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How to Extract Images from PDF on Mac

Macintosh is a series of hi-tech computers from Apple. With its quick processing and GUI interface, it can easily handle tasks such as downloading softwares, copying files, or displaying high-quality movies and shows. Similarly, if you want to extract image from PDF on Mac, you need to use the best and free PDF editor - UPDF.

Why Extract Images from PDF on Mac?

Image processing tools are essential for various professionals, including designers, editors, and photographers. To keep pictures safe from copyright infringements, distortion, or misuse, they can be stored in a safe place, whether on a PC or Cloud services.

1. Wide usage

If you are a busy professional who has to manage and sort loads of images from different file formats, it is optimal to use an image-extracting tool. After taking out the pictures from PDF or any other format, you can use them for different purposes, such as assignments, research journals, or displays.

2. Replace images

Working on your PDF files may get a bit frustrating if the image you have placed on it requires a change. It can be due to many reasons, such as distortion, irrelevancy, or misplacement. Use reliable software like UPDF Editor and edit and replace the image with ease.

extract images from pdf mac

Problems while Replacing Images in PDF

Q. Is there a way to improve the quality of an image in PDF?

A. Many issues can reduce the quality of an image. One of them is the settings of the PC or laptop. Go to the "Convert to PDF" area in your Acrobat settings, pick PNG as the format, and click the "Edit Settings" button. Now, you will be able to change how a PNG image is fixed. Also, if your system is set to jpeg compression with a low to medium quality level, convert the images into a zip file. This way, the quality will remain the same. 

Q. We are trying to extract images from PDF but not getting individual images.

A. Please take care that you cannot augment numerous images into a single one because they are separately stored in the PDF's collection. However, you can capture a specific image by giving the dimensions and saving it as an image file. Try following different code snippets for a change. 

How to Extract Images from PDF on Mac with UPDF

If you are in a dilemma of selecting the most optimal image-extraction tool, you need to use UPDF. It is a user-friendly software that edits text and images on Windows and Mac devices in a PDF. You can also read, organize and annotate PDF files through it. Add shapes, crop images, and extract PDF pages with the help of snap-to guidelines.

Image extraction from PDF on Mac is an easy process through UPDF. Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that your pictures are saved on a PC or laptop without hassles.

Step 1: Open PDF

Click the "Open File" button on the editor's main screen. Select the PDF document on your computer to save it.

macos extract images from pdf

Alternatively, you can drag the PDF document into the interface and this will open your PDF too.

Step 2: Get into the Editing mode

Press the "Edit" button on the toolbar to start using the Editing mode. You will also have the editing tools to work out the process.

export images from pdf mac

Step 3: Extract Image from PDF

When you click the image, you will see a purple borderline and four options lined up in front of it. Select the 'Extract' icon, or you can right-click on the image and then press 'Extract.'

The 'Save' window will open through both options. You can choose the desired location and click 'OK.' This is how you extract image from PDF on Mac.

extract images from pdf mac

Apart from the current features, UPDF is also launching its upcoming features soon. Some of them include the OCR function, converting PDF files into different formats, and protecting the file and data with enterprise-grade security. Also, there is multilingual support for better Optical Character Recognition. 

Video Guide on How to Extract Images from PDF on Mac

How to Extract Image from PDF with Mac Preview

Through Preview Mac, you can easily extract the entire image or part of it. Also, you can remove the background and any other discrepancy that is present in it.

  • Extract an Image from PDF on Mac

Step 1: Go to the Markup toolbar

Click the Show Markup Toolbar button and select the Smart Lasso tool from the Selection Tools menu.

Step 2: Trace the image

Ensure that the image's edge is within the thick border as you trace. Stop dragging the border in a straight line back to the beginning, or you can connect the border's end to its beginning.

Step 3: Copy the image

To replicate the image and paste it into a document, select Edit and then Copy from the menu bar. To get rid of anything extra, press Delete after selecting Crop or Edit and then Invert Selection.

  • Extract the PDF page as an image on Mac

Step 1: Open the PDF file 

Open the file in the Preview software on your Mac, pick View, and then Thumbnails. After that, select the page in the thumbnail sidebar.

Step 2: Select File & Export, give it a name

Select an image format from the Format pop-up menu, such as PNG. Name and tag it if necessary.

export pdf as image in preview

Step 3: Save the file

Image conversion is necessary for professionals, such as engineers, photographers, and designers. One of the most efficient tools you can use for it is UPDF. It is advanced software that offers many features, such as editing, annotating, organizing, and reading PDFs. It will be equipped with OCR and high-level security options in its updates.

So, download it today and start your image editing process!