How to Convert PDF to PNG on Mac

With a plethora of conversion software being released in the market, it's a massive search hunt to find the most convenient one for a Mac or its earlier versions. You would probably require one that is easy to download, quick to install, and works in an instant when converting files. Specifically speaking, if you need to convert PDF to PNG on Mac, you need to have a tool that helps you do so seamlessly.

In this blog, we will explain the conversion of two different files into PNG:

Best PDF to PNG Converter for Mac 

UPDF Converter is a multi-functional software that combines and organizes documents. It offers a cost-effective and handy approach due to its quick functioning and variety in converting PDF files.

This software helps transform PDF files into various formats, including doc, xls, ppt, xml, etc. In addition, it can also change the same extension into image files, such as jpg, png, and bmp. The interface and process of using this software are simple; it is also proficient at handling batch-wise files. 

convert pdf to png mac

Here are some of its advantages.  

  • Accurate Conversion: It will convert your PDF document with high quality. It converts PDF to PNG with high resolution and it converts PDF to other formats without losing the original formatting.
  • Advanced OCR Feature: it embeds a smart OCR feature and you can extract the text from image-based PDF and scanned PDF documents. The OCR feature supports over 20 languages and you can set the languages for accurate OCR conversion.
  • Convert Protected PDF: if you have a protected PDF document, you can convert the encrypted PDF too and UPDF Converter will unlock it automatically.
  • High Levels of Security: UPDF Converter offers tough safety measures and protects your data by enterprise-grade encryption to ensure data security and privacy at all times. In other words, no data can be shared with third-party sources without the user's consent.

How To Convert PDF To PNG On Mac   

Using the UPDF Converter to change the formats PDF to PNG on Mac is a great way to save time. All you have to do is attach the relevant files and convert them. Let us show you how.

Step 1: Import the PDF Document

When we open the application, the interface provides us with some space to add files from our Mac. Use the 'Add File' button to import the PDF files. Ensure that the file is not corrupt or irrelevant to the whole conversion process.

pdf to png mac

Step 2: Select PNG as the Output Format

After adding the files to the queue, you can select the format from the right-hand side. For now, the preferred format is 'Image' and then 'PNG'.  This will help you convert PDF to PNG on Mac.

mac pdf to png

Step 3: Convert PDF to PNG on Mac

When all of your files are ready for conversion, click the "Go" button and convert the PDF documents into PNG on your Mac.

mac convert pdf to png

How To Convert Scanned PDF To PNG On Mac

The difference between an ordinary PDF and a scanned PDF is no more than a document going through a scanner and appearing on the screen. This particular file is then converted into other file formats, as desired by the user. If you want to convert PDF to PNG on Mac, you will have to go through some steps.

Step 1: Add Scanned PDF Document

To initiate the import, you will have to search for the scanned PDF files on your PC. Upon selecting them, use the 'Add Files' button to fetch the documents. Apart from this, you can also use the drag 'n' drop option to add them to the queue.

pdf to png on mac

Step 2: Enable OCR

To enable OCR, you can click on the three vertical dots next to the document. This will reveal the OCR setting panel. It presents on the right side of the panel. Turn on the option and then choose the language for the OCR conversion.

convert pdf to png mac

After all the OCR settings, close the panel.

Step 3: Convert Scanned PDF to PNG on Mac

Next, choose the output file format in which you want to convert the files. In this guide, we require the 'Image' > 'PNG' format.

Click the 'Go' button to start. The files will then be saved in the folder it will be specified for.


On an ending note, we would recommend the UPDF Converter for you, especially when using a Mac. It is user-friendly and smart software that works well for different files, including images, presentations, web files, etc. So, download the UPDF software and enjoy its features if you wish to convert PDF to PNG on Mac.