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How to Find Fonts from PDF? (100% Free)

Maintaining fonts in different versions of a PDF document or multiple PDF documents is essential to maintain your documentation quality standards. However, finding the same font from PDF is not as easy as it seems unless you know the right methods. This article aims at helping you find font from PDF using 100% working and 100% free ways.

So, here we will discuss 3 different free tools that you can use to find all the fonts used in any PDF document that you work on.

Part 1. Identify Font in PDF Free Using UPDF

If you need to identify fonts in your PDF documents for free, then UPDF is hands down the best option for you. It gives you a real-time font identification experience where you can click on any text element and get the font for it.

The best part about using UPDF for font identification purposes is that you can use it for basic PDF documents as well as scanned PDFs or images. With real-time font identification for every text section, your productivity can be up to 10 times more with UPDF, You download and try it yourself.

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Way 1. Find Out Font in Basic PDF

The first method is for identifying text in basic PDF documents where the text is editable and not in scanned or image form. It is the simplest option with the following steps in UPDF:

Step 1: Locate your UPDF desktop icon and double-click it to run UPDF on the PC. When UPDF is at the home interface you can click "Open File" button from top to browse for the PDF document and open it. Now it will open in Reader view but to identify the fonts in it you need to click "Edit PDF".

find font from pdf edit pdf

Step 2: Navigate your cursor to any section of the PDF where you want to recognize text fonts. Click on the text box to select it and double click on text to select it. Your text will become highlighted and a small popup window above that text will show you the size, font, and style of the text. This way you can identify the fonts of any text part in your PDF documents.

find font from pdf change font

Way 2. Check Font in Scanned PDF/Images

As you know, UPDF can help you identify fonts from images or scanned PDF documents as well and this method will be focusing on that. So, here you first perform OCR and rest of the process of identifying the fonts stays the same as in previous method, as elaborated in the steps below:

Step 1: Open UPDF by double clicking the desktop icon and hit "Ctrl + O" on your keyboard to open File Explorer where you can find and open the desired PDF document. In PDF Reader view click "OCR" button from top right of UPDF interface and click "Perform OCR" Follow through with the file-saving steps and wait as UPDF automatically opens the OCR-processed file for you.

find font from pdf ocr

Step 2: Click "Edit PDF" and click a text box to select it. You can double-click on any text to select it and when a text is selected, UPDF will show you all its properties including fonts, size, and style in a small popup window that will appear right above the text. In this way you can identify which part of the text in your PDF document is using what fonts.

find font from pdf edit scanned pdf

While UPDF provides such a comprehensive experience of identifying fonts in both basic and scanned PDF documents, it provides a similar experience with other features. UPDF is packed with features like UPDF AI that lets you summarize, review, rewrite, and even translate your PDFs. The UPDF Cloud helps organize PDF documents in dedicated storage and keeps your PDF docs synced across your devices. Similarly, it has PDF editing, annotating, converting, sharing, form filling, and lots of other features.

UPDF is undoubtedly a great PDF tool, and you can read more about what you can do with it in the Tech Advisor review of UPDF. So, if you find it to be useful for your use case, feel free to download UPDF and unlock an even better experience with your UPDF Pro purchase that will unlock all its premium features.

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Part 2. Recognize Font from PDF Free by Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best and most professionally used PDF reading and editing software. It comes with the most important features anyone will need when working with a PDF document including recognizing fonts from a PDF. Other features offered by Adobe Acrobat include in-depth PDF editing, comments, annotations, and collaboration, converting PDFs to other formats, embedding other files into a PDF, filling and signing PDF forms, and a lot more.

However, today we will be focusing on its font recognition features. The process of recognizing fonts used in a PDF is simple but not as user-friendly as in UPDF where you get to check the font for every text element in real time. Regardless, it gets the job done and here are the steps on how you can use Adobe Acrobat to recognize fonts from your PDF documents.

Step 1: Locate the start menu or desktop icon of Adobe Acrobat and click it to open Adobe Acrobat on your PC then click "File" > "Open" to pick and open a PDF document in this tool.

find font from pdf adobe properties

Step 2: After your PDF is displayed in Adobe Acrobat you need to click "File" again but this time you will click "Properties" in file tab and then click "Fonts" tab in the popup window. Here you will get the list of all the fonts used in that PDF document.

find font from pdf adobe fonts

Part 3. Detect Font from PDF Online Free Using i2PDF

i2PDF is a free online PDF tool that can easily deal with most of your tasks. It offers a comprehensive experience with its wide range of features and ensures reliable performance every time. The best thing about it being an online tool is that it does not keep records of your documents neither does it share your files with anyone else.

When it comes to detecting fonts from a PDF document, it not only gives you the names of all fonts used in a PDF but also provides downloadable font files so if you don't have them already on your device, your editing will not experience a roadblock trying to find that font's file. Additionally, the font detection is extremely fast and simple.

However, it does not identify the fonts respective to text, but it gives you a list of all fonts found in the document. So, if you have to identify a lot of different fonts in a PDF document, that can be a huge downside for you. Regardless, here are the steps to detect fonts from your PDFs with i2PDF:

Step 1: Open your browser and go to i2PDF online website to select the tool for extracting fonts from a PDF. Click "Choose Files" to pick a file from your offline storage and wait as it downloads and processes the fonts for you.

find font from pdf i2pdf extract fonts

Step 2: Shortly after uploading the PDF, you will get a list of all fonts that were found in that PDF document. You can individually download those font files if you want to or click "Extract Fonts from PDF" to download a zip file with all the font files found in that PDF.

find font from pdf download


When you use one of the above discussed free ways, it will become much easier to find font from PDF. Now when you need to work on another PDF document or version of a PDF document, you will know exactly which font you will be working with and that can skyrocket your productivity. The best one among all options discussed here is UPDF for its comprehensive feature range. Download UPDF now and effortlessly find all the fonts from your PDF documents with ease.

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