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Top 5 Key Ubuntu PDF Editors to Use for Free

As a Linux user, you may already have a pretty capable way to open and read PDFs on your computer. The problem arises when you need to edit any aspect of a PDF document. If you are looking to change the content, pages, and images on a PDF document, you will need a reliable Ubuntu PDF editor to help you do that.

The capabilities and features that the editor needs to have will depend on exactly the kind of editing you need. But the following list of top Ubuntu PDF editors should have what you need.

Top 5 Ubuntu PDF Editor for You to Use

1. LibreOffice Draw

LibreOffice Draw provides a simple and effective way to edit PDF files. But while you may find it very useful when you want to change the text content on your document, it is limited to only text editing, meaning that it will not be able to help you with any other aspects such as editing pages and images in the document.

ubuntu pdf editor

But as an open-source solution, LibreOffice Draw will always be free and easily accessible. Once it is installed, you can change the text on the document by deleting exiting text or adding new text.


  • You can edit the text in the file by adding or removing text from the document
  • Manipulate existing text by changing the font size, font style, and even positioning of the text
  • It can be used to create PDFs


  • It will only edit the text and may not be useful for any other purpose

2. Okular

Okular is another free and simple to use Ubuntu PDF editor that you may find very useful if you are looking to edit PDF documents on Linux. Developed by KDE, Okular is an advanced PDF reader that also comes with basic editing features, ideal for making simple changes to your PDF.

free pdf editor ubuntu

One of the best things about choosing Okular over others is the number of annotation features that you will get. Under the "Reviews" section of the program, you get various annotation options including popup notes, highlighter, stamps, and even inline notes.


  • It has powerful and user-friendly annotation capabilities
  • You can use it for basic text editing
  • It has a simple user interface
  • It is completely free


  • It is not equipped to facilitate advanced editing

3. Scribus

While Scribus is not a Ubuntu PDF editor, it does have features that may help you make small changes to the text of any PDF document. It is particularly ideal as a PDF reader with some annotation functions including the ability to highlight large blocks of text.

best pdf editor ubuntu

In terms of editing the text on a PDF document, you are fairly limited to adding text boxes and other elements. You can also simply move the existing text to a different section of the document or delete the text. But you may find it very hard to add new text in PDF or make significant alterations to other aspects of the document.


  • It is free and very easy to use
  • You can highlight, move and delete texts


  • It lacks any kind of advanced editing features

4. Qoppa PDF Studio

If you are looking for a complete Ubuntu PDF editor with all the necessary features to help you edit any PDF document, Qoppa PDF studio is the best option. It comes with a free trial version that may allow you to edit certain aspects of the PDF for free, but many of the advanced features will only be accessible once you purchase a subscription.

ubuntu pdf editor

And while it may not be free, Qoppa PDF Studio is certainly worth the cost. You can easily edit all the text on your document and even add new text. It is also a good way to edit other non-text elements of the document including the shapes and objects. It also has additional advanced features including security features that you can use to add a signature or password to the document.


  • It will edit all aspects of the PDF document including the text, shapes, and other objects on the documents
  • Has advanced features like signature and password-protection
  • You can use it to add text to an existing document


  • There is a free trial but you will have to purchase a subscription to access all features

5. Master PDF Editor

Master PDF Editor is another great advanced PDF editing solution for Ubuntu. With this Ubuntu PDF editor, you can make as many changes to the PDF document as you want, including adding and removing text and images from the documents. It even has an OCR function that allows you to edit scanned PDF documents.

pdf editor ubuntu 20.04

This PDF editor cab allows you to merge and split PDF pages, create and edit bookmarks and even add a digital signature to the PDF document.


  • It can be used to edit all aspects of the PDF document including text, images, and objects
  • It has advanced features like signature and OCR
  • It has a simple user interface


  • It is not a free program and you have to purchase a subscription to use it.

The Best PDF Editor for Mac and Windows

The best way to create, edit and manage all aspects of any PDF document on your Mac or PC is UPDF editor. This is a simple to use, but highly effective way to make changes to a PDF document or even change the font and color of the text in PDF. It is also completely free to use.

ubuntu pdf editor

Here are some of the things it can do:

  • Edit PDF text and images in all ways including adding new text and images to the document.
  • Annotate a PDF in numerous ways including highlighting, underlining, adding notes, and more.
  • Add bookmarks to PDF documents as per your requirements.
  • Read PDF documents with multiple reading modes. You can view multiple PDFs with it too.
  • It supports Windows and Mac versions.
  • It is a collaboration tool too, and you can share your PDF with others by a link.
  • It has a young and beautiful interface.
  • Organize pages in PDF document. You can add, delete, rotate, and extract pages in PDF easily.
  • It is a completely free PDF editor that is open to every personal user.

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