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How to Remove Highlight from PDF

Highlighting important details in a PDF file is the most common technique to review critical concepts. However, this technique may not be helpful in every scenario and situation. For example, if you want to print a final document or like to share the PDF file for professional purposes, you don’t need highlighted text. For such situations, it’s essential to remove all highlight from PDF before making a final draft. Learn the easiest way to remove highlights from PDF through this well-composed article.

Part 1: Two Ways to Remove Highlight in PDF on Windows

For Windows, there are multiple PDF tools that you can use to unhighlight PDF. In the following part, we will recommend trustworthy PDF editors known as Adobe Acrobat and Foxit. For your convenience, we have listed down the steps for both PDF tools.

1. Unhighlight PDF in Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat provides a reliable platform for Windows users to create, organize, sign and protect PDF documents. Apart from the editing options, you can make improve your reading and reviewing experiences through their annotation tools. These tools include options to highlight, underline and strike out the text with an enhanced user interface.  

If you come across a highlighted PDF document, Adobe Acrobat can instantly remove all highlights from the PDF with a single click. To know the method of how to remove highlights in PDF, check the below steps:

Step 1: Open the Adobe Acrobat tool and navigate to the “My Computer” button to open the PDF file. Click on “Browse” and select the file that you want to edit.

remove all highlights from pdf

Step 2: Once done with importing the file, click on the highlighted text, and the option to “Delete” highlight will pop up. Tap on this option to remove highlights from the selected text.

unhighlight pdf

2. Remove Highlight from PDF in Foxit PDF Reader

Another famous tool for PDF files is Foxit PDF Reader, which lets you edit numerous PDF files. You can perform various functions on PDF documents in its secure and friendly user interface. Along with editing features, you can also use its annotation features for adding comments, sticky notes, and highlighting the content for your ease.

Similarly, this tool can be used to unhighlight text in PDF documents to offer flexibility for the users. To remove highlights from the content through Foxit, the steps are:

Step 1: Launch Foxit PDF Reader on your computer and proceed to the “Open Files” option to import the PDF file on the tool.

undo highlighting in pdf

Step 2: Once you are done with importing the file, click on the icon of “Comments” displayed on the left panel. Through this, you can see all the highlighted text in your document on your screen.

Step 3: Click on any highlighted text that you want to unhighlight from this tool. Now, click on the three-dot icon next to the comment option, and select “Delete” from the displayed options. Thus, the selected text will be unhighlighted instantly.

how to erase highlight in pdf

Part 2: Two Solutions to Unhighlight PDF on Mac

Are you trying to remove all highlights from PDF on Mac? In this section, we will address two famous PDF tools that will be compatible with Mac users.

1. How to Remove Highlights from PDF with UPDF

UPDF comes across as a complete and advanced PDF tool specially designed for Mac OS. This tool offers an exceptional experience for the reader to view and highlight PDF on Mac through various features. Through their platform, you can make your notes regarding specific topics by highlighting the important definitions.

remove highlight from pdf updf

Even though highlighted content stands out and helps us in revising the important text, however, to share the final version of the PDF, you should unhighlight the content. UPDF gives you the option to remove the highlight in PDF anytime you prefer. To successfully unhighlight the text in a PDF file, get the instructions below:

Step 1: Open PDF Document

Initiate the tool UPDF on your computer and open its interface. To import the PDF file, click on the “Open File” option and choose the file you want to upload.

open file in updf

Step 2: Proceed to Comment Tool

After uploading the PDF file to the tool, navigate to the “Comment” option that you can find on the top menu bar. This option will provide you with several annotation features that you can utilize.

comment tab in updf

Step 3: Select Text to Unhighlight

After clicking on the markup tool, select the highlighted text and then tap on the “Delete” option in the toolbox to unhighlight it.

2. How to Remove Highlight in PDF with Preview

If you don’t want to install PDF applications on your Mac, you can utilize a default app called Preview on your Mac. This app also allows the users to open and read PDF documents conveniently and offers tons of features.

The markup tools of Preview help the users to write suggestions, comments and highlight the text in a PDF. If you want to erase the highlight on any specific text, Preview gives you an easy way to erase the highlight from the content.

Step 1: Open the default app of Preview on your Mac to use its main interface. Upload the PDF file on this app through the option of "Open."

how to delete highlight in pdf

Step 2: Now select the highlighted text and press “Control + Click” through your MacBook. By doing so, a small menu will pop up from which tap on “Remove Highlight." Hence, the selected text will be unhighlighted immediately.

unhighlight text in pdf

Part 3: How to Remove All Highlights from PDF Online

Are you looking for an online tool to remove all highlights from PDFs? For this part, we recommend you PDFescape as an online PDF editor that will assist you in using annotation features comfortably. You can add sticky notes, comments, and suggestions through this online platform. Moreover, you can highlight any specific part of the file through their annotation features.

Also, to know how to delete all highlights in PDF, the steps are pretty simple and basic in this online tool:

Step 1: Open the online site of PDFescape and upload your file through the device. The PDF document must be less than 10 MB and 100 pages.

delete all highlights in pdf

Step 2: Once you have successfully uploaded the PDF file, click on the highlighted text, and the tool will automatically display the option of "Delete." Tap on this option to unhighlight the text from your PDF file.

remove highlight in pdf online


Highlighting the PDF files can offer great assistance in terms of revising complicated concepts and definitions. This technique is effective, but you cannot apply it in situations where you want to submit a final document or want to print a document. Take instructions from this article on how to remove highlights in PDF through reliable tools. For Mac users, trust UPDF as an all-in-one tool to read and edit PDF files.