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Top 5 Professional PDF Color Changer Software

Per design aspects, color contrast is one of the key factors that impact readability. The background and text color of a document must have sharp contrast to ensure good visibility of the text. As we all create PDF documents, it is natural that sometimes these documents have a splash of colors and are simply not black and white documents. However, we all know that changing an existing PDF document is not all that easy. However, it is possible to change text colors in a PDF document using a PDF color changer app.

Top 5 PDF Text Color Changer Apps

A number of PDF text color changer apps allow you to change the text color within a few clicks. Most of these PDF color changer apps also provide other PDF editing options which enable you to edit various aspects of a PDF file easily. Below is a list of the best PDF color changer software available.


UPDF is an extremely modern suite of PDF editing tools. This app enables users to add, modify and delete text in a PDF document. This app is a fully functional PDF color changer app that can also help you change the color of the text in a PDF document. This PDF text color changer app is completely free and has gained popularity as the world’s first free PDF editor app.

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The intuitive user interface of this app also enables users to perform various other features with PDF documents. The app can help you annotate a PDF document and protect the PDF with a password. You can also digitally sign a PDF document using UPDF.

This app has advanced OCR capabilities built-in which ensures that the scanned PDF pages are converted seamlessly into editable documents. The rich OCR capability is unmatched by any other PDF tool in the market.

Per-user reviews, this app is extremely fast and its main benefit is its lightning-fast response time. Several people are using this app across the globe for professional and personal use cases.

2. Xodo

Xodo is a PDF color changer app. This app is available on Android, iOS, and Windows. The PDF color changer online version of the app can be accessed from a browser on any operating system. Xodo enables you to collaborate with your team over a PDF document in real-time.

This app has various other features which make it quite useful. One can fill out PDF forms, search through a PDF document and even bookmark pages.

You can change the color of the document by highlighting various sections of a PDF document. This can be achieved using the ‘annotate’ feature of the app.

One of the drawbacks of this app is that it does not allow you to edit the PDF document and change the real colors in the PDF document. One can only highlight and annotate the PDF document.

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3. AbleWord

AbleWord is another popular PDF color changer app available on Windows and Mac. This software looks very similar to Microsoft Word which is the de-facto software for creating documents and exporting them to PDF on Windows machines.

This tool offers a rich PDF editor which enables you to edit various aspects of the text in a PDF file. This includes font, size, alignment, and color.

The main advantage of this PDF text color changer app is that it is completely free. It has a familiar user interface and all the PDF editing options appear in a single toolbar. The user interface is definitely easy to use and does not require any training.

The main disadvantages of this app are its limited editing capacity. Only basic editing options are available. Moreover, you cannot add security to your PDF documents using this app. The app lacks features like PDF signing and password protection.

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4. Foxit Phantom

Foxit Phantom is slowly gaining popularity as a PDF editing suite on Windows. Foxit Phantom is a PDF color changer app that can be used to edit a PDF file and change PDF text color.

Users often use this app to create and share PDF documents. It has a lot of customization options and has the unique capability of adding a watermark for confidential documents. The app also offers various security features. Once you open a PDF file with this app you also convert it to various other formats as requisite.

The main advantages of this app are that it is extremely easy to understand and has rich editing options. However, it must be noted that the full license of the app is quite expensive. Moreover, it does not allow users to save a PDF file to EPUB and other file formats.

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Indeed, there are various PDF color changer apps available on the internet. Some of these are free to use and serve the required purpose as well. However, UPDF seems to be the most powerful PDF text color changer. The quality and beautiful user interface are really unmatched by any other PDF editor app. UPDF not only makes the PDF editing and conversion process simple but also ensures users have an interesting and happy experience with the app.