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How to Sign a PDF on Windows 10/11? (3 Ways)

These days, official paperwork has gone digital with the rise of PDF documents. This document format allows you to store and share exact digital copies of important papers. Even after that, signatures are still necessary for authentication. However, learning how to sign a pdf on windows 10/11 is no longer complicated. Let's explore how the UPDF PDF editor can help you add signs using three effective methods.

Part 1. Sign a PDF Document on Windows 10/11 Via Creating Signatures

Tired of the signature struggle on Windows 10/11 PDFs? UPDF PDF editor is here to save the day. It's quick, engaging, and now supports digital signatures for added security. Just download UPDF via the link below, follow a few easy steps, and you're set. Customize your signature and simplify your PDF signing process.

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UPDF sign pdf feature

Besides, UPDF supports customizing signatures in PDF documents. This means you can make your signatures look how you want them to. Moreover, for added authenticity, you can even add stamps to your PDFs. UPDF also has AI features to simplify complex terms and summarize PDFs. Also, you can easily organize your PDF by adding new pages, including blank ones, for signing purposes. Learn how to create signs using this innovative tool:

Step 1: Access the Comment Options for Signature Icon

On your device, double-click the UPDF tool icon to access it. First, import the PDF to which you want to add a sign, then head to the left side toolbar and turn on the "Comment" mode. Now, from the top bar, tap the "Signature" icon and click the "Create" button.

Step 2: Create a Signature and Integrate it into PDF

Next, create a signature using the mouse or a keyboard as needed. You can even set the required color and size for your signature. When done, hit the "Create" button at the bottom of the dialog box and place the sign anywhere on your PDF with a single left click.

create signature using UPDF to add signatures to PDF on windows

Want to add signatures to PDF on Windows now? Download UPDF via the below link.

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Part 2. Add Signature to PDF on Windows Via Drawing

Using this PDF toolkit offers you many additional benefits apart from those basic editing features. One of these benefits is adding signs to your PDFs, as already discussed above. As you are familiar with creating signatures with built-in features, let's head to the next method. Here, learn about adding signs using the drawing method as discussed in the instructions below:

Instructions: Draw the Sign on the PDF Document

Once the PDF is open in UPDF, navigate to the "Comment" option in the left toolbar. Next, from the top side toolbar, hit the "Pencil" icon and draw the sign on PDF at the required point. Afterward, select the sign that you just drew, and tap the "Properties" icon to set its "Color," "Opacity," and "Thickness." Moreover, you can also add sticky notes, delete, or copy the sign.

Add Signature to PDF on Windows Via Drawing

You can download the UPDF on your Windows now via the below link to start using the pencil to sign PDF on Windows.

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Part 3. Add Signature to PDF on Windows Via Adding Images

The most convenient and easy method to add a signature to PDF on Windows is by adding a sign image saved on your system. This method helps you save time rather than creating and drawing a sign from scratch. Simply check out the instructions guided below and start making your PDFs legal:

Step 1: Import the Image Containing Your Sign

You have to import and open the required PDF using UPDF already. Then, find the "Edit PDF" button and access it from the left toolbar. Choose "Image" from the top toolbar and left-click anywhere on your PDF to add an image.

Edit pdf on Windows using UPDF

Step 2: Set the Image with Customized Settings

Afterward, this will open an “Open” window, and you can then import the image. Adjust the image to the required position and double-tap it. This will enable options to rotate the picture clockwise or anticlockwise, extract, crop, replace, or delete an image.

Adding an image to help you sign PDF on Windows is what you need? Click the link below to download UPDF and sign now.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Part 4. Add Digital Signature to PDF on Windows

As mentioned earlier, UPDF now offers the convenience of adding digital signatures to your PDFs, enhancing their security before sharing. Let's walk through the steps of adding digital signatures to PDFs on Windows using UPDF:

Step 1: Ensure that UPDF is installed on your Windows computer. If not, click the button below to install it.

Windows • macOS • iOS • Android 100% secure

Step 2: Open your PDF in it and go to the Prepare Form mode from the left panel.

Step 3: Next, select 'Digital Signature' from the top menu and place it in your desired location on the PDF.

Add digital signatures

Step 4: After that, go to the Reader mode to sign it.

Part 5. FAQS About Adding Signature to PDF on Windows

1. Can I add a signature to PDF for free on Windows?

No PDF editor comes built-in in Windows 10/11. However, installing the UPDF PDF editor on your Windows can assist you in real time in adding signatures to your PDFs. This tool is free to use and saves you time. Moreover, you can also make changes to your signatures at any point.

2. How do I create a handwritten signature for a PDF on Windows?

Creating handwritten signatures for a PDF using Windows 10/11 is relatively easy now. Download and install the UPDF tool on your device. Access this tool and head to the left toolbar to enter the "Comment" mode. There, choose the "Pencil" tool from the top toolbar and draw a signature on your PDF. Also, make any necessary changes if required.

3. How do I create a Digital Signature in Adobe Acrobat?

How to digitally sign a PDF in Windows 10 using Adobe Acrobat is comparatively easier. When you open this tool on your system, access the "Tools" section. Then, hit the "Use a Certificate" option from the left side panel. Continue this by clicking the "Digitally Sign" option and tapping the "OK" button in the dialog box.  

Afterward, continue with on-screen instructions, fill out the form with the required details, and tap the "Continue" button. Furthermore, type the password to your digital signature and follow the on-screen instructions to add the sign to your PDF file.  

4. How do I create a Digital Signature in Power PDF?

To easily create a digital signature in Power PDF, launch the tool first. Now, from the top menu bar, choose the "Forms" tab and then select the "Digital Signature Tool." Next, draw a box where you want to add a sign. Afterward, right-click the box and select the “Properties” option from the drop-down list. Then, under the “General” tab, customize the signature layout.

Following this, "Close" the properties menu box. From the left toolbar, choose the "Hand" icon, select the signature box, and tap the "Add" button. Now, choose the required options and head on to fill the form with "User Attributes" and "Profile File" and hit the "OK" button. Once saved, confirm the password and add this new sign to your PDF by clicking the “New” button.

Final Words

All in all, getting familiar with how to sign a PDF document on Windows 10/11 can be a major task, but not with UPDF. As discussed above, this tool is highly productive and offers a variety of options to add digital signatures or draw signatures. However, we have discussed the three potential methods so that users can choose the best.

Moreover, you can also keep a check on the UPDF AI feature and learn how this PDF editor with built-in AI features stands among other competitors. So, annotate PDF documents with signatures using the steps and instructions guided in this article before sharing them.

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