How To Remove Text From PDF – Right Tools And Their Usage

PDF documents are always the best way to keep your content intact. It means the content you're creating on PDF can't be easily modified unless you have an extraordinary tool. 

Sometimes, after finalizing and saving the content in PDF format, you may face situations where you want to add more content or remove text from PDF documents. So, how would you tackle this kind of situation? In this article, we'll cover everything related to deleting text from PDFs so you can remove unwanted content from your documents.

The Best Tool to Remove Text/Erase Words from PDF

There are many free PDF editors available that let you add text to PDFs, however, not many tools allow you to remove the existing text from PDFs. Among all the PDF editors, UPDF for Windows and Mac is the best PDF editor that enables you to edit your PDF documents effortlessly. So, why would you go for expensive tools when you have a cost-effective tool? Let's explore more about UPDF in detail.

UPDF is like any other PDF editor that lets you modify PDF documents with freedom. Here are its main features:

  • It gives you the freedom to add new text, modify, copy, cut, paste, and delete text in PDF.
  • You can also edit text in PDF according to your needs, including font, font size, color, style, and typeface.
  • It also lets you add, edit, or remove images from your PDF file.
  • Add annotations to PDF. You can add sticky notes, text boxes, text comments, text callouts, highlights, underline, strikethrough, shapes, etc.
  • Rotate, insert, delete, replace, split, crop, and extract pages in PDF documents.
  • Advanced OCR feature to turn scanned PDF searchable and editable.
  • Convert PDF documents to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many other file formats.
  • Protect PDF via opening passwords and permission passwords.
  • Summarize, translate, explain, rewrite, and write PDF content with the ChatGPT-powered AI assistant.

As listed above, UPDF offers numerous practical features for PDF management at a significantly lower price compared to other mainstream PDF editors. The most important aspect is that it offers a free trial, which allows you to access nearly all the features. All you need to do is download it.

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How to Remove Text or Erase Words from PDF with UPDF

After going through the features of UPDF, you've decided to give it a try to remove text from PDF. UPDF provides different ways to erase words from PDFs according to the situation.

Situation 1. Remove a Specific Word/Sentence from a PDF

On the assumption that you want to erase several words or sentences from a PDF, then this method will work for you.

To learn the detailed steps, you can download UPDF from the below Download button first. Here's how it is done.

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Note: The steps to remove text from PDF using UPDF on Windows and Mac are the same.

Step 1: Enter the Editing Mode

Open UPDF. Click on the "Open File" button, and choose the PDF document from which you want to remove text from the PDF.

Click on the "Edit PDF" icon right at the left of the toolbar to enter the editing mode.

how to erase text in pdf

Step 2: Remove Text from the PDF

Now, click on the text you want to remove from your PDF. After clicking on the text, you'll see a purple line. That means you can now copy, delete, and edit the text. You can see your cursor on the text and you can use the Backspace key to delete text in PDF.

Alternatively, you can also select the texts you want to remove, and then right-click. You will see there is a "Delete" option to help you delete text from PDF.

how to remove text from pdf

Situation 2: Removing Words that Nearly Occupy an Entire Page in the PDF

For users interested in removing all the words from a PDF page, this method will serve the purpose. Just follow the steps outlined below:

  • Switch to the Organize Pages mode. It will show all the pages in the opened PDF.
  • Choose the page that you want to remove or delete, and click on the Trash icon from the top toolbar.
delete pages with windows
  • Save the PDF document.

That's it. Following these steps will result in the removal of all unwanted words and the specified page.

Situations Why You Need to Delete Text from PDF?

There can be many situations where you need to delete/remove text from a PDF. Let's take an example: you've just completed your presentation on a random project in a PDF document. 

Suddenly, your project manager or boss wants to add more stuff or remove a particular section. So, what would you do in such a scenario? Cursing your boss is not an option. You've to do whatever the boss says.

Another scenario is when you are giving it a look at your PDF file and find some inappropriate, unwanted, or private text that shouldn't be on your document and decide to delete text from a PDF. You'll think it's a piece of cake until you find out it can't be undone without an efficient PDF manager.

Remember, the text is an independent element in PDFs. You can't just remove text whenever you want. All you can do is make minor changes if your PDF lets you do it. To tackle this situation, you need to download a PDF manager like UPDF, which can let you modify your existing documents without extra work.

Humans are meant to make mistakes. No matter how qualified you are, there's always a chance of an error. That's why you should keep those things in your possession that minimize the error.


Well, there aren't many free applications available that provide the same features as UPDF provides. No doubt, Abode Acrobat DC is a good tool as a PDF manager, but it falls on the downside of their subscriptions. As every single day passes, the competition is getting stronger and stronger. What can you expect from users? Should they need to go with an expensive tool to remove text from PDFs? We don't think so when you've got an affordable tool like UPDF that provides precisely the same features. Get UPDF from the below Download button for a trial.

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