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How to Add Shapes to PDF in a Few Steps

Why do we need to add shapes to PDFs? Well, shapes hold great significance if you want to highlight a point. If an already-created PDF does not have a specific piece of information, you can add different shapes in the PDF folder and add points to it. This way, you will never be deprived of adding data to any PDF file. To enlighten the readers on this topic and introduce PDF annotating tools, we have discussed the following points.

Part 1. How to Add Shapes to PDF on Windows

Adding shapes to your PDF is significant as it makes the points prominent in your document. Here, we will discover how to add shapes in PDF on Windows:

UPDF is a robust PDF annotator that assists you in adding annotations to PDFs, including the insertion of shapes. It provides a range of shapes for you to incorporate, such as circles, rectangles, pentagons, and lines. Additionally, you can adjust the color, opacity, and thickness of these shapes.

Furthermore, UPDF offers an extensive array of annotation tools to enhance your PDFs, including highlighters, underlines, strikethroughs, sticky notes, stickers, stamps, and much more.

Download UPDF for a free trial and get ready to add shapes to your PDF for the ultimate perfection now!

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Add shapes to PDF

To add shapes to the PDF, you can follow the steps below.

Step 1. Import Your PDF File

Launch UPDF and import your PDF file by tapping on the "Open File" button.

Step 2. How to Add Shapes to PDF

Now you can click the "Comment" button on the left. This will help you enter into the commenting mode.

add shapes to pdf with comment feature

And then select the "Shape" icon. After that, you can select one of the shapes to insert as you desire. You can also set the properties of the shape, such as style, thickness, fill color, opacity, and border color.

After choosing the style, use your mouse to draw the shapes anywhere in the document.

how to add shapes in pdf with updf

Please note that UPDF supports adding shapes to PDF continuously. When the icon appears purple, then it means that you are in continuous mode. If you want to quit adding, click the icon again to quit.

Want to try out UPDF's versatile annotation tools for adding shapes? Get it now:

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Video Tutorial on How to Add Shape to PDF

Here's a detailed video guide for you to learn how to add shapes to PDF with UPDF for Windows:

Part 2. How to Add Shapes in PDF on Mac in 2 Ways

We have discussed how to add shapes to PDFs on Windows with the help of UPDF. Now, let's learn the process involved in adding shapes to a PDF on Mac:

Editing the text content or making it attractive for the readers is not so difficult for MacBook users, as UPDF enables them to edit and annotate the PDF smoothly. You can highlight the content, remove unnecessary lines, add important paragraphs, and organize your PDF, all with the help of one software.

The UPDF for Mac also assists in the annotation of the PDF by offering different shapes that you can add to your file and write content in it. Follow the given steps below to insert shapes in PDF with the UPDF software solution for Mac:

Way 1: Use the "Shapes" Tool

Step 1: Access UPDF for Mac

Access the UPDF interface on your MacBook and click on the "Open File" button to open the relevant PDF file. Or you can click the "Desktop" or "Document" option to select your PDF file directly from that storage.

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Step 2: Choose the "Comment" Icon

Now, you need to click on the "Comment" button from the left toolbar. Then you will see many annotating options.

insert shape in pdf comment mode in updf

Step 3: How to Insert Shapes in PDF

There will be an option for "Shapes" in the upper corner of the interface. Choose the fill color and border color. Then, click on the shape and draw it on the PDF page.

how to add shape to pdf on mac

Way 2: Use the "Pencil" Tool to Add Shapes to PDFs

Another way to use UPDF to add shapes to PDF on Mac is to use the "Pencil" tool in the comment mode. Make sure you have UPDF downloaded on your Mac computers.

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Step 1. Click the "Pencil" Tool

Click the "Pencil" icon on the top toolbar, and select the color of the pencil, the thickness, and the opacity.

how to insert shapes in pdf with pencil

Step 2. Draw Freehand Shapes into PDF

Now you can use the pencil to draw any shape you like on the PDF document. Check the image sample below:

Finally, after you make all changes, choose the "File" button from the upper corner of the interface and further choose "Save" to save the PDF file at the destination.

Part 3. How to Insert Shapes to PDF on iPhone and iPad

UPDF also supports the iOS system and you can use it to insert shapes into PDF on your iPhone and iPad. Below are the instructions on how to use UPDF on iOS:

Step 1. Import PDF to UPDF on iOS

First of all, get the iOS version on your devices from the App Store.

After you run UPDF, click the "+" button to import your PDF document and tap it to open.

add shapes to pdf on ios

Step 2. Insert Shapes to PDF on iOS

Now you will see a "Pencil" tool in the top-right corner. By clicking it, you will see the pencils available for drawing shapes below. Choose whatever you need and begin drawing.

insert shapes to pdf on iphone with pencil

Registered users can use UPDF on 4 platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. So, let's download it for a free trial now:

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Part 4: How to Insert Shapes to PDF on Android

UPDF for Android has great annotation tools too. You can add highlights, underline, strikethrough, squirrely lines, sticky notes, shapes, and a pencil.

Here are the steps on how to insert shapes into PDF on Android:

Step 1. Use the "Shape" Tool

Open a PDF in UPDF on Android. You need to click the "Markup" icon on the top-right corner.

Then you will see the "Shape" option. Choose the shape type you like and set the style of it. Then you can click anywhere on your document to add them.

add shapes to pdf on android

Step 2. Use the "Pencil" Tool

You can also use the "Pencil" tool to draw any shapes you like. Besides, you can select the color and other styles of the pencil.

add shapes to pdf on android with pencil

Download UPDF and get free access to its shape tools!

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Part 5. The Best PDF Annotator for Adding Shapes to PDF

We have learned the instructions for adding shapes to PDF documents. UPDF is the best and top-notch annotator for adding shapes to a PDF file. You not only add different shapes at different places in your PDF, but the software also assists in highlighting and underlining the content.

add shape in pdf with updf pdf annoattor

This annotator will help in adjusting the page layout of the file according to the size of the screen. Moreover, you can also add a bookmark on the PDF for navigating it easily. If you want to find a specific line in the document, you can search for it and find it. Most importantly, this annotator encrypts your PDF document and allows you to lock it with a strong password. It also has an OCR to help you turn scanned PDFs into editable PDFs.

UPDF stands out as it annotates, edits, converts, and organizes PDFs all in one place. You can add comments in the shapes to insert important points in the file. With its easy-to-use interface, you can easily edit and organize PDF and save the edited version on your devices.


UPDF allows you to add shapes to PDF on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices. UPDF can do more than that, it is an all-in-one PDF editor to solve all PDF problems. All the operations you want to do with PDF can be done by UPDF. UPDF is so powerful that people who have used it can't stop talking about it. Give it a try!

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