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Top 3 Ways to Electronically Sign a PDF for Personalization

With the rapid digitalization, PDFs, along with MS Office files, have become a prominent source of documentation worldwide. As people are prominently using PDFs to share information, there is a need to verify this data for authenticity. To do so, professionals add an electronic signature to the PDF documents to give an idea to the readers about the credibility of the source.

In addition, these signs are an eco-friendly way to save pen and paper for document authentication. In this article, we will learn about how to electronically sign PDFs using simple methods. Once you go through the information, you can easily add e-signs to your documents for personalization.

Part 1: What is Electronic Signature?

An e-signature is a digital version of the handwritten signature for online document authentication. It's a way to confirm your approval of something using a computer, smartphone, and specialized software. When you electronically sign a PDF, you create a unique mark that shows your agreement. This can be a typed name, a drawn signature, or even a combination of symbols. It's a handy and efficient way to make agreements, especially in our increasingly digital and paperless world.

These kinds of signatures have become widely accepted in many industries for professional contracts. Moreover, electronic signatures are legally binding in most professional contracts. These signs have the ability to save time and resources while doing business online. If you are signing a contract or just acknowledging the receipt of an email, electronic signatures provide a secure way to confirm your intentions in the digital age.

Part 2: How to Electronically Create and Sign PDF with UPDF?

UPDF provides one of the best ways to add electronic signatures to PDF documents. You can easily access the "Comment" mode of this tool to personalize your documents with the help of the e-signs. Users have the option to create this electronic sign using the mouse, keyboard, and touchpad. In addition, you can adjust the thickness of the signature before adding it to your PDF document.

Moreover, UPDF gives you the chance to choose the color of your choice for customizing the e-signature. Once you add this electronic sign to the PDF, you can also adjust its opacity to make the document content clearer. All these annotation features of UPDF make it the best PDF tool to electronically sign a PDF.

Step-by-Step Guide to Add Electronic Signature to a PDF via UPDF

If you are wondering how to electronically sign a PDF using UPDF, we will give you a complete set of instructions to do so. After going through this section, you will be able to add e-signs to your documents with a few simple steps:

Step 1: Install the UPDF PDF Signature Creator on Your Device

To begin with, download the UPDF PDF signature generator and install it on your device. Afterward, open this signature maker on your screen and hit the "Open File" button from the main interface of this tool to add a PDF for adding electronic signs.

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Step 2: Access the Comment Mode for Adding E-Signs  

Once you have successfully added PDF to UPDF, click on the "Comment" icon on the left toolbar of your screen. Then, press the "Signature" feature present on the top menu bar to electronically sign a PDF using this tool. On the newly appeared menu, click the "Create" button to access a window to carry on this process.

how to esign a pdf on updf

Step 3: Create a Personalized Electronic Signature

After accessing this "Create Signature" window, you can either draw or type the e-sign for personalizing your files. Moreover, UPDF even allows you to play around with the color and thickness settings of your e-sign on this window. Finally, press the "Create" option on this particular window and click anywhere on the document to electronically sign the PDF file.

create signature updf


  • UPDF even allows you to add signature fields for digitally signing the PDFs for legal purposes.
  • You can effortlessly create and position your signatures quickly, thanks to the user-friendly interface and outstanding performance of this tool.
  • Users have the option to sign in with the UPDF account on four different devices to maintain a continuous workflow.
  • The regular update on this electronic signature maker allows users to personalize their documents in the latest manner.

If you also want to try out these personalization features of UPDF, click on the "Free Download" below. You can further upgrade to the UPDF Pro version to benefit from the limitless capabilities of this electronic signature creator.

Part 3: How to Electronically Sign PDF with Adobe Acrobat?

Adobe Acrobat is the oldest e-sign creator that allows users to add customized signatures to their files. Users can either type their initials or draw the sign by hand to personalize their documents. In addition to that, you can even add the image as an electronic signature using this innovative signature generator. While writing your name for signing documents, you can choose between various font styles for better customization.

Additionally, you can even request e-signatures from others using this multi-purpose PDF management tool. After adding the sign, Adobe Acrobat allows you to change the color and size of the signature as well. Let's analyze the steps to add an electronic signature to a PDF using this PDF editing tool:

Step 1: First, import the document to the Adobe Acrobat interface to start the process of adding customized e-signs. Then, proceed to click on the "Fill & Sign" tool present on the right toolbar on your screen to access various features to add a signature to your file.

choose file and sign tool

Step 2: On this newly appeared toolbar, hit the "Sign Yourself" button and then choose the "Add Signature" option. Afterward, you will reach a new window where you can type, draw, or add an image as the electronic signature. Once you finalize the signature design, hit the "Apply" button to further apply personalized changes to your sign.

press the apply button

Step 3: After creating a new electronic signature, click anywhere on the screen to add the sign of your choice to the document. Also, you can change the color and size of your e-sign using this efficient tool.

place the signature on pdf

Cons of Using Adobe Acrobat to Electronically Sign PDF:

  • Users don't get the option to adjust the opacity of their electronic signature using Adobe Acrobat.
  • If you only need to create an electronic signature for personal use, this tool is quite an expensive option for you.
  • You have limited options to customize the electronic and digital signature with the help of this tool.
  • Adobe Acrobat requires a learning curve to electronically sign the PDF documents.

Part 4: How to Add Electronic Signature to PDF with Preview?

Preview is a versatile tool for adding your electronic signature to digital documents with ease. Whether you want to use a trackpad or camera, this feature offers multiple options for creating your unique signature. Furthermore, with the Force Touch feature on Mac's trackpad, you have the ability to create a bold and distinct signature.

You can utilize the camera option for a precise image of your signature. All these features are there to make the signature creation process easier than ever for everyone. The following steps will help you electronically sign PDFs free of cost on Mac devices:

Step 1: After importing your PDF to the Preview app on Mac, hit the "Show Markup Toolbar" icon on the top toolbar to access the signature tool. On the newly appeared menu, click the "Sign" button to add the electronic signature to PDFs.

tap on markup toolbar

Step 2: Now, press the "Create Signature" button and choose the option through which you want to generate the signature. Then, press the "Trackpad" tab to draw a personalized e-sign according to your taste. Alternatively, you can choose the "Camera" option to add the signature drawn on the paper to your PDF files.

click on create signature button

Step 3: Once you have successfully created the sign, click on it and place it anywhere in the PDF for personalization. The added electronic signature can then be resized or moved to perfectly fit your document.

place signature on pdf

Cons of Using Preview to Add Electronic Signature to the PDF:

  • Preview is only available on Mac devices, limiting its use case to other users.
  • Users do not have the chance to change the opacity and color of their signature using this free app.
  • This tool for Mac is not suitable for business use, as it is designed for personal use.
  • You cannot add digital signatures with the help of this PDF signature creator.

Part 5: Benefits of Using an Electronic Signature for PDFs

Electronic signatures come with several important advantages that have transformed the way we work with documents and online transactions. One key benefit is that they help confirm the sender's identity, making it harder for fraudsters to deceive you. These signatures use special techniques to keep our documents safe as they travel online.

When someone signs a document with an e-signature, it becomes strong proof that they were involved, making it tough for them to deny it later. Plus, using these signatures can help us work more efficiently because we don't have to deal with paper documents. You can sign documents from anywhere with an internet connection, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, or faxing.

In addition, e-signs often use encryption and authentication measures to ensure the document's integrity to reduce the risk of forgery or tampering. Overall, digital signatures make our online interactions more secure, reliable, and convenient.


After reading this article, you'll be well-equipped to choose the right tool to add electronic signatures to PDFs. We've introduced you to the top 3 methods that enable you to electronically sign a PDF while allowing for various customizations.

However, if you're looking for the ultimate electronic signature generator, we recommend UPDF as your top choice. You can get started by clicking the "Free Download" option to access this efficient tool. Furthermore, for even more extensive features, consider upgrading to the UPDF Pro version, which offers limitless functionality.

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