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Adobe Flatten PDF: Next-Level Flattening Guide With Adobe Tools

PDF files, especially fillable forms or documents, are widely shared over the internet. However, while generating a PDF file, you might have noticed that a PDF file is based on multiple layers. It is where the need to flatten a PDF occurs in order to organize your data on a single layer to limit user interaction. PDF is also flattened to secure the data on the file so that no one can alter it.

This article will cover how to efficiently flatten PDFs in Adobe Acrobat, along with a user-friendly and robust alternative to flatten PDF files.

How to Flatten a PDF with the Best Acrobat Alternative

Before delving into the steps for flattening a PDF with Adobe Acrobat, it's important to be aware of several limitations associated with this tool:

  • The flatten feature is exclusive to the paid Pro version, which comes at a significant cost.
  • Adobe Acrobat's interface can be somewhat complex and less user-friendly.
  • It lacks options for flattening annotations, forms, watermarks, or cropped pages exclusively.

If you've taken note of these limitations and still wish to proceed with learning the steps, you can proceed directly to Part 2 for detailed instructions.

However, if you're seeking a more cost-effective and feature-rich alternative that overcomes these limitations, consider using UPDF. Much like Adobe Acrobat, UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor that also offers PDF flattening with a range of options.

Let's begin by downloading UPDF and getting started!

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Flatten PDF

Easy-to-Follow Guide for Flattening a PDF File on Acrobat Alternative - UPDF

Mentioned below is a simple three-step process to efficiently flatten a PDF file with UPDF without any risk of error or damage to the PDF:

Step 1: Add PDF File in UPDF

After launching UPDF, open the PDF file in UPDF by clicking on the "Open File" button displayed at the center of the screen.

Step 2: Save as a Flattened PDF

After opening the PDF, click on "Save as Other" from the right toolbar, and from the drop-down menu, select "Save as Flatten."

save as flatten pdf acrobat alternative

After that, you can select "Flatten Annotations and Forms", "Flatten Watermarks", and "Flatten Cropped Pages" as needed. Once selected, you can click the "Save As" button and choose a local folder to save the flattened file.

flatten pdf with adobe acrobat alternative and save

Video Tutorial on How to Flatten PDF

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How Can I Flatten a PDF with Adobe Acrobat DC?

Adobe Acrobat DC is a paid version that offers excellent tools and features to manage and organize your PDF files completely. Besides flattening a PDF file, it provides many other features such as the organization of pages, compression of PDF, addition of audio and video files in a PDF, high standard protection, and the ability to scan the PDF. Follow the below-mentioned steps to learn how to efficiently use Adobe Acrobat flatten PDF tool to flatten a PDF file:

Step 1: Select the "Print Production" Tool

Install Adobe Acrobat DC on your Mac or Windows and launch the software. From the "Tool" tab, scroll down or search for the feature "Print Production" from the search bar. Follow it up by clicking the "Add" button to import the PDF file on Acrobat DC.

flatten pdf acrobat

Step 2: Use the "Flattener Preview" Tool

After adding your PDF, tap on the "Flattener Preview" option from the right side of the panel. It will open up the "Flattener Preview" window with options to enter the number of pages manually, or you can also select the option of current pages or all pages along with the resolution of the flattened PDF file.

acrobat flatten pdf

Step 3: Flatten a PDF with Adobe Acrobat

After setting the page range, click the "Apply" option to apply the changes to the PDF file. Furthermore, click "Yes" on the pop-up dialog box. Next, select the location for the flattened PDF file and save it.

flatten pdf acrobat dc

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Can You Flatten a PDF with Adobe Reader?

No. Adobe Reader is a free version designed to handle the basic functions a user requires daily. The feature to flatten a PDF is not available on it as it is not a premium version of Adobe DC. The premium features to manage the PDF are only available in the paid version, such as Adobe Acrobat DC or Adobe Acrobat DC Pro.

To introduce Adobe Reader to DC to you more clearly, the following are some of the features that are offered across Adobe Reader:

  1. You can view and read PDF files of any size with a smooth experience.
  2. It allows you to print PDFs with custom settings.
  3. You can share PDFs with your friends or colleagues through email, along with the comments on the PDF file.

Compare UPDF with Adobe Acrobat

UPDFAdobe Acrobat DC
$155.88/Year for the Standard version
$239.88/Year for the Pro version
Optional Flatten WaysYesNo
PerformanceSuper HighHigh
Easy to Use4.93.9

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Final Words

In the following article, we discussed different tools such as Adobe Acrobat DC, a paid tool to edit, manage, organize, convert, and flatten PDFs in Adobe. However, UPDF stands to be the best PDF editor, which provides the best solution by offering premium features and tools.

Download UPDF today on your computer to flatten the PDF files seamlessly with a simple three-step process with zero risk of damage and corruption of your PDF file. Whether you want to edit, annotate, convert, or split a PDF file, UPDF is the number one solution for your PDF management.

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