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How to Extract Images from PDF on Mac

Macintosh is a series of hi-tech computers from Apple. With its quick processing and GUI interface, it can easily handle tasks such as downloading software, copying files, or displaying high-quality movies and shows. Similarly, if you want to extract images from PDF on Mac, you need to use the best PDF editor.

How to Extract Images from PDF on Mac

If you are in a dilemma of selecting the most optimal PDF image extraction tool, you must use UPDF. It is a user-friendly software that edits text and images in a PDF on Mac and Windows devices. You can also read, organize, convert and annotate PDF files through it.

Image extraction from PDF on Mac is an easy process through UPDF. Follow the steps mentioned below to ensure that your pictures are saved on a PC or laptop without hassles.

Step 1: Open a PDF

Click the "Open File" button on the editor's main screen. Select the PDF document on your computer to save it.

macos extract images from pdf

Alternatively, you can drag the PDF document into the interface and this will open your PDF too.

Step 2: Get into the Editing mode

Press the "Edit Text & Images" button on the left toolbar to start using the Editing mode. You will also have the editing tools to work out the process.

export images from pdf mac

Step 3: Extract Images from PDFs

When you click the image, you will see a purple borderline and four options lined up in front of it. Select the 'Extract' icon.

The 'Save' window will open through both options. You can choose the desired location and click 'Save.' This is how you extract images from PDF on Mac.

extract images from pdf mac

Apart from using the Extract icon, you can also use the "Right-Click" panel to help you extract images from PDF on Mac. You can use the "two-finger" click to reveal the panel and choose the "Extract Image" option.

extract image from pdf on mac

Above are the simple steps to extract images from PDF on Mac. If you are a Windows user, UPDF can help you, check the guide on extracting images from PDFs on Windows.

Video Guide on How to Extract Images from PDF on Mac

Why Extract Images from PDF on Mac?

Extracting images from a PDF file can help you in various aspects. To know some of the common reasons for extracting images from PDF on Mac, read this section:

1. Using Mind Maps

Many times instructor provides important mind maps in the form of a PDF file. Students may need to use these mind maps to add them to their academic notes. Creating mind maps from scratch can be both time-consuming and difficult. However, if you would extract the mind map images from a PDF file provided by your instructor, it can save you time. Using the UPDF extracting feature, you can instantly use the mindmap in your academic notes.

2. Adding Figures and Diagrams in Research Papers

Scientific diagrams, figures, and graphs are necessary to provide factual information in research papers. Such diagrams and figures are always available in PDF format. If you want to support your argument in your research paper, you can use figures and diagrams offered in PDF files. Here, an extracting PDF tool like UPDF can help you instantly extract the desired graphs and figures.

3. Maintaining the Quality of Images

If you are a professional photographer, you may need to send photos of your client frequently. If you try to send the images using WhatsApp, it can distort the quality and resolution of the photos. However, you can still send your high-resolution pictures to your clients in a PDF format. Afterward, your client can extract images from your provided PDF file to use them further.

4. Using the Images of E-commerce Products

To market and promote your e-commerce products, you would need their high-quality photos. Many times, the clients you are dealing with provide the product images in a PDF file. Using the UPDF extraction feature, you can easily extract images from the PDF file and add them to your client's e-commerce store. This will help you to promote the products and enhance your personal portfolio.

extract images from pdf mac

FAQs on Extracting Images from PDF on Mac

Can I extract images from a PDF file on Mac?

Yes, you can extract the images from a PDF file on Mac using the UPDF PDF editor. You have to first enable the "Edit Text & Images" mode on UPDF and then select the image you want to extract. Afterward, select the "Extract" tool from the toolbar that will appear on your screen. Next, select the destination and rename the image name to save it successfully.

How do I extract high-quality images from a PDF on Mac?

To extract the images in high quality from a PDF file, you have to use the robust PDF editing tools offered by UPDF. The extraction feature of this PDF editor will help you extract the images in high quality. You just have to enable the "Editing" mode on this PDF editor to select the image for extraction. You can also set the destination and file name by yourself for the extracted image.

Can I use Preview on Mac to extract photos from a PDF file?

Preview is a built-in PDF editor available for Mac users. It's a decent tool for adding some basic modifications to your PDF file. However, this default PDF tool is not capable of performing advanced functions such as extracting images from a PDF file. If you are willing to extract images from a PDF file on Mac, UPDF is the most compatible tool. Using UPDF, you can instantly extract photos from PDF files without harming their original quality.

We are trying to extract images from PDF but not getting individual images.

To extract individual images from PDF, you need to go to the "Edit" mode in UPDF, select the image you want to extract, and click the "Extract" icon. You can then select the storage for the image and then click "Save".

Extracting images from PDFs is necessary for professionals, such as engineers, photographers, and designers. One of the most efficient PDF editors you can use for it is UPDF. It is advanced software that offers many features, such as editing, annotating, organizing, and reading PDFs. It will be equipped with OCR and high-level security options in its updates.

So, download it today and start your image editing process!