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How to Open Attachments in PDF with 2 Effortless Ways

Research professionals can attach files and review papers to give material to the users to verify the information provided in the paper. Students can use the extensive data attached to the research paper to boost their understanding of the given information. If you are a student, you might be thinking about how to open attachments in PDF documents.

In this article, we will guide you through all the methods to open attachments with the help of different PDF tools. After going through this article, anyone can view PDF attachments for research and understanding purposes.

Method 1. How to Open Attachments in PDF with UPDF

UPDF is an AI-featured-packed PDF tool with several annotation features, including a PDF attachment feature. With the help of this feature, you can open all the attachments embedded in the PDF file. In addition to opening an attached file in PDF, users are allowed to remove or add particular attachments to PDFs. You can even adjust the color and opacity settings of the attachment icon for personalization.

Moreover, users also get to edit the description of the attached file in your document. You can place the attachment icon beside a specific paragraph to facilitate the understanding of its content. All these attachment features will play a role in the better comprehension of PDF content.

Step-by-Step Instruction to Open Attached Files in PDF

Once you are aware of the functionality of this feature, you are now ready to learn about how to open attachments in PDF. The following steps will help you to view PDF attachments in the simplest way possible via UPDF:

Step 1: Download UPDF to Access PDF Attachment Feature

First, you must download UPDF on your device to access the PDF attachment feature. To do so, click the "Free Download" button below and install the software on your device to kick-start the process. Afterward, you have to open the PDF containing different valuable attachments.

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open attached file in pdf open file

Step 2: Go to the Comment Mode

After successfully opening the PDF, hit the "Comment" icon present on the bottom left of your screen. By doing so, you will be able to see all the annotation tools available.

If the document already contains an attachment, and you just want to open it. Navigate to the attachment, and click it to reveal the floating toolbar. Click the first icon, which is "Open Attachment". Alternatively, simply double-clicking the attachment icon will also help you open the attachment.

open attached file in pdf updf

Step 3: Hit the Open Attachment Button

Once you press the "Open Attachment" button on this drop-down menu, you will see a pop-up message alerting you about the associated risks. After going through the message, click on the "Open Attachment" button to successfully access the attached PDF.

how to open attachment in pdf in updf

Note: If you haven't added any attachments, you can click the "Attachment" tool on the top menu, select the attachment icon, color, and opacity, and click anywhere you want to put the attachment. Select the file you want to attach from your device and click "Open".

open attachment in pdf add attachment

Video guide on How to Open Attachments in PDF on Windows

Method 2. How to Open PDF Attachments in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat also has a useful PDF attachment feature that allows you to open any attachment linked to documents. All you have to do is access the "Comment" mode in this tool to insert or remove any attachment type from the file. Now that you are familiar with most of the features of this tool let's dig deep into its workings.

Step 1: After uploading your PDF containing attachments on Adobe Acrobat, click on the "Comment" icon in the right side toolbar to access annotation mode. In this mode, you will see a list of all the attachments available in your PDFs.

Step 2: Now, scroll down the comment list to find the attachment you want to open. Once you see the attachment you were looking for, click on that PDF attachment to see it highlighted on the specific location in your document.

open pdf attachments in adobe

Step 3: Finally, double-click on the "Attachment" icon to access the "Open File" dialog box. On this warning box, you will see a message alerting you about the potential viruses. Here, hit the "OK" button to open the attached file in PDF.

open pdf attachments in adobe

Comparing the 2 Methods to Open Embedded Attachments in PDF

Now that you have an understanding of both tools, you will be able to choose the best one to view PDF attachments. If you are still not sure about the most appropriate tool for your needs, go through this comparison table between Adobe Acrobat and UPDF to make the decision easier for you.

MetricsUPDFAdobe Acrobat
PricingYearly Plan: US$29.99
Perpetual Plan: US$49.99
Acrobat Pro: US$29.99 per month
Acrobat Standard: US$22.99 per month
PDF Attachment Feature
ProsMultiple Attachment Icons
User-Friendly Interface
Fast Processing Speed
Feature Rich Annotation Tool
Famous in the industry
ConsFree Version adds watermarks when saving filesPricing Issues
Require Learning Curve
System SupportAndroid, iOS, macOS, WindowsmacOS, Windows, Android, iOS

All the points discussed above prove that UPDF is a better tool to open attached files in PDF. Anyone can view PDF attachments using the help of this simple-to-use tool. Moreover, pricing plans are the biggest factor compelling the users to choose UPDF for their PDF needs. So, without wasting any time, you should upgrade to the UPDF Pro version to enjoy all the features this tool offers.  

FAQs on Opening Attachments in PDF

Q1. Why can't I open a PDF attachment?

If you cannot open a PDF attachment, there can be various factors causing this issue. Your PDF file may be corrupted due to downloading issues. Moreover, you can also be using faulty tools preventing you from viewing PDF attachments. All these issues can be avoided with the help of UPDF, the best tool to open attached files in PDF.

Q2. Can I attach a PDF file to a PDF?

Yes, you can easily attach a PDF file to another PDF using the "Attachment" feature of UPDF. All you need to do is access the Comment mode and click the "Attachment" icon to add a new PDF attachment to your document. Afterward, you can choose the desired icon style and color to represent the attached file.

Q3. Why do we need to attach and open files in PDF?

Attaching files in a PDF allows you to share additional information, enhancing the document's understanding and context. Moreover, opening these attached files ensures accessibility to this additional data or resources, streamlining information access within a single document. This facilitates organized and comprehensive communication and collaboration.

Final Words

As discussed throughout the article, the attachment feature is a valuable tool to boost the understanding of PDF content. We hope that all the information given here has answered your question about how to open attachments in PDF. Both tools discussed above can do a good enough job to help you open attachments.

However, if you are searching for the best tool to complete this task, UPDF is the best tool available. So, click on the "Free Download" button below to try out all the attachment features of this tool.

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