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Confused About How to Convert PDF to Outline? Get Answers Here

PDFs are usually stagnant and can't be changed, so extracting text from PDF files can get frustrating. Hence, it is important to convert PDF text to outlines when using different software for editing. When you outline PDF text, you will be able to scale the text to any size you want or change the font as required. This makes the text more accessible and better fit to meet your needs.

You can use this technology to manipulate the appearance of the text however you like and even add animations. Therefore, read this article to learn to create an outline in PDF, making it more compatible with PowerPoint or Photoshop.

Part 1. What are the Outlined Fonts?

Outlined fonts, also known as "Vector Fonts," are digital fonts based on lines and curves rather than pixels. Therefore, it allows text to maintain its integrity during transfer between different mediums. Converting PDF text to outline can help you automate several routine tasks. You can save your time and turn your attention to more critical tasks.

The scalable outlined texts can be extended to any length without losing quality, whether big or small. These outlines can be created in various styles as well. This technology makes text flexible, so you can use it for any purpose, be it logo design, web design, or graphic design. By using outlined fonts, you can accurately extract any text from PDFs for use in any other software.

pdf to outline outlined vs not outlined

Part 2. What are the Benefits of Converting PDF Text to Outlines

If you've never heard of outlining PDF texts, then prepare to have your life changed. Outline converter tools are time-saving genies that make your life easy by making any text accessible and flexible. There are numerous reasons why you need to create a PDF outline. Read on below to learn about new ways in which this conversion can help you:

  • Enhanced Readability: If you have impaired visual ability and would like to increase text size, you can enlarge or bold text to any degree with outlined texts. It can also be used on improperly scanned or pixilated texts to improve clarity. Besides that, you can read on your phone without the fear of straining your eyes.  
  • Text Manipulation: This conversion allows you to alter the font, size, style, and weight of your PDF text to your specific requirements. By converting PDF text to outline, you can freely add effects like shadows, animations, and transitions to your text. This will make Photoshop, web design, and logo design much less of a hassle.
  • Accurate Text Extraction: Extracting texts from PDFs can be exhausting as extracting tools based on pixels are unable to capture some words properly. Convert PDF text to outlines and make sure all the words have been appropriately captured. This saves you time in proofreading and editing.
  • Increased Accessibility for Text-to-Speech: Using a PDF-to-outline converter helps you decrease the issue of complex PDF layouts or embedded font by converting the text into outlines. This will make it easier for the text-to-speech software to read the information in the file aloud.

Part 3. How to Convert PDF Text to Outlines with Adobe Acrobat

We have already learned how a PDF-to-outline converter can help you minimize the effort it takes to edit all kinds of files. One of the best tools you can use for this purpose is Adobe Acrobat. Now, let's learn how we can use this PDF toolkit to convert any PDF to editable outlines effortlessly:

Step 1. First, launch this PDF editing software and open a PDF file by pressing the "Open File" button. Now, click the "Edit PDF" icon on the left toolbar to access different editing features. Now, access the "Watermark" drop-down menu and select "Add" to access the Add Watermark settings.

pdf to outline tap the add option

Step 2. In the Add Watermark window, click on the "Text Box" to add text. Next, you need to add a period or any other character of your choice. Follow this by clicking on the "Opacity Bar," holding it, and dragging your cursor across it to reduce the opacity to zero. Finally, hit the "Apply to Multiple Files" button at the bottom of the window.

pdf to outline press apply to multiple files

Step 3. Now, access the "Tools" tab from the top of the window and find the "Print Production" option from the list of tools. Once you enter this feature, choose the "Flattener Preview" tool from the list on the right side of your screen.

pdf to outline choose flattener preview

Step 4. After selecting Flattener Preview, a new window will open. Here, check the boxes for "Convert All Text to Outlines" and "Convert All Strokes to Outlines" and press the "OK" button. Then, select "Page Range" from 'Apply to PDF' and hit "Apply" to finish the process. Upon finishing all these steps, save this PDF file and open it on Illustrator to confirm PDF to outline conversion.

pdf to outline click the apply button

Part 4. The Best PDF Management Solution of 2024 You Should Try

Other than converting PDF text to outline, you may also need to edit the text of the PDF file with the help of different PDF editors. For this purpose, UPDF is one of the top PDF editors that can help you customize the PDF text according to your requirements. With the help of this tool, you can change the font color to satisfy your editing needs.

Plus, this PDF editing tool can alter the text size based on your preferred font styling. It allows you to highlight and underline the text with the annotation options to markup specific sections. As a result, you can use this tool for PDF text customization purposes before converting it into an outline. After acknowledging the capability of this editor, it is highly recommended that you download the UPDF to your system and try out its features.

pdf to outline updf multiple channels

Key Features

  1. Edit PDF: With the help of the Edit PDF feature of this tool, you can edit text in PDF files, such as customize text styling. Other than that, it allows you to crop, rotate, delete, and extract the image in a document based on your needs. Also, you can add internal links and clickable URLs in documents with this UPDF feature.
  2. Annotate PDF: You can make your PDF document engaging with the range of annotation options of this feature. This feature includes underlining, highlighting the text, and adding sticky notes to markup specific text or images in the file. Furthermore, it enables you to decorate PDFs with different shapes and stickers to illustrate your ideas.
  3. UPDF AI: This PDF editor can help you in making PDF files comprehensive for you with its AI feature. With this feature, you can summarize, translate, and write the content of the PDF document. Moreover, this feature facilitates your translation of PDF content into another language.
  4. Convert PDF: UPDF can let you convert the PDF file into multiple formats efficiently. It can convert the file into your required file format without any formatting loss. In addition to that, you can convert multiple PDF files into other formats simultaneously to optimize your productivity.
  5. Protect PDF: PDF file content can be protected by setting a password with the Protect PDF feature of the tool. This feature can help you to secure PDF documents against unauthorized access. Other than that, you can define permissions to limit others from editing and commenting on your document.
  6. Sign PDF: Users are allowed to create and customize the fillable PDF form easily with the help of this tool feature. These fillable forms can include text boxes, images, and pencils to make them interactive. Additionally, it will permit you to sign PDFs digitally or electronically to guarantee the authenticity of agreements and contracts.
  7. OCR: The OCR technology of this tool facilitates the conversion of scanned PDFs, images, and paper documents to searchable PDFs. Also, it can help you to extract textual information from an image or edit scanned PDFs. With this advanced technology tool, you can get high-accuracy results in 38+ languages to convert images into editable PDFs.
With only one purchase, you can use UPDF on all platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android, at the same time to try all the above features. So, make this purchase now to benefit from its PDF management features at a 60% discount. Moreover, if you want to learn more about UPDF, check out this YouTube video and get in-depth information about this tool.

Final Words

Thus, outline fonts are scalable fonts in which the outlines of each character are geometrically defined. You can convert PDF text into outlines to have greater control over the appearance of the text. Besides that, this conversion can ensure high-quality printing precisely as intended. We have introduced you to Adobe Acrobat, which allows you to convert PDF text to outlines easily for different purposes.

If you want to edit the text before PDF to outline conversion, UPDF is one of the best PDF editing tools. As discussed before, it enables you to customize the font size and color as needed. If you want to learn more about UPDF, you can read reviews of this PDF text editing tool on How-To Geek. Once you are convinced, download this PDF editor on your device to explore its advanced features.

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