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Top 5 PDF Stamp Creator Tools and How to Use Them

Stamp creators are useful tools for anyone, whether you're an individual, a small company, or a large company. A stamping tool allows you to add an image to your PDF, typically to mark its status. Common stamps are 'Approved', 'In Review', 'Draft', and 'Sign Here'. Individuals use PDF stamp creator tools to mark the date and time on a document, its confidentiality status, and copyright status, whilst big businesses can use this tool for branding, compliance, quality control and to make their processes more efficient if multiple teams are working on one document.

Read on to discover the best PDF stamp creators and how to use them.

Top 5 PDF Stamp Makers in 2023

So, you're looking to add a stamp to your PDF document. With many great options to choose from, how can you select the right product for your PDF? Here's a list of the top five PDF stamp creators, which allow you to add signature stamp in PDF .

1. UPDF PDF Stamp Creator

UPDF is a great PDF stamp Maker tool for individuals and businesses alike. Its user-friendly, intuitive interface makes it simple for users to add stamps to their PDF documents.

First, download the software for free and follow the instructions on your device to complete the setup. Next, open your PDF in UPDF by clicking 'Open File' or by dragging your PDF into the program. Then you'll want to click 'Comment' in the toolbar on the left. Tap on the stamp icon on the toolbar at the top to open the PDF stamp creator. Here, you can choose from a pre-made stamp such as 'Approved', 'Revised', 'Confidential', or 'Sign here', or create your own custom stamp by selecting 'Custom'. After adding, you can add notes to the stamp, delete, or copy the stamp.

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PDF stamp creator updf

In addition to the annotation feature (which contains the PDF stamp creator, and also allows users to add stickers, comments, and signatures), UPDF has many other great features.

  • Users can edit PDFs directly without converting.
  • Turn image-based or scanned PDF into searchable and editable text with OCR.
  • Convert PDFs to other formats such as JPEG images and Microsoft Word documents, etc.
  • Users can also benefit from the advanced AI technology that UPDF has to create automatic summaries for their PDF documents at the click of a button.

Download UPDF for free today to get access to these features and more. Browse the paid plans to get even more value and enjoy an exclusive discount when you subscribe on an annual basis.

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2. Adobe Stamp Creator

The next best PDF stamp maker on the market is the Adobe stamp creator. This platform seamlessly integrates with many devices, making it easy to customize your PDF with stamps and stickers quickly and easily.

So, how can you add a stamp in Adobe? First, open your PDF in Adobe. Then select 'Tools', then 'Comment', then 'Stamps', and finally 'Show Stamps Palette'. From here you can choose a category from the stamp menu and simply select the stamp you want to insert into your document. Click the area of the document where you want to insert the stamp. Alternatively, clicking the stamp icon will insert your most recently used stamp.

If you want to insert a custom stamp, this is also can be done in Adobe. From the Stamps Palette, click 'Import' and select your image file. The image can be in a wide variety of formats, including JPEG and Adobe Illustrator formats. Scroll to the page on which you want to insert the stamp and click 'OK'. Then, either choose a category from the menu or type a new category name and name the custom stamp so you can find it easily in the future. Adobe also lets users create dynamic stamps.

PDF stamp creator adobe

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3. Foxit PDF Stamp Maker

Foxit's PDF Editor suite is another impressive tool for editing and annotating PDFs. With a wide variety of standard stamps to choose from, it's a great option for businesses needing dynamic or custom stamping in addition to the standard stamps.

To insert a stamp in Foxit's PDF stamp creator tool, first open your PDF on the platform. Select the 'Comment' tab, choose 'Stamps' then click the stamp button. Choose a stamp from the menu to insert into your document. If you want more options, select 'Stamps' then 'Create' then 'Show Stamps Palette'. This option will display the categories of stamps available, from which users can choose the most appropriate option for their document. When you've selected the correct stamp, simply click on the document to adjust the position, or drag a rectangle onto the page to adjust the size and placement more carefully.

Users can also use Foxit's PDF stamp maker to create and insert custom stamps. Simply select 'Create custom stamp' from the stamp menu and select 'Browse'. Choose your image to upload, add a custom name for it, and insert it into your document.

PDF stamp creator foxit

4. Nitro Pro PDF Stamp Creator

Nitro Pro also has a fantastic stamp creator tool. The friendly interface is easy for users to navigate, and the software comes with many other great features like PDF editing, converting, and summarizing functions.  

To insert a stamp in Nitro Pro, first open your document in the program. Head to the 'Review' tab and find 'Review Tools'. Click 'Stamp' to insert the stamp used most recently or click the downward arrow next to 'Stamp' to choose from four options: 'Recently Used', 'Standard', 'Dynamic', or 'Custom'. After selecting the stamp type that you want, and after following the on-screen instructions, put the stamp where you want it to be on the document by clicking. Then alter the size and position by clicking on the stamp.

PDF stamp creator nitro pro

5. PDF Reader Pro Stamp Maker

PDF Reader Pro is a great tool for users on all kinds of devices; Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android users are all welcome and able to use this platform.

To use the stamp creator tool on PDF Reader Pro, first open your document. Then, select 'Tools' and click 'Stamp'. Choose from the three options available: Standard, Custom, and Dynamic. Standard stamps include commonly-used stamps like 'Reviewed', 'Approved', and 'Draft', while custom stamps allow the user to import their own image file to use as a stamp. The dynamic stamp option will give users a stamp that adds the date and time too. Users should follow the on-screen instructions for whichever stamp type suits their needs, and then right-click on the inserted stamp to delete it, copy it, or add a note to it.

PDF stamp creator pdf reader pro

Comparison Chart of Top 5 PDF Stamp Creators

UPDFUser-friendly interface
a wide variety of functions
Affordable annual pricing
There are no cons found currentlyCheapest plan is US$29.99 per year, and with one premium account, you can use on 4 devices.
Adobe AcrobatLots of options for editing and annotating a PDFComplex interface
The cheapest plan is US$10.75 per month for one license, with more comprehensive plans available to unlock more features
FoxitQuick to use
Good interface with lots of functionality
Large documents and images can cause lag
Complicated pricing options
Cheapest plan is US$10.75 per month for one license, with more comprehensive plans available to unlock more features
Nitro ProThe free version is very limitedEasy to use, the interface is not too complicatedUS$129.99 per user, or Pro license US$179.99 per user; these are one-off costs
PDF Reader ProEasy to use, interface is not too complicatedAds can be frustrating
Some features must be purchased separately
Premium license is US$59.99, and permanent license is US$79.99

FAQs on Choosing the Best PDF Stamp Creator

What is a PDF stamp creator used for?

PDF stamps have many uses. They most commonly mark document approval, from various stages from 'In Review' all the way to 'Approved'. They are also useful for marking a document as 'Confidential', and material as 'Copyrighted'.

They can also be used to mark where to sign a PDF document and the date and time at which a document was approved or signed. They are useful to monitor quality within a business and to record changes to a PDF. They can be used to insert a company's branding onto pages of a PDF document, and for team members to provide feedback to other team members.

In summary, the uses of a PDF stamp are:

  • Document status updates e.g. 'In Review' or 'Approved'
  • Marking confidentiality
  • Marking copyrighted material
  • Date and time stamping
  • Company branding
  • Quality management
  • Feedback delivery

What is the best PDF stamp creator?

UPDF is the best PDF stamp maker on the market at the moment. Its user-friendly interface and affordable pricing make it the favorite option for both individuals and companies.

Is there a free PDF stamp creator online?

It is unusual to find a free PDF stamp creator. Most free PDF editing software omits the stamping function, as it tends to be a more premium tool. However, UPDF's affordable pricing is hard to beat, with the cheapest plan coming in at just US $29.99 per year.

In conclusion, there are many great PDF stamp creators for users to choose from. If you prioritize a wide range of functions and a simple user interface, then UPDF is the option for you. Download UPDF for free here to try out the interface and the fantastic PDF stamp-making feature.

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