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3 Easy Methods to Remove Header and Footer from PDF

Every professional document we come across contains some header and footer showing important information related to the document. As the world has transitioned to a digital system, multiple elements, like the header and footer, have changed in PDFs. What to do if you want to remove the header and footer from the PDF document? This article will explain all about removing the header and footer from the PDF using the right tool.

Method 1: How to Remove Header and Footer from PDF

UPDF is an exemplary PDF editor providing a coherent system for managing PDF documents. With a competitive set of features available in the editor, the tool accommodates many compelling needs of the users related to changing the properties of their PDFs. Along with all major editing, annotating, and other PDF management features, UPDF provides an excellent platform for removing headers and footers from the PDF.

Do you wish to remove the header and footer from the PDF document with UPDF? Look into the steps provided below to understand the process of removing headers and footers from PDFs:

Step 1: Access Header and Footer Option

You can download and install the latest version of UPDF on your device and proceed to launch it. As you open it, select the "Open File" button to import the PDF that is to be edited.

Retract to the "Page Tools" section on the left to open a list of options. Select "Header & Footer" from the top to protrude a menu on the right.

remove footer from pdf

Step 2: Remove Header and Footer

Find the added template of the header and footer on the right and hover your cursor over it. You will find the option of "Remove Header & Footer" on the template. Click on the icon and then click the "Remove" button on the popup.

remove header and footer in pdf online

By following the 2 steps listed, you can easily remove the header and footer from the PDF. It will take you 2 minutes to do so. If you are interested in adding a header and footer to a PDF, this tool got you covered too.

Method 2: Another Way to Remove Header & Footer from PDF by Cropping

As you seek to remove the header and footer from the PDF document, another basic technique can be assessed with the help of UPDF. The cropping tool offered by this PDF editor is a unique way to remove the header and footer from the document. To perform this action, you can look into the following steps to learn more about the process of cropping the document properly:

Step 1: Go to "Crop Pages" Option

Open the PDF document and redirect to the "Crop Pages" option on the left column. As you access the respective section, click "Options" to open the advanced options for cropping PDFs.

remove header and footer from pdf

Step 2: Crop the Header and Footer from PDF

You can use the rectangular section present on the page to specify the dimensions of the PDF by hand. On the other hand, define the margins of the PDF in the "Margin Controls" section and set the dimensions in "Cropped Page Size," if required. Also, turn on the option of "Constrain Proportions" if necessary. 

remove footer from pdf

Move to the "Apply Changes" to set up a page range where you want to apply the settings. Once done, click on the "Crop" button to execute. 

remove header and footer in pdf online

Learn More About UPDF

UPDF is a coherent PDF editor that provides much more than removing headers and footers. There are several other key characteristics offered by this PDF editor, out of which we have highlighted some prominent features as follows:

  • PDF to PDF/A Conversion: If you have essential PDF files that you want to save for a longer period of time, the most suitable format to use is PDF/A. UPDF allows you to convert and save your PDF documents as PDF/A files.
  • OCR: The OCR feature of UPDF is an excellent tool to convert your scanned and image PDFs to editable and searchable PDF files. This tool comes in handy if you have to deal with a lot of scanned documents. It also makes the process of extracting text from images much faster and smoother.
  • Add PDF Background: You can also add a background of your choice to a PDF file. It allows you to add a color, an image, or another PDF file as a background to a PDF file. You can also define the opacity of the background in UPDF.
  • Pencil Tool: The Pencil tool of UPDF can be used to give your PDF files a handwritten look. Using the Pencil tool, you can write or draw anything on a PDF file. An Eraser tool is also available if you want to remove something written or drawn using the Pencil tool.

Method 3: How to Remove Header and Footer in PDF Online

There are people who prefer using online PDF tools for free. While finding one, it gets quite difficult for them to go through the huge list of applications. While it is hard to find a good tool for this purpose, most of them only provide a specific privilege of overlapping the header and footer with white color. Although online tools are not so elaborate, they do not help remove headers and footers from PDFs properly.

Still, if you seek to remove the header and footer from a PDF using an online platform, you will have to follow the specific steps in the following order:

  • Step 1: You can open your browser and search for an online tool that removes the header and footer from the PDF document. As you open the tool, look for import the document from your computer. You can also add the PDF from a cloud platform if required.
  • Step 2: Perform the function of editing the PDF and removing the header and footer from the document.
  • Step 3: Once you are done, you can easily download the edited PDF document on your computer and even share it on cloud platforms.

Which is the Best Method to Remove Header and Footer - A Comparison

As you have outlined 3 methods, it is now vital to know which one of them is the best to remove the header and footer from your PDF document. People prefer using online and offline tools as per their requirements.

However, with all the 3 methods outlined, you might feel the need to have an assessment to figure out the best method for this purpose. We have provided a comparative analysis of the methods by listing down their pros and cons for better understanding:

Pros and Cons of Using Offline Tools to Remove Header and Footer from PDF

Pros of Offline Methods

  • They are available offline, thus, allowing you to access the tool at any time for working. Since offline tools can also run without an internet connection, this makes it a great option in cases where you do not have any network access.
  • Offline tools offer a pervasive set of features, which makes them a great option for managing PDFs. The variety of the tools provided is quite diverse, thus, making it a superior choice.
  • There is no file size limit for the document being imported on the platform, which allows you to easily manage all kinds of PDFs.

Cons of Offline Methods

  • You need to download the tool.

Pros and Cons of Using Online Tools to Remove Header and Footer from PDF

Pros of Online Methods

  • Being online, you are not bound to download any tool on your computer, which helps you in saving the storage space of your device.
  • Although they are restrictive in functionality, they save a lot of time managing things for the user, as the function can be performed on any device.
  • Most offline tools that are downloaded require a particular cost, which is not the case with online tools. You can perform functions like removing the header and footer from PDF using the tool for free.

Cons of Online Methods

  • You cannot access the tool without any internet connection, and it may malfunction on problematic internet.
  • The features offered in an online tool are restricted and not diverse compared to an offline tool.
  • Most online tools have a file size limit, which is why you cannot work with more important documents using these tools.

It is evident that UPDF provides one of the best services in PDF editing. While being an offline service, the diversity of tools offered by the platform makes it easy for you to manage all documents. UPDF is undoubtedly the best offline PDF editing tool, which is quick, effective, and result oriented.

Why Do You Have to Remove Header and Footer from PDF?

Do you wish to know why you must remove the header and footer from the PDF? With all the details and discussions of the tools, you might have some thoughts about trying out this function. To get to know the reasons that you might have to face, let's look ahead into them:

  • The document that you might be using will have the wrong page numbers on it. You must remove the page numbers to avoid confusion for other readers.
  • There is a possibility that the document contains the wrong date in the header or footer. To avoid any misconception, you must change the date of the PDF to make it updated.
  • Usually, many documents contain the company name as the document's header. If it has been changed for some purpose, you must remove the header and footer and replace them with a new one.
  • You will have to replace the header and footer of a complete document with another one that would suit your requirements. You will have to replace the previous one by removing it.


This article has provided an overview of how you can remove the header and footer from a PDF document with the help of online and offline tools. Offline tools like UPDF are pretty extensive and diverse in functionality, which makes them one of the best options in the market for this purpose. This article has also stretched a proper distinction between the online and offline tools, which will help you decide on the best option in the market. Let's download UPDF today experience a remarkable journey!