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How to Combine PDF Files on Mac: 6 Solutions (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

You may come to a case where you have many separate PDF invoices or other PDF files and want to combine them on Mac for better storage and printing. If you search around and you will be flooded with a lot of recommendations. But which one is the best way for you? It may be difficult to make a decision if you are not familiar with these tools. We understand your case, and that is why we narrow it down to the top 6 ways on how to combine PDF files on Mac here with a detailed guide. Keep reading and we are sure you can find the solutions you need.

Way 1. How Do I Merge PDF Files on Mac with UPDF

If you're looking for a means to join PDF on Mac, UPDF for Mac is the best tool for you! It offers a "Batch Combine" feature and an "Inserting" feature to allow you to merge two PDF files into one PDF and combine multiple PDF files into a single PDF file. No matter how large your PDF files are, or how many PDF files you want to combine, UPDF can process with high performance and speed. Except for PDF files, it also lets you combine image files into a PDF on Mac, supporting JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF formats. Try UPDF now for a hassle-free PDF merging experience!

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combine pdf files on mac

Below are the instructions on how to merge PDF files on Mac using Batch Combine and Inserting:

1. How to Combine Multiple PDFs into One on Mac

If you have bulk PDF files and want to merge them into one PDF, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Select the "Batch Combine" Tool

Once you run UPDF on your Mac device, you can enter the Welcome Page. There are many options on the Welcome page and what you need to select is the "Batch Combine" option. Click on it and begin to combine multiple PDF files into one on Mac.

Step 2. Merge PDFs on Mac

When you enter the new page, you will find there are options for you to add files. UPDF offers three options for adding files easily.

  • If you want to add files quickly from your computer, simply click the "Add Files..." option and select the files.
  • If you already opened some PDF files in multiple windows with UPDF, you can use the "Add Open Files..." option to add them to the list quickly.
  • If you want to add a folder or several folders to the list, please click the "Add Folders..." option.

After you add all the files you need, you can rearrange the order of your PDFs by dragging and dropping the files as you want. Finally, click the "Apply" button and merge all the PDF files on Mac.

(Note: if you want to delete a specific option during the process, you can click the file and then click the three dots icon beside the file and choose "Remove File".)

Step 3. Edit PDF (Optional)

Once you merge pdf files on Mac, you can edit the PDF texts, update the page orders, delete any pages you do not need, and more. When everything is done, you can save the combined PDF on your Mac.

Edit PDF on Mac using UPDF after combining PDF into one PDF

Video Tutorial on How to Combine PDF Files on Mac

2. How to Merge PDF Files on Mac Via Inserting

For those who want to insert a PDF to a special position into another PDF, you can follow the guide below.

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Step 1. Organize PDF Pages

You can click on the "Open File" after launching the UPDF on Mac to import the PDF file. Now, click on "Organize Pages". And you will get a new window.

Organize PDF pages to combine multiple pdf into one mac

Step 2. Insert PDF

If you need to insert the PDF at the special position, you can click on the page, then, click "Insert" > "From File" to select the PDF you want to combine into the opened PDF. When you click "Open", the PDF pages are inserted after the page you selected. And if there are some pages you do not like, you can select and delete them.

Insert PDF pages to merge pdf files on mac using UPDF

Step 3. Save Combined PDF

Once all changes are done, you can click "File" > "Save" to save the combined PDF. Or if you want to print, you can click "Print" under the "File" menu. And you can also share the PDF with others via "Share this file with others".

Print combined PDF on Mac using UPDF

More Advanced Features From UPDF

Except for combining PDF files into one on Mac, UPDF offers almost all the features that PDF editors have. Here are key features of it:

  • Multiple page layouts: It has a variety of page layout choices so you may adjust the appearance of PDF pages to fit your device's screen. 
  • Edit PDF: This program allows you to edit text, images, and links in PDF easily.
  • AI Assistant: UPDF is now integrated with AI and capable of summarizing, translating, explaining, and rewriting the content on your PDFs.
  • Great annotation tools: You can use UPDF to annotate important content with line drawing tools, highlights, etc. You can add notes, draw a straight line, or freehand drawing to highlight something in your PDF file. This program also provides color options for your annotations.
  • Manage PDF pages: You can manage the pages of your PDF documents for free. It is easy to rotate, extract, split, replace, rearrange, insert, and remove pages.
  • Convert PDFs with OCR: The conversion feature of UPDF allows you to turn the PDF format into many other file formats, with OCR available.

Have you discovered all the powerful features of UPDF? Download it now for free access!

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

If you're still hesitant about downloading, find out what 9TO5MAC says about us:

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Way 2. How to Merge PDF Files on Mac with Preview

Preview, Apple's default app, doesn't have the Merge PDF feature. As a free app, it only offers some basic features such as reading PDFs and annotating PDFs. When it comes to advanced features such as OCR, and editing the existing text in PDF, Preview can't help you.

Even though it doesn't have the Combine PDF feature, you can try some tricks to combine files. But the process is very complicated and you need to take care of your original PDF files in case they are not damaged.


Any changes you make while previewing are instantly saved. Before combining PDFs with Preview, make a copy of each of your original PDFs using File Duplicate.

If you want to combine two PDFs on Mac files together, follow these instructions.

  1. Launch Preview and choose the first PDF file you wish to merge.
  2. Take a look at the top menu and pick "Thumbnails".
  3. The sidebar will now show thumbnails of the currently viewed pages.
  4. Click on the thumbnail.
  5. Page from the file may be added by selecting "Edit" and then "Insert".
  6. Then you choose the "Page from File" option and select and open the PDF file that you wish to combine.
  7. By doing so, a second PDF will be added to the first. Rearrange the pages by dragging the thumbnails.
  8. Go to "File" Now. Click the "Export as PDF" option to save your combined document as a PDF file.
Save as PDF

Here is how to merge two PDF files on Mac with different parts:

  1. Launch the Preview.
  2. Set up separate windows for each of the PDF files you wish to merge.
  3. Select "Thumbnails" from the "View" menu in each PDF window.
  4. The sidebar will now show thumbnails of the currently viewed pages.
  5. Do a quick drag-and-drop of thumbnails between the two PDF files.
  6. You may pick several thumbnails by using Command–Click.
  7. Go to "File" > "Export as PDF". Save your combined document as a PDF file.

Way 3. How to Combine PDFs on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat allows you to combine PDFs on Mac. As this tool is very complicated to use and we have listed the detailed steps for you to learn.

  1. Install and then run Adobe Acrobat to get started.
  2. Select "File > Create > Combine Multiple Files into a Single PDF" from the drop-down menu. (Note: You may select "Combine Files" from the right-hand menu if you've already opened the file.)
  3. Drag files into the "Add Files" box or use the Add Open Files or Add Files buttons to do so.
  4. Word, Images, PowerPoint presentations, emails, and other types of documents can all be selected at once.
  5. To create a single PDF document, just select all of the files and then click "Combine".
merge pdf mac

Way 4. How to Merge Two PDF Files on Mac with PDF Expert

PDF Expert lets you merge many PDF files into a single file without having to open each one. If you need to rearrange the pages in your new file, you may do it by hand.

Note: PDF Expert's subscription-based edition includes the ability to combine several PDF files. If you've already purchased PDF Expert 6, you don't need to renew your license to continue merging PDFs.

Here is how to merge PDFs on Mac with PDF Expert:

  1. Open the PDF Expert application.
  2. Go to File > Merge Files and choose the desired files to be combined.
  3. Make a list of the files you'd want to integrate (hold Shift to select multiple files).
  4. By clicking on the "Merge" button, you will finish the task. It's done!
merge pdf mac

Alternatively, you might combine multiple PDFs into one on Mac by doing this:

  1. The same as above, you should open the PDF Expert application first.
  2. Start by launching one of the files you'll be combining.
  3. Navigate to the Page Management tab and select the "Append file" option.
  4. Then you can select one or more PDF documents from your computer, which will be merged into one PDF.
combine pdf mac

Way 5. How to Join PDFs on Mac with PDFsam

Using PDFSam Enhanced, you may create a single PDF document from multiple file kinds at once.

Here's how to combine multiple pdfs into one on Mac:

  1. Go to the "CREATE" module by clicking on it after opening your PDF file.
  2. Select "Merge Files". The window for merging files will pop up.
  3. Using the "Add Files" option, pick the files you want to merge. By selecting "Add folder", you may also add all of the files in a specific folder. You now have access to your computer and may begin selecting files. The "Add Opened Files" option allows you to select from any open PDF files in PDFSam Enhanced. Once you've completed this step for all of your files, a new list will appear underneath the File Name with their names.
  4. The up and down arrows can be used to reorder the documents after they are listed in the center of the window. The order in which they appear in this window will be the order in which they are merged into a PDF document. Using the Delete options, you may remove a single file or an entire folder from the list.
  5. Press the "Merge" button when you're ready to merge your files.
  6. A new file will open after the merging procedure is complete.
how to combine pdfs on mac

Way 6. How to Merge PDFs on Mac using Finer

You may also merge your PDF files on Mac directly in the Finder if you prefer that method.

Here's how it's done, step by step:

  1. Open the folder holding the PDF files that you wish to merge and select the respective PDFs from the list that appears.
  2. Go to "Quick Actions" by right-clicking on your selected files.
  3. Create a PDF by clicking the "Create PDF" button.
  4. Once the two PDFs have been combined into one, you can organize the pages and order the pages.

Note: this method will work when the files you want to merge are in the format of images or PDFs. It can help you merge other types of files, such as Word, Excel, etc.


Here, we have picked 6 ways on How to Combine PDF Files on Mac. You can choose any of the ways introduced above. However, we highly recommend you use UPDF as it can meet all your requirements to merge PDF files into one. Moreover, you can edit PDFs, organize PDF pages, annotate PDFs, or do any operations per your requirements.

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