finder. In general, this file manager in Mac comes within a dual pane model and features a classical design. This file management application is efficient because its code is written in C++, which ensures blazing-fast performance with instant responses.

Meanwhile, Nimble offers maximum flexibility because it allows adjusting colors and fonts and allows other modifications. The presence of Spotlight or a custom search option allows you to locate items through attributes or content. Moreover, the available file viewer displays content within the hexadecimal or textual representation.

nimble commander file browser mac


  • With the batch renaming function, it's possible to rename multiple files at once. You can even define counters, insert date and time, or decompose filenames.
  • You can ensure remote connection to WebDAV/ FTP/ Dropbox/SFTP servers and utilize their functions. Opening remote files in other applications is also possible with changes updated on the server.


  • The customer service is slow, so you may need to wait a lot to get your query answered.

Pricing Plan

  • $29.99

4. muCommander

Are you looking for an alternative to macOS Finder? muCommander is a Mac file organizer that is exactly what you need. This is an open-source file management tool that comes with a dual-pane model. Interestingly, you can copy, rename, move, email, or perform many other file management tasks.

With the availability of multiple tabs, you can be more productive in your work. Through the configurable keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to access different tools and functions as needed. The platform also supports third-party tools like Dropbox and Google Drive.

mucommander file manager mac


  • The user interface is totally customizable, which means you can configure toolbars as needed. You can also adjust the theme of the interface.
  • The muCommander is available in different languages. Hence, users of different nationalities and regions can use this file manager without worries.


  • The overall user interface is quite complex. It may be difficult for some users to access and use this file manager.

Pricing Plan

  • Free

5. ForkLift

Recognized as an advanced dual-pane file manager, ForkLift is an alternative to macOS Finder. This file browser Mac is ideal for enhancing your productivity standards. After all, you can establish remote connections with Rackspace CloudFiles, FTP, Amazon S3, Google Drive, WebDAV, etc.

In fact, you'll be able to open files added to favorites and open a selected file with a desired application or multi-rename files. It's possible to turn on the dark mode theme to ease your eyes. This way, you can continue to focus on your work, even in dark or low light.

forklift file manager mac


  • You can organize your files and documents by using tags. Thus, editing, removing, searching, adding, or searching documents will become easier.
  • A shortcut will make all the hidden files and folders easily visible. You can also access them through the available button in the toolbar.


  • Customization is quite complex while using ForkLift file managing software.

Pricing Plan

  • Single-User License: $19.95
  • Family License: $29.95
  • Small Business License: $69.95

The Best PDF File Manager on Mac

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FAQs on Choosing File Managers on Mac

1. Does Mac have a default file manager?

Just like Windows have File Explorer as the dedicated file-managing software, similarly, Finder is the built-in file manager for Mac devices. Thus, you can process your document management on macOS using the Finder application.

2. Where is the default file manager on Mac?

Dock is the place where you can find the file manager on Mac. Apparently, Dock is the same as the Taskbar on Windows, where different applications are pinned.

3. Does Mac have File Explorer like Windows?

Yes, Mac does have File Explorer like Windows, and its name is Finder. You can find the Finder app from the Dock on your macOS device.

4. Where do I find the file manager on Mac?

The file manager for Mac is called Finder, and you can access the Finder application from the Dock. Basically, Dock is similar to what we see as Taskbar in the Windows operating system.

Final Words

File manager is an important utility within an operating system because it allows users to manage files, folders, and other data through an easy-to-use GUI. Similarly, Mac users have a dedicated file manager to simplify tasks and file management. In this article, you discovered the 5 best file managers for Mac devices, including Finder, which is built-in and is located in the Dock of macOS.

We also introduced a PDF management tool - UPDF - in this article. If you deal with PDF documents a lot and you need to edit, convert, OCR, protect, share, and annotate PDF documents, download it now!

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