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Learn How to Write on a PDF on Mac (macOS Sonoma Compatible)

How to write on a PDF Mac? As a macOS user, you've probably asked yourself this question at some point. The answer is very simple - use UPDF! Why? Because it is a utility with an attractive design, and rich features, and is super-easy to use. All it takes is just a few steps to learn how to write on a PDF document on Mac.

Method 1. How to Write on a PDF File on Mac (Text as Note)

UPDF for Mac can be quickly downloaded from the website and installed in a matter of minutes. Once you launch the application, you'll immediately see the fun element in the design for you to annotate and edit PDFs. The colors really pop out and grab your attention, while the powerful features lie underneath waiting for you to start writing on PDF on Mac.

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how to write on a pdf mac

Moreover, since it's a very young product, you'll see a ton of new features being added to each new iteration. For now, you can enjoy PDF text, image, and link editing, PDF annotations, and PDF page management. You can also use deeper functionality in the form of file conversion, PDF security, file optimization, form management, OCR, and a lot more. Let's begin by learning how to write in a PDF on Mac using this PDF editor.

Step-by-Step Guide on Writing on PDF Mac

If you want to know how to write on a PDF document on Mac, all you need to do is launch UPDF and get started right away. Let's look at the steps involved in doing this.

Step 1: Open the File

There are two ways to open a PDF file in UPDF.

The first method is to drag the file from its folder and drop it into the UPDF interface.

Another option is to click "Open File" and import it that way.

Step 2: How to Write on PDF Mac (as a Note)

At the left of the UPDF window, click the "Comment" tab.

how to write on pdf file on mac

You are now in annotation mode in UPDF. Choose a type of text annotation from the options you see - "Typewriter", "Sticky Note", "Text Callout", or a simple "Text Box".

Once the icon has been clicked on and activated, just click on the document where you want to place the text annotation.

You can now start writing on PDF Mac using your keyboard.

how to write on a pdf document

The annotation can be moved around once you're done, and you can even change the attributes of the text annotation by right-clicking and choosing the "Properties" option, where you can control various parameters such as font, border, fill, and color.

In addition to text annotations, you can markup text parts, draw freehand, and add geometric shapes to your PDF file.

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Method 2. How to Write on a PDF Document on Mac (Text as PDF Body)

If you need to modify the text in a PDF file, you can use the "Edit PDF" tab instead of the "Comment" tab. This puts UPDF into editing mode, where you can modify existing content, overwrite the current text, add new text to a paragraph, and so on. Let's see how to do this.

Step 1: Open the PDF

As before, open the file using one of the two options available to you, as explained above.

Step 2: Enter Edit Mode

Click the "Edit PDF" tab to go into PDF editing mode in UPDF.

how to write on a pdf document on mac

Clicking on any element in a PDF file will make it editable.

Click a paragraph of text or just a single sentence block.

how to write on a pdf document on mac

Step 3: How Do I Write on a PDF

Clicking on the selected text element will reveal the cursor, which will blink as in any text editor. Start typing in the new text, and you'll notice that the font exactly matches the original text. This is because of intelligent font detection, a very important feature for any PDF editor.

Writing on a PDF Mac is also possible using the "Text" option inside the "Edit PDF" Mode. Simply click the "Text" icon and click anywhere in the document where the text must go.

how to write on a pdf document on mac

Start writing on your PDF using the keyboard.

When you finish, click outside the box, after which you can resize or reposition it any way you want.

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Important Tips for How to Write on a PDF Mac

Tip #1: When editing a PDF to add text or simply writing on a PDF Mac using the Markup Mode, remember to save your file once the edits or additions are complete. This way, you can ensure that none of your changes are lost.

Tip #2: Another important tip would be to save a copy of the original file under a different name and then start your editing or write-on-PDF process. In case you need to revert to the original, you can use the Undo button, but the easier way is to keep the original as it is so you can copy-paste content from there or even use it for quick reference purposes.


Now that we've learned how to write on a PDF document on Mac, you can use UPDF for any type of PDF annotation or editing. It's a very handy tool that's also lightweight and simple to use.

Moreover, as new iterations are released, you can gradually start enjoying more advanced features such as file conversion, OCR, and a whole lot more. Even with the core editing, annotation, and page management features, you can do a lot, such as extracting pages to create a new PDF, reordering the pages in a different sequence, removing or adding pages to the main document, and even rotating the pages so all of them have the same landscape or portrait orientation or any combination that you need. Start using UPDF today, and enjoy a premium PDF experience at zero cost to you!

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