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What is a Text Callout? How to Add Callout in PDF? ( A Complete Guide)

We all have important information in a text that we want to mark for easy navigation. There may be mistakes in the text that you want to highlight for future reference. In both cases, using a text callout is a perfect thing.

After all, with a text callout, you can draw a reader's attention by placing an arrow marked text box. In this article, you will find information about text callout and also learn ways to add it in PDF using UPDF.

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Part 1: How to Add a Text Callout to PDF on Mac

For adding a text callout to your PDF on Mac, using the UPDF for Mac is the best solution. After all, the platform allows you to edit your PDF text and you can also change the font style, size, and color. You can even edit the images in PDF, add headers and footers or apply watermarks to your essential documents.

Moreover, annotate your PDF with likes of comments, text box, underlining, highlighting, etc. Are you looking forward to adding a text callout to your PDF document on Mac? Find here the simple and easy steps to follow:

Step 1: Access the Comment Tool

Download and launch UPDF on your MacBook, and press the "Open File" tab from the home screen to locate the PDF file. After selecting and opening your desired PDF file, click the "Comment" icon from the toolbar on the left side.

callout text in the comment tab

Step 2: Choose the Text Callout Tool

Different functions will appear on the screen's middle, including "Sticky Notes," "Highlight," "Strikethrough," "Underline," and more. Press the "Text Callout" icon, and a panel will appear.

Drag the mouse on the area where you need to add a text callout. The box will be placed, and you can now write the text and drag the arrow to point to anywhere you want.

There are also options to change "Text Color," "Border Color," "Background Color," "Font," and "Font Size."

choose the text callout icon

Finally, save the changes. To save your modified PDF, click the "Save as Other" tool from the toolbar on the screen's right side. Afterward, press the "Save As" option to set the location and save the edited document on the MacBook.

Part 2: How to Add a Text Callout to PDF on iPhone and iPad

You can add a text callout to your PDF by using UPDF for iOS. Overall, UPDF is the best PDF editing and annotating tool for iOS users since it allows you to edit PDF documents and annotate PDFs with various tools.

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To learn how to apply text callout to PDF using UPDF for iPhone and iPad, these simple steps will help you move forward:

Step 1: Click the "Pen" Icon

Open the UPDF app on your iPhone or iPad, tap the "+" icon, and select the "Files" option to import your PDF file to the UPDF application. Tap on the "Pen" icon and select the "Text" icon from the toolbar on the screen's bottom.

what is text callouts

Step 2: Use the Text Callout Feature on iPhone and iPad

Now press the "Text Callout" icon, place the text box on the desired area, and write the text as needed. You can even customize the text by clicking the box and adjusting through the "Properties" option.

text callouts on ios

To save your document, tap the "v" icon from the top-left corner. From the drop-down menu, select the "Save" option.

Part 3: How to Add a Text Callout to PDF on Android

Are you looking to add a text callout to your PDF on an Android smartphone? UPDF for Android is exactly what you need in this regard. After all, UPDF allows you to edit, annotate and manage your PDF documents on Android. There is also a possibility to organize PDF pages by re-arranging, extracting, splitting, rotating, and more. Furthermore, you can also use the UPDF Cloud facility to share PDFs with your other devices.

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To apply text callout to your PDF using the UPDF for Android, these simple and easy steps are a great assistance to move forward:

Step 1: Access the "Pen" Tool

Launch and open the UPDF application on your Android device and tap the "All PDFs" tab from the home screen. Select your PDF file, open it, press the "Pen" icon from the screen's top, and then click the "Text" option.

callout text on the comment icon

Step 2: Add a Text Callout to PDF on Android

Continue to select the "Text Callout" tool, place the box in the desired area, and write the text as needed. To save the document, tap the "Three Dots" icon and press the "Save" option to save your text callout on the document permanently.

text callouts on android

Part 4: What is a Text Callout? When Should You Use a Callout in PDF?

A callout text is a graphical text element that is illustrated within a box. Basically, this text callout box is used to highlight and draw a reader's attention to a specific text. The callout can be of square, rectangle, oval, circle, or any shape. Meanwhile, an arrow or line connects the callout to the text. Meanwhile, in what scenarios should you use a text callout in PDF? Find some important scenarios here:

  • Cross-Referencing: In a particular document, referencing information may exist for which text callouts could be used to create pointers and links. This helps readers easily navigate within content interlinked with different sections.
  • Comparative Analysis: Text callouts could be beneficial when you compare different solutions, products, or options. After all, they can highlight the advantages, disadvantages, and other key points that add value. Thus, decision-making will become easier because of streamlined comparative analysis.
  • Translation Documents: If you're looking to create a document with multilingual content, you can use text callouts as a way to translate them for particular audiences. The text callouts will have translations for the sentences, phrases, or different sections. 
  • Data or Statistical Representation: The documents with graphs, data charts, or statistical information need more clarity. Text callouts can be a great addition to explaining trends and highlights happening. The message and context of the statistical information will become transparent for the reader. 

Part 5: Benefits of Using Callout in PDF

A text callout is an excellent utility for making a PDF more interesting. But what are the reasons that make it unique? Let's discuss the benefits of callout text:

1. Visual Emphasis

Text callouts are graphical elements that bring pointing navigation to the text through illustration. This way, the reader's attention is grabbed uniquely. Thus, they will most likely read that specific part of the text marked with a text callout. Ultimately, this leads to increased interest and more engagement within the document.

2. Improved Understanding

Your document may possess technical or complex content. In this regard, using a text callout is an excellent option. You can also break down complex information into smaller parts with proper arrows, labels, and visual elements. Furthermore, it will become easier for readers to absorb and understand the provided content.

3. Enhanced Readability

Rather than cluttering the content area with correction details, the better and more organized way is using a text callout. After all, you can add all sorts of supplementary details in the text boxes provided by callouts. The presence of arrows and pointers can further make it easy to connect boxes with the desired text. Thus, the overall clarity of documents is maintained with improved readability. 

4. Assist Impairments 

Experience easy accessibility with text callouts. Overall, visual elements like arrows, lines, or icons exist that assist people with cognitive difficulties or visual impairments to navigate documents easily. This is done using screen reader software that allows callouts to be easily interpreted through labels. Henceforth, providing auditory cues to all visually impaired people.


Adding navigations to the content can be a great way to make your document more engaging and easier to understand. For this purpose, you need to use a text callout that provides pointed instructional navigations to the target text. Moreover, this article provided the best PDF annotator tool to add callouts to your PDFs.

The tool is UPDF, and you discovered ways to use it on different devices. Meanwhile, you also learned about what is text callout and in which scenarios you can use it in a comprehensive way.

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