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Infix PDF Editor - Discovering Powerful Tool of 2024

Unlike other software on the market, Infix PDF Editor (Infix PDF Editor Pro) comes with handy features that make it an excellent choice for converting PDF files into different editable formats. It has received positive customer feedback and has been rated highly on the Internet. However, with new software lining up, especially the UPDF Converter, it is proving to be a tough challenge for older file converters to rank high. 

The Best Alternative to Infix PDF Editor

Infix PDF Editor is a full-featured application that competes well with other top-flight PDF solutions. OCR, watermarking, and a user-friendly interface are some of its fantastic features. It can also run with an optional driver for printers to aid in the extraction of copies of documents during the process.  

However, its layout offers A3 and higher formats, making it difficult for the reader to visualize the text or image present. This issue helped programmers design better software, catering to the user's needs with more accuracy.  UPDF is the best option for you to replace Infix PDF Editor. It is a free PDF editor on Windows and Mac. Unlike other PDF editors, UPDF offers totally free services with the best results.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

infix pdf editor

The main features of UPDF are as follows: 

  • Annotate PDF (highlight, strikeout, underline and note)
  • Organize PDF pages easily
  • Edit PDF text (add new text as well as modify the existing text)
  • Edit object and image in PDF, such as rotate, extract, crop etc.
  • Read PDF with great experience, fast navigation, bookmarks, and various reading modes

Apart from these, other user-friendly features are also a part of the UPDF. These provide a competitive edge over other products, including Infix PDF Editor. So, if you're wondering about downloading a free and advanced PDF editor tool, then UPDF is the ideal choice for you.

How to Use UPDF to Edit Your PDF

UPDF provides an easy installation process with an interactive user interface that people of all ages, even teenagers, can use without difficulty. The following is a simple four-step technique for editing PDF text and image. 

Step 1: Edit the PDF Document

Click the "Open File" button on the interface of UPDF.

infix pdf editor free download

By pressing the 'Edit' button once you've added the document, you can browse through various techniques to change the document's text and image. 

infix pdf editor free download

Step 2: Add Text

When you start working on the editing toolbar, you will see a '+ Text' icon representing the adding text function. Click on it and move the cursor to the desired location to add text to your data. If you want to change the design of your text, you can change in the pop-up.

infix pdf editor free download

Step 3: Edit the Existing Text

This mode is easy to use and work with. While editing a document, click on the text and you will notice a purple borderline around the text. This area is in contention for changes; you can either add or delete the text accordingly. You can also change the font's size, design, color, and other features.

infix pdf editor free download

Step 4: Add or Edit PDF Image 

You can also edit an image from the documents through this software. You can change the width and height of the image to adjust it according to your output. To change, you need to select it and apply the necessary changes. Crop, replace, rotate and extract the image.

infix pdf editor free download

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Video Tutorial on How to Edit a PDF File on Windows

How to Use Infix PDF Editor

Infix PDF Editor is a perfect choice to edit files, as it takes up low space and comes with several user-friendly features, including password-protected encrypted files, export files from other editors, and creating new PDF pages. 

infix pdf editor download

Below are some steps to edit a document using Infix PDF Editor. 

Step 1: Download Infix PDF Editor

Before installing the software, select the language you want to use and proceed. After the editor's icon is displayed on the desktop of your PC or mobile, click on it to run the file conversion tool. This edition is an unlicensed one, and it offers you to activate it by purchasing the full version.

Step 2: Edit Files with Infix PDF Editor

After opening the file in the PDF editor, you can click on the content to edit it. The blue frame around the text helps expand or contract the text input box. The toolbar includes various options, such as content, position alignment, font size, and format. 

If you want to use a new font, click on the existing font and select the one you like. Click on 'Use Font' to confirm the changes. Or, if you want to add new content, select the location and create a green frame to add the text.

Step 3: Edit Images in Infix PDF Editor

To add images, click on the 'Object item,' select 'Image,' and choose 'Insert' to add it to your content. This software supports JPG, TIF, BMP, and PNG formats. You can modify the image by scaling or changing its position. 

Step 4: Add signatures

To add a signature to the content, click on the Edit option and select Signature. Then select define to add it. Next, you can name the signature to save it in the library. Select the location you want to insert the signature, click on 'Insert' and choose the desired one. 

Step 5: Add new pages 

You have two insert options if you want to add new pages. Either add a blank page from the 'Insert New' option or insert it from the documents in the Pages section. With the former, you can create new pages in any order you want, i.e., it can be either ahead or behind the current page.  

Infix PDF Editor or UPDF?

Although both have different features, speeds, and ease of use, people prefer UPDF to Infix PDF Editor because of some added capabilities. Some of them include annotation of PDFs, enterprise-grade encryption, and the use of OCR. In addition, you can also work on multiple files simultaneously (Batch processing).

UPDF has outperformed other top-rated PDF editors in terms of downloads and purchases. It is a great software that has received positive reviews on the Internet and high ratings.


With Infix PDF Editor, users can edit files conveniently and simply. The tools are similar to the Word Interface, helping quickly modify files. Also, you can find various other features, such as tough security for file transfers, OCR, etc. However, UPDF reaches up to higher levels of security, with quicker editing speed and better results, compared to Infix PDF Editor. 

So, what are you waiting for? Download UPDF now and enjoy its additional features.  It's real free!

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