How to Edit PDF in Foxit with a Better Alternative - 100% Free

Foxit PDF editor is a favorite of many Windows users. It offers a fluid - if somewhat outdated - interface but it contains all the essential features you'd expect from a premium PDF editor. Some users complain about the price point and the inadequacy of the features offered in the Foxit editor free trial version, but even a lot of Foxit PDF Editor Standard and Pro users are constantly looking for better alternatives. What if we told you that the best alternative to the Foxit PDF editor - UPDF, which is actually 100% free to use and available for both Windows and Mac? Interested? Read on!

The Feature-Rich and Free UPDF: The Last Foxit PDF Editor Alternative You Will Ever Need

UPDF is a comprehensive PDF editor designed to compete with the top premium PDF editors available on the market today, and that includes Adobe Acrobat, Foxit PDF Editor Pro and Standard, Nitro Pro, etc. As a 100% free utility, it is upending the PDF editor market because it offers the same kind of versatility, power, speed, and accuracy that premium PDF editors promise. Moreover, it's faster than most other desktop PDF tools and has an intuitive interface that makes navigation easy. Here's a deeper look into the UPDF features list:

foxit how to edit pdf

Key UPDF Features: The Best Foxit PDF Editor Alternative for Windows and Mac

  • A Full Range of PDF Editing Tools - Edit any element in a PDF file, including images, text, page numbers, headers/footers, backgrounds, watermarks, hyperlinks, and more.
  • Extensive Annotation Tools - Comment on PDF, markup content, add feedback notes, draw shapes or insert preset shapes, add sticky notes, text boxes, etc.
  • Create and Fill PDF Forms - A full set of form management tools to create interactive PDF forms or fill existing forms.
  • PDF Conversion - Convert PDF into a number of useful formats that are easy to share and edit on their own native applications - including MS Office files, web formats, eBook file types, images, and more.
  • Protect PDFs - Apply password security or add restrictions to documents to protect confidential information and prevent unauthorized viewing or modification.
  • OCR - Accurate text recognition module to convert scanned PDFs to editable PDFs.
  • Organize PDFs - Control your workflows with tools to merge, split, and perform other file actions - PDF pages can be replaced, rotated, reordered, extracted, copied, deleted, or cropped.

Why is UPDF a Better Alternative to Foxit PDF Editor

We've already seen a very good reason for UPDF being the best Foxit editor alternative - the pricing. What else makes UDPF a better bet? Here's a brief list of the advantages of using UPDF for all your PDF editing needs.

  • User-friendly Interface - UPDF offers a slick and modern interface, while Foxit retains the old-world Windows application look and feel. It's nice to navigate because it's familiar, but it can be confusing for new users looking for specific features.
  • Feature Richness - A lot of advanced features offered by UPDF are absent in Foxit, such as advanced multilingual OCR. UPDF closely follows the feature list of more premium tools such as Acrobat Pro DC.
  • Full PDF Toolkit for Mac Users - Foxit PDF editor for Mac doesn't have a Pro version, and even the standard version lacks a lot of key features such as importing and exporting bookmarks, a batch process for watermarks, headers, etc., and so on.

These are just a few reasons why it's better to opt for UPDF as the perfect alternative to the Foxit PDF editor or any other premium editor. Once you start using UPDF, you'll see how the smooth process flows and easy operational steps keep you glued to the product. That's why we call it the last Foxit editor alternative you'll ever need.

How to Edit PDF in the Best Foxit PDF Editor Alternative

Step 1: Enter Editing Mode

In the main menu bar on top, click the Edit tab to go into editing mode

You will be able to see an editing toolbar appear after you're in this mode

Step 2: Edit Text

Select a text block to see the blue border outlining it - you can use this to reposition, reorient, and resize the text box

Click into the box to edit the text it contains - you can delete, add, or modify text

Step 3: Optional Step to Add Text in PDF

Click one of the text options in the editing toolbar - you can choose regular text fonts or stylistic options from the text templates

Bring your mouse to where the text should appear and click there

Type in the text required, and change the parameters in the editing toolbar

Step 4: Optional Step to Edit an Image

Select an image, after which you will see several editing options - replace, delete, rotate, extract, copy, etc.

Choose one of the editing options and complete the process

UPDF: A Compelling Solution for Any Use Case

Business and Enterprise: As an employee of any company, you probably need to deal with a lot of PDF documents in the course of your day. UPDF makes it easier by providing a friction-free interface, complementing it with a powerful suite of features that would make an expensive PDF editor turn red with embarrassment!

Education: Students and teachers alike can benefit from extensive file conversion, annotation, and other tools to prepare study material, markup PDF textbooks, send questions, submit papers, etc.

Personal: Manage your invoices, tax forms, receipts, etc. by converting everything into PDF format for easy file management. Sign and fill forms, edit text, use OCR to convert to editable text, and a lot more.

The ability to fully control your PDF workflows requires exactly zero dollars and zero cents. With UPDF installed on your Windows and Mac computers, you have easy access to some of the most common as well as advanced PDF features. And it's all 100% free.