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How to Add Notes to a PDF Effortless

Do you wish to learn how to add notes to a PDF? Teachers and students can gain the advantage of writing notes in PDF files to remember small concepts on different topics. In simpler words, sticky notes help in organizing and expanding information. In this article, we will analyze the following aspects to learn how to add sticky notes in PDF.

Part 1. How to Add Notes to a PDF on Windows

UPDF is a robust PDF Reader and annotator, which is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It is easy to make annotations on PDF using UPDF. Let's look at how to add notes to PDF with UPDF on Windows.

add notes to pdf updf

Step 1. Import PDF File

Firstly, you need to open your PDF file with UPDF by clicking the "Open File" button on the home page.

Step 2. Enter the Comment Mode

Now you can tap on the "Comment" icon on the left. By clicking the "Comment" icon, you will see multiple annotation tools, including highlight, strikethrough, underline, typewriter, text box, sticky note, and shapes.

enter into comment mode how to add notes to a pdf

Step 3. How Do I Add Notes to PDF

To add a note to the PDF, click the "Sticky Note" icon and click anywhere on your document to put the sticky note. After that, you can enter the reviews in the pop-up window.

add notes to pdf how to add notes in pdf

That's all the steps to add notes in PDF using UPDF. If you want to learn more other useful annotation tools to add notes, you can check these 10 PDF annotators to find a proper tool to enhance your work.

Part 2. How to Add Notes in PDF on Mac

To add notes on PDF documents, we also have UPDF for Mac that easily annotates PDF files on Mac. One can add or delete PDF texts as well as remove or attach pictures in PDF files. The Annotation tool of UPDF provides a delightful PDF reading experience to people, as it helps highlight important points and removes irrelevant texts.

In addition, you can view multiple PDFs in a tab. If you want to add some material to your PDF file, the sticky notes option of UPDF assists in adding significant paragraphs to the document. There is a "Search" option that makes it stress-free to find any text in the file.

If you want to organize PDF pages by rotating or deleting pages, you can also achieve that with UPDF. You need to follow the below steps to add notes to PDF on Mac with the help of UPDF:

Step 1: Import PDF File

The first step requires you to launch the UPDF application on your Mac. Now, click on the "Open File" option to open your relevant file in the application.

Step 2: Use the Comment Tool

Now, you will see the "Comment" option; click on it. All the annotation tools of UPDF will appear on the main toolbar. You will notice that there are lots of annotation tools in the Mac version, which include sticky notes, highlight, strikethrough, underline, squirrely line, typewriter, text box, text callout, pencil, eraser, shapes, stickers, and signatures. Amazing, right? UPDF has the most annotation tools than any other competitors.

add comment how to add sticky notes in pdf

Step 3: Can I Add Sticky Notes to PDF

Select the "Sticky Note" annotation tool and click on the place where you want to add the note. Now, you can simply add the text inside your sticky note.

add sticky notes to pdf on mac

Video Tutorial on Add Notes to PDF on Mac


Sticky notes in PDFs have great significance as they make it possible to highlight, underline, and remove certain texts from a PDF. If you need to add additional information to a file, sticky notes will be there to help you.

The article has introduced the best PDF annotator, UPDF, that assists in how to add notes to a PDF. So, we now can quickly note any idea or information while reading any document. Download and use it now!