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How to Remove Comments from PDF with 2 Easy Ways

Teachers often add comments in the PDF files for the students to give suggestions, ideas, or explanations. In this way, students can get a better idea of their shortcomings by reading comments added to their assignments in PDF files. However, to craft a final document, it's important to remove comments from PDF files.

By deleting the comments, you can share the final document, or you can print it for your submission. To do so, this article will shed light on how to remove comments from PDFs using proficient PDF tools.

Part 1: How to Remove Comments from PDF?

If you want to delete comments in PDF efficiently, the best and most cost-effective tool would be UPDF. UPDF has successfully made a positive reputation as an efficient tool due to its compelling features and offered options. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android systems. You can get UPDF from the following button.

By navigating to its annotation tools, you can add comments by creating text boxes, adding sticky notes, or inserting various stickers with a single click. In your created text boxes, you can easily add suggestions or questions in accordance with your desire.

After adding comments, you can also quickly delete them instantly to make a final draft of your PDF file. Apart from its annotating features, this tool can also be used for editing text properties by adding variations to its style, font, and size. Along with that, you can insert images into the PDF files by importing them from your device with no effort.

updf annotation tools

UPDF's Annotation Features

  • Markups: You can highlight PDF, underline PDF, strikethrough PDF, and add squiggly lines to the text in PDF.
  • Notes: You can add text boxes, sticky notes, callouts, and typewriters to PDFs.
  • Add Stamps: UPDF has an interesting feature through which you can add stamps to PDF files to make them unique and captivating. It provides many classic stamp templates for you to use directly. Also, you can customize and import up to 40 stamps from your PC and can add them in PDFs flawlessly.
  • Create Drawings: Through the annotating option, you can use its pencil tool to add hand-drawn diagrams to your PDFs for your science subjects.
  • Hundreds of Stickers: UPDF provides many various stickers with you to make annotations on PDF with ease.

Steps to Delete Comments in PDF Using UPDF

Step 1: Open PDF File

Launch the UPDF tool and tap on the "Open File" button. Open the PDF file on this tool from browsing through your computer. If you haven't installed UPDF, you can download it from the below button first.

Step 2: Remove Comments from PDFs

Now, you can see the added comments on your PDF file.

  • Click the "Comment" icon on the left sidebar to enter the annotation mode.
  • Tap on any of the comments, and right-click it.
  • Then you can tap on the "Clear" option. Finally, your selected comment will be removed instantly.
remove comments from pdf

Step 3: Save the Changes

After deleting the comments, go to the "File" tab and select the "Save" option to save the edited file.

Video Tutorial on How to Remove Comments from PDF

Way 2: How to Delete All Comments in PDF

UPDF also allows you to remove all comments from PDF in one click. To do this, you can click the "Comment List" icon on the bottom right corner, then press the "Command +A" to select all comments, and press the Delete key. That's done! Try UPDF now from the below download button.

delete all comments from pdf

Advantages of Using UPDF

  • UPDF tool can be installed and run on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. With one purchase, you can access all platforms.
  • This lightweight app won't require larger storage space in your system.
  • This platform shows impressive responsive speed to the users.
  • It offers a delightful user experience through its easy-to-use interface.

FAQs about Removing Comments from PDF

1. Why am I unable to eradicate highlights from my PDF file?

If you are unable to remove highlights from your PDF file, it means that your file is flattened. In a flattened PDF file, the highlights will become the background of your PDF document.

2. How to save a PDF file without displaying comments on it?

UPDF offers this option to print a PDF file without printing the added comments. For this, navigate to the printing option by clicking "File > Print".

From there, choose the "Document" option to disable the comments.

Tap on the "Microsoft Print to PDF" as your printer. This will save a copy of your PDF file without added comments so that you can print it without showing comments.

print pdf without comments

3. Why are my PDF comments not showing?

It is because you are not in comment mode. Open your PDF in UPDF and click the "Comment" icon from the left toolbar to enable the option of comments. Once you have turned on the comment toggle, you can see all the added comments in your PDF file.

4. How to remove all the markings from a PDF?

There are a few specific PDF editors which allow users to delete the annotations through batch processing. But you can rely on UPDF. Click the "Comments" icon on the bottom-right corner to reveal all comments. You can select all your annotations with a single click and can delete them collectively.

5. How to hide comments in PDF?

To hide the comments in PDF, select your particular comment and navigate to its properties. From there, decrease the opacity of your comment to zero to hide it properly in the PDF file.

6. How do I unlock comments in Adobe Acrobat?

To unlock the comment in Adobe Acrobat, navigate to the properties of the comment by right-clicking on it. Afterward, disable the "Locked" option to unlock the selected comment.


If you want to print or share a final draft of the PDF file without showing added comments, remove them quickly using UPDF. This article has provided detailed guidance on how to remove comments from PDFs easily. However, if you want to utilize additional editing features in an advanced interface, try the UPDF editing tool.