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Top 5 Planner Apps for Mac to Enhance Productivity in 2024

Life can get pretty hectic, right? With so much going on, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and struggle to stay on top of everything. But no worries! There's a handy solution that can make your life a whole lot easier: planner apps for Mac.

You can stay organized, manage your chores, and make sure you never again forget a crucial deadline with the aid of these priceless daily planner applications. Finding the ideal planner software may truly be a game-changer, whether you are a student trying to stay on top of homework, a professional managing several tasks, or just trying to bring some much-needed order to your everyday life. The top 5 planner apps designed specifically for Mac users like yourself are highlighted in this post. Let's get started!

Get ready to explore the best planner apps for Mac that will make your life a whole lot easier – your organized future awaits!

Part 1: 5 Best Planner Apps for Mac

Welcome to the section where we delve into the top five planner apps tailored specifically for Mac users. These apps have been meticulously selected based on their impressive features, user-friendliness, and remarkable effectiveness in assisting you to stay organized and highly productive.

1. UPDF for Mac

UPDF for Mac is a capable PDF editor that not only aids in document management but also comes with a pleasant surprise in the form of planning features! UPDF goes above and beyond by offering three plan templates and the option to generate plans in PDF format, even if PDF editing is its main focus. You can read, edit, annotate, and organize your PDF files with ease with UPDF's user-friendly interface. Convenient functions like converting, OCR, trimming, watermarking, and others are also available.

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planner app mac updf

UPDF stands out for its ease of use and adaptability. UPDF's simple controls and lightweight design make it simple to use whether you are a novice or an experienced user. Like having your own personal digital assistant, it helps you stay organized and productive.


  • PDF Editing: UPDF gives you complete control over your documents by enabling you to edit text, graphics, and links within PDF files. To make your PDFs more suitable for your purposes, you can alter font styles, sizes, colors, and other factors.
  • UPDF AI: UPDF is a versatile tool with advanced AI capabilities to analyze diverse PDF documents. It excels at extracting and summarizing key information, from financial reports to novel legal documents to medical reports. Furthermore, it analyzes data structures and identifies crucial elements of research papers. Whether you're dealing with business plans or technical manuals, it ensures accurate interpretation, which makes it an invaluable asset for various document types.
  • Integration with the cloud: UPDF Cloud guarantees that your files are accessible across various devices, enabling you to sync your papers in real-time. You will always have the most recent version of your files available thanks to this feature, which also makes cooperation simple.
  • Annotation Tools: UPDF's annotation tools let you mark up PDFs effectively by underlining, highlighting, strikethrough, adding sticky notes, and adding text boxes.
  • User-Friendly Reading and Printing: UPDF offers multiple viewing modes, powerful search capabilities, bookmark management, and support for dark mode. Additionally, you can print your PDFs directly from the application, ensuring a seamless reading and printing experience.
  • Enhanced Security Features: UPDF provides full security options, allowing you to add password protection to your PDFs.

Plenty of Free Planner Templates

Template Library: UPDF provides a range of planning templates available for free download. Users can customize these templates using UPDF.

updf planner templates for mac

Unlock the power of UPDF for Mac! Download now to experience seamless PDF editing, organization, and surprise planning features that go beyond expectations.

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2. Microsoft Planner for Mac

Microsoft Planner for Mac is a task management tool that helps users organize and track their tasks efficiently. With a user-friendly interface, it enables users to create to-do lists, set due dates, and collaborate with team members. The software offers Kanban boards for visualizing tasks and integrates well with other Microsoft apps like Outlook and Teams.

planning app mac microsoft planner for mac


  • User-friendly interface: Microsoft Planner has an easy-to-use interface, making it simple for Mac users to navigate and manage their tasks.
  • Kanban boards and to-do lists: It offers Kanban boards and to-do lists, allowing you to visualize your tasks and prioritize them accordingly.
  • Integration with Microsoft 365: Planner seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps, such as Outlook and Teams, ensuring smooth communication and coordination.


  • Limited project management features: Microsoft Planner lacks advanced project management features, making it more suitable for basic task management rather than complex projects.
  • Requires a Paid Subscription: A drawback of Microsoft Planner is that access to its full range of features and integration capabilities requires a paid subscription to Microsoft 365. While a free version of the software is available, it offers limited functionality compared to the paid version.

3. ProjectManager

ProjectManager for Mac is a cloud-based planning software. It's an app that helps you organize and manage your projects. You can access it from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. With ProjectManager, you can collect tasks, set deadlines, prioritize them, and add tags to make searching easier. You can also link tasks together to avoid any problems and set milestones to break your project into smaller parts.

planner mac projectmanager


  • Collaboration and Resource Management: Collaborate effectively with powerful online tools, including Gantt charts, dashboards, and resource management features.
  • Accessibility: Access the software from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing you to work in the office or on the move.
  • Milestone Setting: Break down projects into manageable pieces by setting milestones.


  • Internet Dependence: Relies on an internet connection for access, which may be a limitation in areas with poor connectivity.
  • Learning Curve: Some users may require time to learn and maximize the app's features.

4. for Mac is a user-friendly planner app that helps you stay organized and never forget your tasks. With its design and reminders, you can prioritize your daily to-dos and manage your time effectively. The app offers features such as location-based reminders, customizable task management, collaboration options, and cloud sync across devices. Whether you need to manage personal tasks or collaborate on work projects, simplifies your planning and keeps you on track.

best planner app for mac anydo


  • Comprehensive Reminders: Set one-off or recurring reminders to stay on track and never miss important tasks.
  • Collaboration: Share tasks and lists with others, making it easy to work together and accomplish more.
  • Attachments and Notes: Enhance your to-do items by attaching sub-tasks, notes, and files for better organization.
  • Real-time Updates: Stay in sync with your family and colleagues by updating grocery lists, errands, and calendars in real time.


  • Premium Features: Some advanced features like Moment, themes, files, and collaboration require a paid subscription.
  • Auto-renewing Subscription: The premium subscription is auto-renewed, and cancellation is not possible during the active period.

5. Pagico

Pagico for Mac is a versatile organizational tool that keeps your tasks, notes, documents, projects, and clients in one place. It offers features like project status visualization, minimalist daily planning, and easy organization through a tag browser. With the ability to turn web links into tasks and work offline. With Pagico, you can facilitate your work processes and enhance productivity.

daily planner app mac pagico


  • Project Status Visualization: Pagico simplifies project management by providing a visual representation of your project's status.
  • Easy Organization: Pagico's tag browser makes it satisfyingly easy to navigate through your projects, ensuring everything stays neatly organized.
  • Offline Capability: As Pagico resides on your Mac, all your data is stored locally, providing the option to work offline for improved performance.
  • Sync and Collaboration: Utilize the built-in Personal Cloud feature to sync data across devices and collaborate with teammates.


  • Paid Subscription: Pagico requires a paid subscription for full access to its features, which may be a drawback for some users seeking free productivity tools.

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Part 2: How Do You Choose the Best Planner App for Mac

You must consider a number of crucial elements in order to select the Mac planner program that best suits your needs. Consider the following advice as it will help you make decisions:

  • Compatibility: Verify that it is compatible with the Mac's operating system before continuing. On your smartphone, the app must function flawlessly.
  • User Interface and Experience: An excellent planner software should have a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface. A user-friendly interface and an appealing design are important in an app.
  • Features and Functionality: Consider the planner app's features and functionalities. Search for those who fit your unique specifications.
  • Customization Options: It is essential to be able to modify your planner software to suit your preferences and requirements. Choose an app with a variety of customizing choices.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Pick a planner app that offers cross-platform compatibility if you want the freedom to use it on different devices.

In light of these elements, UPDF for Mac stands out as the best planning application. UPDF is a superior PDF editor in addition to being a planning tool for Mac. You have access to a variety of options with UPDF that make planning easier. Use UPDF to easily create, maintain, and organize your plans inside PDF files.

UPDF for Mac provides an array of impressive features. You can edit PDFs, annotate documents, convert files to different formats, protect your plans with passwords, and even use OCR technology to extract text from scanned documents.

Additionally, Cross-platform compatibility allows you to access and manage your plans from your Mac as well as other devices. Whether you're on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, UPDF keeps your plans synchronized and readily available.

best planner app for mac free updf

One of the standout features of UPDF for Mac is its professionally designed planner templates. These templates cover various planning needs, such as daily planners. They provide a convenient starting point, allowing you to save time and effortlessly edit & customize them to suit your preferences in UPDF after download.

To get started with these templates, simply visit the UPDF website and download planner templates.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the convenience and productivity boost that UPDF offers.

Want to learn about the ultimate PDF editor for Mac users? Watch this video:

Part 3: Why it is Important to Keep a Plan

With multiple obligations and chores tugging us in different directions, life can occasionally seem too much to handle. Having a well-organized plan is crucial in the midst of this hectic existence. Let us explore some of the factors that make sticking to a plan so important:

  • Maintain Organization: A plan serves as your road map and aids in maintaining organization and focus. You may define goals, order work according to importance, and efficiently use your time and resources.
  • Refrain from Feeling Overwhelmed: Without a strategy, it is simple to feel disorganized and overwhelmed. You get a sense of direction from having a defined strategy, which lowers stress and boosts productivity.
  • Effective Time Management: Making the most of your time is important because it is a limited resource. You may increase your productivity and do more tasks in less time by planning your activities and establishing reasonable deadlines.
  • Meet Deadlines: You are better able to meet deadlines when you have a plan. You can stay on track and finish projects on time by using it to divide jobs into manageable portions.
  • Achieve Goals: A plan offers a road map for achievement, whether the goals are personal or professional. It assists you in determining the measures necessary to accomplish your goals and holds you responsible along the way.


In conclusion, these top 5 planner apps for Mac offer a range of features and functionalities to help users stay organized and maximize productivity. With their user-friendly designs and powerful tools, these planner apps are essential tools for anyone seeking to simplify their daily activities and achieve their goals efficiently.

However, after diving into the world of planner apps for Mac, one standout option that deserves special recognition is UPDF. With its exceptional features and user-friendly interface, UPDF offers a unique and powerful planning experience. Whether you need to edit PDFs, create customized plans, or stay organized across different devices, UPDF has got you covered.

Its extensive range of tools and professionally designed templates make it a top choice for Mac users seeking an all-in-one solution. Do try UPDF today!

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