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Enhancing PDF Annotation: A Comprehensive Guide to Using UPDF and OneNote

In today's digital landscape, the ability to annotate PDFs efficiently is crucial, and OneNote has emerged as a solution for many. However, the question often arises: Can you effectively annotate PDF in OneNote? This blog post explores the capabilities of OneNote in handling PDF annotations, shedding light on its functionalities and limitations.

Part 1. Can You Annotate a PDF in Onenote?

Yes, you can annotate PDFs in OneNote, but there are limitations to be aware of. While OneNote allows basic annotations over a PDF, such as adding text, highlighting, and sketching, it falls short in more advanced functionalities. For instance, it doesn't support direct editing of the PDF content, and the annotations can sometimes be less precise or harder to manage, especially in longer documents.

For a more specialized and efficient experience, UPDF emerges as a superior tool for PDF annotation. UPDF offers a broad array of annotation tools like highlighting, underlining, striking through, adding shapes, and inserting notes with greater precision and ease. The interface is designed specifically for PDF interaction, ensuring a smoother and more professional annotation process. Moreover, UPDF ensures that the integrity of your PDF's layout and formatting is preserved, making it a reliable choice for professional and academic use. Its user-friendly interface is crafted to enhance productivity, allowing you to seamlessly navigate through the document and make precise annotations.

To experience a more advanced and user-friendly way to annotate PDFs, consider UPDF as your go-to tool - click the button below to get a free trial. Discover its full capabilities in Part 3 of our guide, where we delve into how UPDF can enhance your PDF annotating process.

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Part 2. How to Annotate a PDF in Onenote

Let's now delve into the specific steps of how to annotate a PDF in OneNote. OneNote provides a straightforward process for basic PDF annotations. Here are the detailed steps to guide you through this process:

  • Open OneNote: Start by launching the OneNote application on your device.
  • Import the PDF: Go to the section where you want to annotate the PDF. Click on 'Insert' and then choose 'File Printout'. This will import the PDF into your OneNote notebook as a printout, enabling annotations.
annotate pdf in onenote file print out
  • Select the Annotation Tools: OneNote offers various tools for annotation. These include a pen for freehand drawing, a highlighter, and the ability to add text notes. Select the tool that fits your annotation needs from the 'Draw' tab.
  • Annotate the PDF: With the desired tool selected, you can start annotating the PDF. You can highlight text, draw on the document, or add notes as needed. Feel free to adjust the pen's color and size for better visibility and precision.
annotate pdf in onenote
  • Save Your Changes: OneNote automatically saves your annotations as you make them. However, ensure that all changes are synced if you're using OneNote across multiple devices.
  • Export if Necessary: If you need to share the annotated PDF, you can export your OneNote page as a PDF, which will include all your annotations.

While OneNote offers a convenient and accessible platform to annotate PDFs, it's crucial to be mindful of its limitations, particularly when dealing with more intricate editing and annotation requirements. This tool, primarily designed for note-taking, may fall short in providing the depth and flexibility needed for complex document manipulations. Users seeking advanced functionalities like detailed PDF markup tools, comprehensive commenting features, and precise layout control will find OneNote's capabilities somewhat limited, urging the need for a more specialized tool to handle such sophisticated PDF editing and annotation tasks effectively.

Part 3. How to Annotate a PDF in Onenote's Alternative

Moving beyond OneNote, there are alternative tools that offer enhanced capabilities for annotating PDFs. These alternatives, like UPDF, are specifically designed for comprehensive PDF editing and annotation, providing a more robust set of features for professional and detailed work.

Revisiting UPDF, it stands out as a premier choice for PDF annotation, offering a seamless and intuitive experience. UPDF's user-friendly interface and diverse annotation tools make it ideal for a broad array of users.

Explore the advanced annotation features of the best cross-platform note taking app UPDF to elevate your PDF editing and note-taking experience. Embrace the efficiency and precision that UPDF offers.

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annotate pdf in onenote updf feature

Steps for Annotating PDFs in UPDF:

  1. Open Your PDF in UPDF: Launch UPDF and open the PDF you wish to annotate.
  2. Selecting Annotation Tools: Choose from a variety of annotation tools. This includes highlighters for emphasizing important text, underlining for key points, and text annotations for adding your notes directly onto the PDF.
annotate pdf in onenote annotation tools
  1. Adding Notes: Utilize the sticky notes feature to insert additional comments or reminders in your document.
annotate pdf in onenote add notes
  1. Using Shape Tools: Draw shapes like arrows, circles, or rectangles to focus attention on specific areas of the PDF.
annotate pdf in onenote shape tools
  1. Customizing Annotations: Adjust the color, opacity, and size of your annotations to suit your preferences and enhance readability.
  2. Managing Annotations: Easily navigate through your annotations, export, edit, or delete them as needed.
annotate pdf in onenote manage annotations
  1. Sharing Annotated PDFs: Once your annotations are complete, UPDF allows you to share your annotated PDFs directly from the application, streamlining the collaboration process.

By adhering to the outlined steps, UPDF empowers you to annotate PDFs with an exceptional degree of detail and precision, a level that general tools like OneNote cannot match. UPDF's specialized functionalities cater specifically to PDFs, offering a range of advanced annotation options from intricate markups to detailed commenting. This focus on PDF-specific features ensures that every annotation is crisp, clear, and exactly where you need it, providing a user experience that is both intuitive and effective. Such precision and attention to detail in document handling make UPDF stand out as the superior choice for anyone looking to elevate their PDF annotations beyond the basic capabilities of more generalized tools.

Download UPDF now to enjoy a seamless PDF annotation journey.

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If you are interested in watching the video on how to annotate a PDF, here is the video for you.

Part 4. Extended Reading: UPDF Can Do More Beyond Annotating PDFs

Introduce the other features of UPDF.

As we transition from discussing the limitations of OneNote for PDF annotation, it's clear that a more specialized tool like UPDF can significantly enhance your document management experience. UPDF isn't just about annotating PDFs; it's a comprehensive solution offering a plethora of features designed to cater to all your PDF needs. From advanced editing capabilities to secure document protection, UPDF is equipped to handle various tasks with ease and efficiency. In the following section, we will delve deeper into these features, showcasing how UPDF stands apart not only in annotation but also in editing, converting, organizing, and securing your PDF documents. This exploration will provide a clearer understanding of why UPDF is an indispensable tool in the realm of PDF management.

  • UPDF AI: UPDF's AI capabilities enable you to summarize long PDF contents, translate them into different languages, and provide explanations for better understanding.
  • Convert PDFs: Quickly and accurately convert PDFs to and from various formats like Word, Excel, and more, maintaining the original layout and format integrity.
  • OCR PDF: The advanced OCR feature in UPDF can recognize text in scanned PDFs across 38 languages, making your documents editable and searchable.
  • Batch PDF: Insert a single PDF into multiple files collectively without quality loss.
  • Edit PDF: UPDF allows you to edit text and images in your PDFs as easily as you would in a Word document.
  • Organize PDF: Efficiently manage your PDF pages by extracting, splitting, rotating, reordering, or adding new pages.
  • Compress PDFs: Decrease the file size of your PDFs without compromising quality.
  • View PDF: Improve your PDF readability with multiple layouts, including single-page view, two-page view, scrolling, or two-page scrolling.
  • Fill and Sign: Design and add electronic signatures to your PDFs.
  • UPDF Cloud: With the power of cloud computing, you can view your PDF from any device.
annotate pdf in onenotef AI-powered UPDF


In conclusion, while OneNote provides a basic platform to annotate PDFs, its capabilities are limited, especially for users requiring more advanced annotation features. This exploration into how to annotate PDF in OneNote reveals the need for a tool that specializes in PDF management. UPDF emerges as a clear leader in this space, offering not just superior annotation tools but also a comprehensive suite of features for editing, organizing, and securing PDFs. Its user-friendly application and advanced capabilities make it an ideal choice for professional users, students, and anyone in between. We recommend trying UPDF to experience firsthand the ease and efficiency it brings to PDF annotation and management. Explore its capabilities and elevate your document handling to the next level.

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