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How to Convert PNG/JPG to PDF on Mac

There are many PDF converters available on the internet, but most of them are designed for Windows users. If you are a Mac user, then you will find it difficult to convert your images to PDFs. However, there are still some software that is specially designed for Mac users. This article will introduce different methods on how to convert JPG and PNG files to PDF on Mac.

Method 1: How to Convert JPG to PDF on Mac

UPDF is an all-in-one PDF solution for everyone! Editing, annotating, OCR, and managing PDFs are some features that make UPDF great. Along with these features, UPDF offers a great platform for converting images to PDF on a Mac. What's more? It lets you edit the converted PDF files with an easy-to-use interface.

There are different methods for converting an image to a PDF on Mac. The first method uses a blank canvas and an upload image tool. Carefully follow the following steps for a successful conversion.

Step 1: Create a blank PDF

On your device, you must first download the most recent version of UPDF, install it, and then launch it. Click on File and select Create. After that, choose Blank Page.

Name the new PDF file and choose a folder for it. This should create a blank canvas for you to work on.

how to convert jpg to pdf on mac

Step 2: Add the Image to the PDF

  • Upload or add an image to the PDF in Edit mode by clicking the Edit PDF tool located in the left toolbar.
  • After that, click on the Image icon and choose the image you want to add. You can also drag the image into the PDF document directly
jpg to pdf mac

Step 3: Save the PDF Document

After you add the image to your PDF file, you can now go to the File and then press Save to save it.

convert jpg to pdf mac

Method 2: How to Convert Scanned Image to Editable PDF on Mac

UPDF also allows you to convert scanned images to editable PDFs on Mac using the OCR feature. This is an amazing tool that reads the text in the image.

Step 1. Go to the "OCR" button

To start scanning images and reading their texts, click the OCR button on the right toolbar.

mac create pdf from images

Step 2. Set Layout, Language for the OCR Process

For better results, you can set the layout and language. This will give a more accurate result. This tool supports 38 languages and three output layouts:

  • Text and pictures only: By selecting this mode, you will get text and pictures only and the file size will be smaller. The output layout may be different from the original one. You can search and edit the text in the output PDF file.
  • Text over the page image: To maintain the layout of the original file, there will be a transparency page image under the text in this mode. You can search and edit the text in the output PDF file. This mode is most recommended.
  • Text under the page image: By selecting this mode, the transparency page image will be over the text, so you can only search for text but not edit the text.
how to convert png to pdf on mac

Step 3: Recognize Text in the Image

After you set all the properties for the OCR feature, you need to click the Perform OCR button. The conversion will begin, and it will grant the user a recognized text from the image.

convert image to pdf on mac

Method 3: How to Convert an Image to PDF on Mac by Capture

The Capture feature lets you directly create PDFs after taking a snippet of your screen. This comes in three modes to better fit your specific needs. All three modes are ideal for how to make a photo a PDF on mac.

The Selection Capture will let you capture a determined part of your screen. The Windows Capture will encapsulate an entire window application. Lastly, the Screen Capture will snap your entire screen.

Step 1: Create PDF from Images on Mac

Just like the first step in Method 1, it is necessary to download and install UPDF before proceeding. Next, click on File and choose to Create.

Alternatively, you can click the UPDF icon on the menu bar right above your Mac's screen. It also includes the creation feature.

how to convert photo to pdf on mac

Step 2: Choose Capture Mode

In Create, choose either PDF from Selection Capture, PDF from Windows Capture, or PDF from Screen Capture.

PDF from Selection Capture

  • Guide the cropping tool to your desired part of your screen by dragging it
  • Release your mouse hold to finish

PDF from Windows Capture

  • Select the window you want to be captured

PDF from Screen Capture

  • UPDF will capture your entire screen
how to make a photo a pdf on mac

Method 4: Converting JPGs to PDFs on Mac using Apple Preview

Apple Preview and Adobe Acrobat are some of the popular PDF converter applications that are popular and widely used. Let's take a look at how they convert images to PDFs on mac and how they differ from UPDF.

Apple Preview is free software that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. Just like UPDF, Preview can convert images to pdf on mac. Here are the steps in converting an image to PDF on mac using Preview

Step 1: Open the image and export

Open the file in the Mac's Preview software, then select File > Export.

Step 2: Choose PDF as the file format

Select PDF from the Format pop-up menu by clicking it.

Apple Preview is a great tool for converting images to PDFs, but it does have some disadvantages.

The first disadvantage of Apple Preview is that it can only convert one image at a time. Unlike UPDF, if you want to convert multiple images into PDFs, you will have to go through the process multiple times. UPDF has a great way of uploading multiple images into one blank PDF canvas. 

The second disadvantage of Apple Preview is that it does not allow for any editing once an image has been converted into a pdf. This means that if there are mistakes in the text or other elements of the image, you will not be able to edit them and will need to start over from scratch. UPDF has multiple features that let you edit your PDFs. Mistakes in images after conversion would not be a problem for its features.

Method 5: Converting JPGs to a PDF on Mac using Adobe Acrobat

Adobe acrobat pdf converter is a free application that you can use to convert your image files into pdf files. This application can be downloaded and installed on your computer.

Adobe acrobat pdf converter will allow you to convert any type of image file, like jpg, png, and more. The following steps show how to convert photos to PDF on mac using Adobe acrobat.

Step 1: Create PDF

Install and open Acrobat and click on "Tool" and then choose the "Create PDF" tool.

Step 2: Convert JPG to PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

Select the photo you want to convert by clicking on the "Select a File" area.

Finish creating the PDF by clicking on "Create"

jpg to pdf mac adobe acrobat

The biggest disadvantage of Adobe Acrobat is that it's too expensive. Having to pay $239.88 per year is too much given that you can get a better PDF converter using UPDF for only $29.99. Aside from this, their user interface is not user-friendly and is quite difficult to navigate if you're a new user.


When choosing a PDF conversion service, your main considerations should be whether they have the capability to handle your specific needs and whether they are a trustworthy service provider. In order to choose the right solution for your needs, it is a good idea to compare different products to find the one that best fits your needs.

An overview of the process for converting photos to PDF format is given in this article. UPDF and other offline solutions are among the greatest options available because of their wide range of features and vast functionality. In order to assist you to choose the finest product on the market, this article also compared UPDF to two other well-known PDF converters to show how UPDF addresses the drawbacks of the other two.

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