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How to Remove Stamp from PDF? Step-by-Step Instructions

A stamp is a unique illustration of an image or text placed on a document as a mark or indication. The stamps are used for adding a watermark or official seal to a PDF file to make it an official or legal document. However, in some cases, you need to remove stamps from PDF. But how can you remove a stamp from a PDF? In this article, you will find the best PDF tool - UPDF to perform stamp removal from PDF. You can click the below button to download UPDF and follow the below guide to remove stamps from PDF.

Part 1: How to Remove a Stamp from a PDF (2 Ways)

To remove a stamp from a PDF, you need to use one effective tool. Here, we recommend you to use UPDF. UPDF is the ideal solution as it can help you remove the stamps directly created by PDF tools. Even if your stamps are added as an image, you can also use it to remove them. Meanwhile, with UPDF, you can add stamps to your PDFs in more than 100 styles and preferences. And UPDF has more features, you can watch the below video guide to learn more.

So, no more wait! Click the below button to download UPDF here and try its stamp-removing features now.

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To know how stamps are removed from PDF, follow the simple steps here:

Way 1. Remove Stamps from PDF by Stamp Deleting

Coming with stamp creation, UPDF also offers stamp-removing features. If your stamps are created by PDF editors, then, you can use this method to remove stamps from PDF easily.

Step 1: Open the Stamped PDF Document

Open UPDF software on your Windows PC or MacBook and click the "Open File" press from the main screen to import your stamped PDF document.

how to remove stamp from pdf

Step 2: Remove the Unwanted Document Stamp from PDF

Once your PDF gets opened, click the "Comment" icon on the left toolbar. Then you can follow the three methods below to remove the stamp from PDF:

  • Click to select the unwanted stamp and press the "Bin" icon from the below pop-up menu.
  • You can also press the "Delete" key from your keyboard to delete the stamp from PDF.
  • You can also right-click on the stamp, and choose the "Delete" option from the options.
remove stamp from pdf

It is super easy to remove stamps of this type.

Way 2. Remove Image Stamp from PDF by Image Deleting

If your stamps are added as images, you can use UPDF's image feature to remove the stamps easily. Here are the steps:

Open PDF with UPDF. Click on the "Edit". Now, you can click on the image stamp to select it, right-click on it to select "Delete Image". Once everything is done. Click on the "File" > "Save" to save the PDF without image stamp on the PDF.

Part 2: How to Remove a Stamp from a Restricted PDF

A restricted PDF is an encrypted or locked document with different security measures. This means you cannot modify the PDF file. Similarly, you cannot remove the stamp from restricted PDF with the methods introduced above. However, with UPDF, you can remove the stamp from the PDF by following the below steps:

Step 1: Remove the Restrictions First

Open the restricted file in UPDF and continue to access the "Protect Using Password" option from the right-side toolbar. Then, choose the "Remove Security" option and press the "Remove" button from the pop-up. Next, enter the password to unlock the PDF from password protection.  

remove stamp from locked pdf

Step 2: Delete the Unwanted Stamp from the PDF

Afterward, save the unlocked PDF document on your system and then follow the same instructions guided in Part 1 to delete the stamp you no longer need in your file.

Download UPDF and remove the stamp now by following the detailed guide above!

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Part 3: How to Create a Stamp that Can't be Removed?

Adding a personal stamp to your document can make your PDF look professional and official. This is a way to protect your content from getting stolen as a copyright infringement. However, people may remove your stamp to use your content from the document. It's possible to create a stamp that can't be removed to overcome this issue. You'll find here two methods to proceed with:

Method 1: Flattening the PDF

When you flatten the PDF, the document security improves, which helps prevent unauthorized access. So, when a PDF gets flattened, annotations are automatically converted into static content. This makes it harder for anyone to alter the document's content, including stamps. To flatten the PDF, follow simple and easy steps here:

Step 1: Add the Desired PDF Stamp

Launch UPDF and import your PDF using the "Open File" option. After you import your PDF file into the UPDF, continue to click the "Comment" icon from the screen's left side. Move further by clicking the "Stamp" icon from the top of the screen. Select your desired stamp from the "Stamp" drop-down menu and add it to the document. You can also use the "Custom" option to create your stamp.

how to remove sign here stamp in pdf

Step 2: Flatten the Stamped PDF Document

Continue to click the "Save as Other" icon from the toolbar on the right side. A panel will open where you need to click the "Save as Flatten" option.

how to remove stamp from pdf document

Proceed to choose between options like "Flatten Annotations and Forms," "Flatten Watermarks," and "Flatten Cropped Pages." At last, click "Save As" to save your flattened document in the desired location.

how to remove stamp from pdf

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Method 2: Add Password Protection

Password protection is an added layer of security within PDF documents. This is a way to protect your confidential content from getting into the wrong hands due to unauthorized access. Thus, with password protection, you can limit who can edit your document. To add password protection to your PDF, these steps will help you move forward:

Step 1: Access the UPDF Password Options

After creating a stamp for your PDF, head into the "Protect Using Password" tool from the sidebar options on the screen's right side.

remove stamp from pdf add passsword protection

Step 2: Apply the Password Protection

From the "Encrypt with Password" expanded menu, you need to select the "Permissions" option.

how to remove stamp from pdf document

A small window will open where you must set your desired password in the "Permissions Password" and "Confirm Permissions Password" boxes. Press the "Apply" button, and then click "Save" to save your protected document in the desired location on the device.  

how to remove stamp from pdf

It is very simple to create a stamp that cannot be removed with UPDF. If you have a similar demand, do not hesitate to download UPDF!

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FAQs on Removing Stamps from PDF 

1. How to remove the sign here stamp in PDF?

UPDF is the best solution for all your stamp-related tasks within the document. Meanwhile, to answer your question, how to remove the sign here stamp in PDF? Follow the simple and easy instructions discussed here:

Instructions: Open your PDF file. Move into the commenting option by clicking the "Comment" icon on the left toolbar first. Click the stamp and this opens a small panel where you need to click the "Bin" icon to delete the sign here stamp in your PDF.

2. How to remove the date stamp from PDF?

To remove a date stamp from PDF, import your PDF to the UPDF by clicking "Open File" from the main interface and clicking "Comment". Afterward, tap on the stamp, and press the "Bin" icon from the prompt to delete the stamp. It's also possible to use the "Del" key from the keyboard to remove the stamp after you select it.

3. Can you remove a stamp seal without damaging it?

It's possible to remove a stamp seal without damaging it when you use UPDF. The platform is safe, secure, and super-efficient while handling stamp removal in a PDF. If you want to know how to remove stamps from PDF with accuracy, UPDF is the answer.

4. How do I remove a stamp that is a watermark?

If you want to remove a watermark stamp from your PDF, UPDF has the best solutions to help you. After importing your PDF file, click the "Page Tools" icon from the tool’s toolbar on the screen's left side. Afterward, select the "Watermark" tool to apply editing to the watermark. Click the "Remove Watermark" icon from the screen's right side under the document preview.


Stamps are essential annotation tools that make your PDFs illustrative, legal, and seal official. However, a need to remove the stamp from the PDF document may exist for editing purposes. In this article, you discovered different ways to remove stamps from PDF documents. 

You also learned about the UPDF PDF editor, which assists you with stamp removal and provides AI features. One of its features is like ChatGPT, through which you can ask anything to get your answers related to your document, e.g., what is OCR? Besides, you can also use this tool to edit, annotate, convert, and protect your PDF documents easily. Download and try it out today! Also, you can read the objective review of UPDF on the How-To-Geek site to take a look at UPDF in the eyes of others.

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