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How to Change PDF Text Color

Change PDF text color? Why would anyone want to do that? Well, there are several reasons why you may want to know how to change text color in PDF. The first is to highlight a portion of the text to make it stand out from the neighboring text. A different color is more eye-catching than simply bolding the text. Of course, you can also use an annotation tool to highlight the text in question, but changing the color is a more effective way to draw attention. Let's learn how to change font color in PDF with UPDF, and also how to do this in a couple of different ways.

Method 1. How to Change PDF Text Color

The tool we'll be using today to change PDF text color is UPDF, a relatively new product on the market. The unique aspect of this PDF editor is that it's 100% free to use for any purpose. But that's not even the best part!

What's truly amazing is that it is one of the very few PDF editors that brings a fun element to the PDF experience. The design itself speaks volumes about this quality, which is further enhanced by the easy usability of the controls, making navigation a breeze and ensuring a zero-learning curve as you explore its functions.

So, without any further delay, let's jump right into the process of how to take a PDF and change the color of the text in the document.

Just follow the steps shown here to change the color of a text box in a PDF file.

Step 1: Import the File

Bring the PDF file into UPDF by dragging it into the UI or using the "Open File" icon on the welcome page.

how to change text color in pdf

Step 2: Go to Edit Mode and Select Text

Click the "Edit" tab to enter editing mode in UPDF.

how to change color of text in pdf

Click on a text element to highlight it with a border. Double-click inside and select the required text with a click-and-drag motion.

Step 3: Change Text Color In PDF

You should now be able to see a floating toolbar near the text that you selected inside the text box element.

how to change font color in pdf

Choose an appropriate color and see the live preview as you select different color options.

Once you're happy with the chosen color, click outside the box to apply the change.

That's it! You have successfully learned how to change text color in a PDF text box.

Method 2. How to Change Text Color in PDF (as a Note)

In case you've added text annotations to a PDF document or get a document that already has such markups, you can easily use UPDF to change the color of the text. Since annotations are different from text edits, the method also differs, as you can observe from the steps shown below:

Step 1: Open the File

Open the PDF file the same way - drag and drop or use the icon.

Step 2: Enter Commenting Mode

To change the text color of an annotation or text box, click the "Comment" tab at the top.

how to change text color in pdf text box

Once you're in commenting mode, you'll be able to see all annotations in the right sidebar panel under the Comments tab.

Step 3: Change PDF Text Color

Once you spot the correct annotation or text box, right-click on it.

This will bring up the contextual menu, where you can click on "Properties".

pdf change color of text

In the Properties panel, you can choose a different color from the corresponding toolbar options.

Click outside the text box to apply the change, and then save the file with a different name to indicate that you've made changes.

Why Not Try the Next-Generation PDF Editor?

UPDF offers a lot of advantages, and it's NOT just because you don't have to pay any money or enter your credit card details to activate the product. The real USP is the rich feature set that's already under development. Very soon, users will have access to all basic and advanced tools that they would expect from a premium PDF editor, but with a zero price tag attached.

pdf change color of text

What's more, the icing on the cake is the user-friendly interface with a delightfully esthetic design that is bound to appeal to a lot of PDF users who typically deal with drab and dreary products that focus on functionality more than a beautiful UI. With UPDF, you get the best of both worlds without paying a single penny. Try it today and become one of the early users of this versatile and attractive PDF editor that everybody will soon be talking about.