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How to Change Font in Adobe Acrobat and Its Free Alternative

PDF is a popular format both at personal and organizational levels. It is a format most people prefer since it guarantees data security by locking the document with passwords to prevent third-party access. However, the major challenge with PDF documents is that you cannot edit fonts without using PDF editors. Using the best tool enables you to change the fonts to ensure your document suits your requirement. One of the tools you can use is Adobe Acrobat. This article offers you a well-detailed guide on how to change the font in Adobe Acrobat and UPDF editor in your PDF document.

The Best Alternative to Adobe Acrobat

The best alternative to Adobe Acrobat when editing font is the UPDF editor. This is a simple tool unlike Adobe Acrobat you have to learn how to use it. You can make all the font changes you want in your PDF with no limitations involved. You can make changes to the font on all file formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, Plain Text, and others. You can delete, add, modify, or change all text properties you want on your PDF.

how to change font in adobe acrobat

UPDF editor enables you to annotate PDF files to make them fully customized according to your specific needs.  With the tool, you can highlight, underline, strike out, or add notes to your PDF document. If there are words you want to showcase more on your files, you can easily add the font size, bold, italicize, or underline with the editor.  UPDF editor also allows you to organize PDF pages if you have a document with several pages. It helps you to organize the pages more effectively by splitting, extracting, deleting, rotating, inserting, or replacing the pages you don't want from your PDF file.

The editor features an advanced OCR feature that makes it easy for you to change the fonts on texts in scanned PDFs. This feature makes the tool help you to do the edits fast and accurately. After editing the fonts, you can then create a password to secure your files from unauthorized access.

UPDF editor allows you to convert your PDF to other editable formats such as Text, Word, PPT, XML, and others. Unlike Adobe Acrobat whereby your file may lose its original format, conversion using the UPDF editor is 100 accurate.

The elegant interface is easier to understand than Adobe Acrobat but has some features that are challenging to understand especially for beginners. No learning curve is needed to use the UPDF editor. With the tool, you can do all the font changes and text edits fast, making it a great tool to use if you handle a huge number of PDF files at personal or office levels.

How to Use Adobe Acrobat Alternative to Change Font in PDF

Below are the steps to follow when using the UPDF editor to change the font in PDF.

Step 1. Click the "Edit PDF" Button

Download and install the UPDF editor. Then launch the app to start the font editing process. Open the file and click the "Edit PDF" located on the left menu bar. When you click the "Edit PDF" button, the editor goes into editing mode. This helps you do the font changes and other edits fast.

click edit pdf how to change font in adobe acrobat

Step 2. How to Change the Font in the PDF without Adobe Acobat

With the entire editing toolbar revealed, it's now easy to change the fonts the way you want. Choose the text that you would like to change the font. It will show all the properties. Now you can change according to your specific needs. Here you have the option to change the font type, font color, font size, bold, italics, and all other properties. The process is fast, easy, and smooth and no learning curve is needed to change the fonts with the UPDF editor. Now you are done editing the font with the UPDF editor.

how to change font in adobe acrobat alternative updf

You find the editing toolbar that looks similar to the one in the Word files. This is the toolbar you will use to make all the changes you want to your PDF file. If you are used to Word documents, you will find the font change process even easier.

After you make the font changes you can opt to protect your PDF file by creating permissions or passwords to secure your document. This is more important if you are dealing with files that require high-level privacy and confidentiality.

How to Change Font in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

The steps on how to change the font in Adobe are simple to understand. The tool allows you to change the font size, type color, and all other properties according to your needs. Adobe acrobat has a simple interface that is easy to understand even for beginners. The only thing you need to do is set it into editing mode and you are ready to change the font type, size, color, and other features. Here is a guide on how to change the font color on Adobe Acrobat in your PDF file.

Step 1: Open the PDF

Open the PDF document you want to edit on your Adobe Acrobat.

Step2: Click the "Edit PDF" Option

To Edit the font on your file, you need to allow the tool to enter the editing mode. Click on the "Edit PDF" button located on the right sidebar.

how to change font in adobe acrobat

Step 3:  How to Change Font on Adobe Acrobat

After clicking edit PDF, now select the text you want to edit the font. Select the font, type, size, color, alignment, and all other aspects you want to change.

Step 4:  Save the Changes

After editing the fonts, it's now time to save to preserve the changes. Go to "File", and click "Save as" the name of your PDF file. That's how easy it is to change the font in PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

Besides. how to change the font in adobe reader? Actually, you can't change the font in Adobe Reader unless you upgrade to Adobe Acrobat DC. So we recommend you use UPDF. You can see more details about the comparison of Adobe Acrobat and UPDF.

Compare UPDF with Acrobat

UPDFAdobe Acrobat Pro
Pro(Windows & Mac): $239.88/Yr
Standard(Windows): $155.88/Yr
Change FontYesYes
PerformanceSuper HighHigh
Easy to Use4.93.9


How to change the font in Adobe Acrobat? After reading this article I'm sure you have found a solution. But the price of Adobe Acrobat is too expensive, not everyone can pay such a high price for it. UPDF is one of the most prominent and best alternatives to Adobe Acrobat. Its price is only one-six of Adobe Acrobat, and the interface is also very simple, if you are a novice can easily get started.