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How to Add an Image to a PDF? (The Complete Guide)

Do you want to enhance the visual appeal and value of your PDF files? Or perhaps you would like to secure it by incorporating a watermark in its pages? You can add images to PDF files to do this. There are different methods to add images to PDF files.

These methods are:

  1. Image Feature
  2. Attachment Feature
  3. Link Feature
  4. Background Feature
  5. Signature Feature
  6. Watermark Feature

Performing these actions will require a reliable PDF editor tool that is capable of addressing different methods of adding images to PDF files. And UPDF is the one you need. It has all features you need to add images to PDF and to edit PDF files.

To experience the full range of features and capabilities for adding images to PDFs, download UPDF by clicking the below button.

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Part 1. Add a Photo to a PDF with Image Feature

Whenever you need to enhance PDF documentation, such as adding a company logo, product photo, or relevant graphic to formal documents, or customize reports by adding charts or graphs, and develop visual aids in PDF files, you can add a photo through its image feature.

Here is how you can add an image to a PDF online:

  • Launch the UPDF software on your computer after downloading it from  the above button.
  • Open the PDF file to which you want to add the photo.
  • Go to "Edit PDF" on the left side toolbar
  • Then select Image
add image to PDF with image feature in UPDF
  • Note: You can adjust the inserted image, by placing your cursor in the selected image, this will prompt resizing of the image.
edit the image in the PDF with image feature in UPDF

Part 2. Insert Image to PDF with Attachment Feature

The attachment feature is ideal in situations where you need to supplement information and additional resources on the PDF file. It gives you the capability to include high-resolution images, diagrams, and figures related to the file.

With UPDF, you can also easily to add image to PDF in attachment format. Just click the below button to download UPDF and follow the below guide to do it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Here is how you can do it with UPDF:

  • Open UPDF then open the PDF file you want to put an attachment
  • Click Comment on the left side toolbar
  • Hover the cursor at the top menu of the UPDF and select "Attach File". You can select the attachment type and customize its color and opacity.
insert the image to PDF with UPDF's attachment feature
  • Click at the area of the PDF file where you want to insert the image, then select the image you want to insert in the pop up window to add the image as attachment in PDF.

Part 3. Insert Image into PDF with Link Feature

Link features provide links to PDF documents that can point to other places with the information you need. 

You can also insert the image into PDF as a link if your image is very long or big. UPDF has a comprehensive method of doing this. Just download UPDF with the below button and follow the below guide.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

  • Open UPDF and select your PDF file by clicking "Open File" on the UPDF's interface,
  • Select "Edit PDF" on the left toolbar.
  • Select "Link", at the top toolbar.
  • Select the sentence, phrase, or word that you want to put the link to. And click on the "Link to Web"
add image to pdf insert image into pdf with link feature updf
  • Paste the image link and click on the properties to change its type, color, line thickness, etc.

Part 4. Add Background Image to PDF with Background Feature

If you want to add background image to PDF, you can also use UPDF to do that. Just click the below button to download UPDF and follow the below guide.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

  • Open UPDF and select your PDF file.
  • At the bottom left of the Menu toolbar, select "Page tools".
  • Then select "Background"
  • At the right side of UPDF, select Add
add  background image to PDF with UPDF
  • Click on the "Image", click on the three dots to select the image on your computer to upload them. Change the ratio of the background and opacity, then, click on the "Save" to insert the background image to PDF.
customize the settings to insert the background image to PDF with UPDF.

Part 5. Add a Signature Image to the PDF With the Signature Feature

Adding a signature image to a PDF document helps guarantee that the document is official.

Here is how you can add a signature image to a PDF using UPDF.

  • If you still do not have UPDF on your computer, you can click the below button to download UPDF on your computer. Then, double click on the desktop icon to launch it. Click on the "Open file" in the home interface and select your PDF file to open in the UPDF.
  • Go to Comment at the Menu bar.
  • Select the "Signature" icon at the top side of the toolbar.
  • Select Create.
select the create to create signature in UPDF
  • Now,  click on the "Image" icon in the pop up window, select "Choose File" to upload the image you want to insert from your computer. Now, you can crop the image, just  drag the  blue  line and click on the "Crop". You can  click on the "Create" to insert the signature image to the PDF per your requirement.
choose the image to insert the signature image to PDF with UPDF

Part 6. Add Watermark Image to PDF With Watermark Feature

Adding a watermark on a PDF document helps secure your ownership of the PDF file.

Putting a watermark using UPDF is possible with these steps.

  • Open UPDF and select your PDF file
  • Select "Page Tools"
  • Select Watermark
  • Click Add, on the right side.
click on the "Add" to add watermark image to PDF with UPDF
  • Select Image.
  • Click on the three dots that appear on a horizontal line.
  • Then select your brand image.
  • Now, you can change the ratio of the watermark, opacity, or choose the type to add titled watermark. Click on the "Save" to add the image watermark to PDF successfully.
add image watermark to PDF with UDPF

Aside from adding images to PDF files, UPDF has tons of features that allow you to handle your PDF file. Here are some of the key features:

  1. UPDF AI with GPT-4 powered, which is capable of summarizing, translating, explaining, and rewriting your PDF files, getting work done faster!
  2. Edit PDF text, images, and links. You can also add new content to PDF files.
  3. Annotate PDF files to help you comment the PDF with adding sticky notes, pencil, stickers, and more.
  4. OCR PDF to convert your scanned PDF and image only PDF files to editable one.
  5. Convert PDF to convert PDF from or to other formats.
  6. Batch process to save your time to encrypt, print, convert, create, add bates numbering, compress PDF files.
  7. And more.

You can know more about this through this video:

Part 7. FAQS About Adding an Image to a PDF

Q1. How to Add an Image in the Header and Footer in PDF?

Although there is no actual option to add images to the Header and Footer sections, there is still a workaround on how to achieve this.

Here is how to add images in the header and footer: Open UPDF, Select the PDF file you want to edit, On the Menu section, select Edit. Then click on Image. Select the Image you want to put in the PDF file. Position the image in the header or Footer. You can adjust the size of the image to make it match your requirement.

Q2. How to Add Image to PDF Online?

You can use iLovePDF to add image to PDF online. Just click here to visit the iLovePDF online tool, click on the "Select PDF File" > "Add Image". Now, adjust the image size and position. Click on the "Edit PDF" and it will be downloaded to your computer automatically.

Q3. How to Add an Image to PDF in Preview?

To add an image to PDF in Preview, you need to click to select the PDF file, right click on the "Open With" > "Preview", then, find the image you want to insert the image to, right click on it to select "Open with" > "Preview", hold on "Command +A" to select the image, press "command + C", now, open the preview with the PDF you need, select the page you want to add the image to PDF, press "Command + V" to paste the image to the PDF with preview successfully.

Q4. How to Add an Image Field to PDF Form?

You can follow the steps below to add the image field to the PDF form.

Open UPDF.

Select the PDF file you want to edit. On the left Main Menu tap on Prepare Form. Then click on the Image Icon, that indicates Add Image Field. You can then select the area where you want to add the image field.

Q5. How to Add Image to All PDF Pages?

To add images to all the pages of your PDF document, you can open the UPDF and select the PDF you want to edit. Once you have it, you can click on the Edit PDF menu, click on the Image icon, then select the image from your device then insert the image to one page. To add image to all PDF pages, you need to copy the image, then, paste it to all pages one by one.

Final Words

Now, you know how to add image to PDF files. Whether you want to add the normal image to PDF, add it as link, add it as the attachment, add background image, signature image or background image, you can have the method you need. And the tool used here is UPDF which has all the features you need to insert the image to PDF. Also it has many other features. You can  download UPDF via the below button    to  test it . if it is what you need, you can upgrade to pro version.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

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