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How to Highlight PDF on Windows and Mac

PDF highlighters have become a requirement in today's digital world. They've become a vital part of our study habits since they assist us in highlighting important information such as key concepts, phrases, and names. The primary idea of a document is usually highlighted in yellow PDF since yellow is a vibrant and memorable color that sticks with you for a long time. How do you highlight PDF now? For a clearer comprehension of the text, read the article below.

Part 1: How to Highlight PDF on Windows

PDF documents have become an important source of delivering crucial information. To highlight PDF on Windows is easier because of the variety of options different applications have. In this section, we have discussed two amazing tools to highlight PDFs.

Highlight PDF Documents with UPDF

An amazing tool that you can use on Windows to highlight PDF files is UPDF- free PDF editor and annotator. It is an exceptional tool that has vibrant features, and the list goes on, from editing a PDF to using the annotation tools. Try UPDF for free now.

The annotation tools that UPDF holds include shapes, text-adding tools, highlighting tools, text boxes, and sticky notes. You can underline important text, and if there is any unimportant information, you can use the strikeout text to cut the information. The following are the steps to highlight PDF using UPDF.

Step 1: Upload PDF File 

Launch the UPDF on your device and click on the “Open File” button to import the PDF file.

open pdf with updf

Step 2: Highlight Text in PDF

On the top, you can click on the Comment" button, and then it will show you many PDF annotation tools.

Now, you need to select the “Highlight” tool and drag the tool over the text you want to highlight. As soon as you leave the cursor, your text will be highlighted.

highlight pdf with updf

Step 3. Add Noted for the Highlights

UPDF allows you to add notes to the highlighted PDF text. Here is how you can do it.

Right-click the highlighted text and then select the "Note" option.

add notes for the highighted pdf text

Then you can enter the notes in the pop-up Sticky Note window. If you want to change color, you can also select any other colors at the note bottom. You can tap on the following button try UPDF now.

enter notes for the highighted pdf text

Part 2: How to Highlight PDF on Mac

UPDF is also accessible to all Mac users, and it has become a favorite tool of many people. The unique highlighting feature has a multicolored palate from which you can choose any color of your choice. A pencil tool comes in handy for students who want the document in a handwritten style. Shapes can be a source of highlighting a major chunk of information too. Now the question arises of how to highlight text in PDF by using UPDF? The following steps will help you to highlight PDF:

Video Tutorial on How to Highlight PDF on Mac

If you haven't installed UPDF, click the below button to get it first.

Step 1: Open the Application

Launch the UPDF highlighter on your Mac computer and click on the button “Open File” to open the PDF file.

open pdf mac

Step 2: Access the Comment Button

On the top, you can click on the "Comment" button, and it will show you different PDF annotate tools.

Step 3: Highlight PDF Text

Select the “Highlight” tool and drag the tool over the text you want to highlight. As soon as you leave the cursor, your text will be highlighted. Click the below Download button too get UPDF now.

highlight pdf mac

Part 3: Why Can't I Highlight My PDF Document?

The feature known as "Comment Restrictions" is responsible for one of the most significant factors that prevent users from highlighting text in PDF documents. When this form of protection is applied to PDF files, the Highlight Tool either stops functioning entirely or becomes inoperable and grayed out.

For this reason, it is required to remove the permissions password for commenting in a PDF document in order to allow highlighting. Users will be able to choose and highlight secured PDF documents with ease after the security has been removed from the PDF file.

Part 4. How Do I Highlight a Locked PDF?

If you have the password or are the owner of the PDF document, highlighting is simple. When dealing with a password-protected PDF, you will encounter one of two scenarios.

Enter Passwords When Knowing the Passwords

To begin highlighting in a PDF file, all you need to do is enter the file using the document's password. After inputting the password, your changes will be saved.

If you wish to highlight a PDF that is not yours and for which you do not have the password, you must first obtain the owner's permission. The document's owner can achieve this by changing the document's security settings. Here, you'll need the document's password in order to open it and begin highlighting.

Remove Passwords and Then Highlight PDF

There's also the possibility that you don't know the password and aren't authorized to request it from the PDF's owner. If a PDF is password-protected, highlighting will be impossible until you remove the password. A PDF password remover is the simplest method, although there are others. In order to highlight text inside the PDF, you must first remove the password protecting it.


As you’ve gone through the content, you may have come to know that this article is diverse in every term because we have discussed the best highlighting tool available on Mac and Windows. UPDF is preferred worldwide because of the variety of options and how simple it is. We have also listed steps that you can follow to highlight PDF using UPDF.