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How to Add Hyperlinks in PDF on Mac (Sonoma Compatible)

Can I add a hyperlink to a PDF on Mac? PDF linking, also known as hyperlinks, is a way to make PDFs more informative, professional, and collaborative. After all, hyperlinks allow users to navigate to web pages that provide relevant solutions to their queries. They can also access different pages with better accessibility. Hence, with appropriate linking, users will find viewing or editing PDFs interesting.

Meanwhile, if you want to know how to add hyperlinks to PDF on Mac, this article will provide helpful solutions to assist your PDF document management.

Part 1. How to Add Link to PDF on Mac

Making PDF editing simpler and smarter, UPDF for Mac is the best PDF management tool. Consequently, you can edit text and images, change background colors, add watermarks, or apply headers and footers. You can also annotate your PDF documents by adding comments, text boxes, underlines, shapes, stamps, etc. Not to forget, adding links to your PDFs on Mac is also a possibility. To know how to add hyperlinks to PDF on Mac, these steps will help you:

Step 1: Proceed into Link Editing Mode

Download UPDF from the button below, run it on your MacBook, and click the "Open File" button to import your PDF document.

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open file for adding links to pdf

Move forward to press the "Edit PDF" icon from the toolbar on the left side, and press "Link" as your edit mode option from the screen's top.

add hyperlink to pdf on mac

Step 2: Apply the Desired Link Type to Your PDF

Continue to apply the link cursor in your desired text area. Select from linking options like "Link to Web" and "Link to Page."

  • By choosing "Link to Web," provide your external webpage link.
  • For the "Link to Page" option, provide your desired page number to link the text on the document.
add link to pdf on mac

Step 3: Save the PDF File on MacBook

To save your PDF, tap the "Save as Other" tool from the toolbar on the screen's right side. Click "Save or Save As," provide the desired MacBook location, and press the "Save" option.

save the pdf file after adding hyperlink on mac

In order to make this process more simple, we've made a video. In this video, we will show a detailed guide on how to add links to PDFs on Mac step-by-step. Enjoy watching!

Part 2: Bonus Tips: How to Edit/Remove Links in PDF on Mac

2.1 How to Change the Link Appearance in PDF on Mac

Adding a link to your PDF can improve its navigation capabilities, as well as extend its authenticity with respect to the provided references. With UPDF, you cannot only insert links to webpages or connect PDF pages, but you can also style and enhance the appearance of your links. This will give your document a more appealing look with an engaging factor. To edit PDF links on Mac, find the step-by-step solution here:

Step 1: Enter into Properties

A link is already inserted into your PDF document on UPDF. To edit it, you need to perform right-click on the link and select "Properties" from the menu.

add link to pdf on mac properties

Step 2: Change the Link Styling in PDF on Mac

You will see the settings window appear in front of you. You can now adjust the applied link with properties like "Link Type," "Line Style," "Line Thickness," and "Border Color." The changes will be applied to the link.

  • Link Type: There are two options: Invisible Rectangle and Visible Rectangle.
  • Line Style: You can choose from "Solid, Dashed, Underline" for the line style. This option can only be applied when you select the visible rectangle link type.
  • Line Thickness: You can set the thickness of the line from "Thin, Medium, and Thick".
  • Border Color: You can set any color for your link rectangle as UPDF's color panel supports high customization for you.
how to add link to pdf properties

As we all know, UPDF is not just a PDF link editor. Moreover, UPDF OCR also converts your scanned PDFs into searchable and editable documents. Using UPDF AI, summarize, translate, rewrite, and ideate your PDFs through text prompts on Chatbot. Meanwhile, you can also convert your PDFs into different file formats with a batch processing facility. Try it yourself now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

2.2 How to Remove Link from PDF on Mac

Although you have already processed the function, add a hyperlink to the PDF on Mac. With this, your PDF has a link integrated that either navigates the user to another webpage or accesses the user to another page on the PDF. However, it's possible that you either attached the wrong external link or maybe added the wrong page number to the link text.

In this situation, you need to remove the link from PDF on Mac and then add it again. To remove the PDF link, these simple and easy steps will help you move forward:

Step 1: Head into the PDF Edit Mode

Your link-inserted PDF is already open in the UPDF PDF editor. Navigate into the edit mode by clicking the "Edit PDF" icon from the screen's left-side toolbar.

Step 2: Remove the Applied Link from the PDF on the Mac

Move the cursor on the link, perform a right-click, and select the "Delete" option to remove the link from your PDF. To apply a new link, click the "Link" button from the top of the screen.

how to add link to pdf on mac delete link

Part 3: Benefits of Adding Links to PDF on Mac? 

Adding links to a PDF on a Mac can provide several benefits that can enhance the overall user experience. After all, hyperlinks help extend documents with better accessibility and more interactivity. To make things easier for you, the following are the benefits of adding links to PDF on Mac:

1. Easy Navigation

Links can be used to connect the text with relevant pages on the PDF documents. This allows the readers to quickly navigate or jump into the document's specific pages, ultimately saving valuable time. After all, you don't need to read an entire PDF to reach that particular point. This function is essential for students and researchers who need quick access to critical information relating to their academia. 

2. External References

By using hyperlinks, it's possible to direct users to external websites, resources, or references. This is particularly useful when you want to provide additional context, sources, or related information that might be available online. Adding external references can help students to make their assignments more research-oriented. Similarly, brands can use PDFs to navigate users to their websites through the available hyperlinks.

3. Forms and Surveys

For interactive PDF forms, you can add links to submit buttons or other form elements. Thus, making it easier and more convenient for the users to interact with the forms and surveys. Apparently, it's pretty tricky to get forms and surveys filled. However, styled and colorful links can add that engagement that engages users to read and fill in necessary data. Ultimately, students, NGOs, and brands can use the data in their particular research work.

4. Easier Data Exploration

You can add links to different sections or explanations if your PDF contains complex data or charts. Consequently, helping readers to explore and understand the data more effectively. Meanwhile, experts who are tasked with data analysis or manipulation tasks can easily use the available data to process their research. Other users will also find it easier to absorb and understand complex visual data through dedicated, informative links.

Part 4. FAQs on Adding Hyperlinks to PDF on Mac

1. Can I add a hyperlink to a PDF in Preview?

No, it's not possible to add hyperlinks to PDFs in the Preview app on Mac. You would need to use powerful PDF editing software for these purposes, and UPDF is the trusted solution. You can download and use UPDF on your Mac device as well.

2. Can I make a clickable link in PDF on Mac?

By using the UPDF PDF editor, you can make a clickable PDF on Mac. The possibility includes inserting a link leading to an external webpage or linking text with the specific page within the document.

3. How do I open a PDF link on a Mac?

Opening PDF links on Mac is very simple and easy. For this purpose, you need to import the PDF on UPDF by clicking the "Open File" option. Once the PDF is in preview mode, click the link, and a pop-up will open. Continue to click "Open" to lead to that link.


In general, PDF linking is a great function to have in your PDF documents. After all, it allows adding hyperlinks or clickable links within a PDF document. In this article, you learned different stages of adding links to PDF Mac using UPDF. As Preview doesn't support this feature, UPDF for Mac is the best alternative as an all-in-one PDF editor. Get it now!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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